Family portraits

Capturing photos of our family is something very important to me. 

I have so many photos (thousands!) and a lot aren't on this blog, one thing I wanted to do was to capture our  family portrait every now and then, all the places we visit, things we do, expressions etc. not to mention all the changes  as from the years 2010 to 2014 we went from being a family of three, to four, to now five. These changes are so bittersweet & I want to remember them, I want our littles to look back and see our cheesy poses, the giggles captured the loveliest moments. 

So when I saw a lovely linky by Dear Beautiful, I was so excited to join in once a month. Its so lovely to look back on our little family portraits feeling so sentimental or absolutely cringe-worthy - I love them all the same! here's my round up of my little family portraits from my blog so far. 

Click on the images to see the posts!


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