Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Making the most of the weekends.

Once we know it's Friday, something appears in the air that makes us feel so glad that the weekend is finally here. Not that we're wishing the week away or making the most of each day and all that but for me, it's the knowing that for a couple of days, there are no structured plans, no time limits, and this means more time for them to play, get creative, and to spend with us. Their Daddy sometimes works Saturday mornings, and has football in the afternoons, so this leaves me thinking what we can do to occupy some time (usually the days when they're asking what to do, or saying they're a bit bored - it's funny how as an adult you see quiet time as blissful, yet we probably were all the same as kids, striving to fill up all the time with play, activities, and adventures!).

So if we're not off out on a trip to the park, adventure of some sort or a day out we will either go to Grampy's for a play (and to get a chocolate treat!) you'll usually find us making the most of being at home. Now it's obviously not always plain sailing as kids will be kids, sometimes days don't go to plan with regards to them being happy or not arguing, but on the most part, they enjoy a bit of 'down time' in their own territory, with endless access to the craft cupboard, playroom, kitchen, garden and usually a bit of DVD time. 

Last weekend Phoenix wasn't feeling too well, so he had a snuggle & went for a much needed lay down. It's takes a lot for that little dude to just give in and recharge but he did it and felt much better for it in the end. At the same time, √Člodie went for a nap and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to have a little play with my big girls without distraction. We were recently sent a kit from Aquabeads, to have a little party and share our creations, we wanted to have a bigger party inviting friends around but as little Phoenix wasn't feeling too great, we stuck with making our own at home. This included bunting, balloons, and we made some cake too! When Phoenix woke up that little bit brighter, he wanted to join in and was itching to make a racing car bead. This set is really cool actually as it give them a guide to design and make but also enables them to use their imagination and create anything. 
Yves made up her own baby chick, snails & sweets, Halle loved making some flowers with stems, sweets & snails and you can see phoenix's racing car he made with mummy along with some other lovely creations.
Now we love a bit of messy play in our house, but sometimes the tidying up isn't what I want on my list along with the mess I'm already tidying up so the good things about these is that you don't need glue, you simply place your design and when completed spray with water and leave for an hour or so for it to set - easy as that! You can see the whole selection on the website.
Usually it's all of us having a part in the play, or they play together while I'm feeding (sometimes bickering!) or I'm finding myself trying to juggle the play on all four levels but usually it goes okay! The past year or so I have found it hard to adjust to having a school girl, and more recently two school girls, emotionally more so but the practicalities of not seeing them as much is a change and I miss them lots. Of course I am loving spending some quality time with my little two, but it's only natural to miss my big girls and this makes the weekends so much more special. A time to make the most that little bit more, especially as the weekday evenings tend to whizz by in an instant, fitting it stories, home work and after school activities. 

Weekends are definitely welcomed, family time, and no plans to stick to!
*Thank you to Aquabeads for sending us a great kit :)


Saturday, 1 October 2016

The most important thing you can wear, is confidence. (Featuring Kurt Geiger)

When growing up, something I found difficult to be was comfortable in my own skin. There were times when I just went with the flow, believed I looked and felt good in what I was wearing but 80% of the time is wasn't the case and thats not something I would like my children to grow up feeling like. 

I'm still on a path of feeling confident in what I wear, since becoming a Mama, and more so of now four littles its safe to say my body has changed over the last few years. So I want to keep trying & show my kiddo's the true meaning of having your own mind, and loving yourself inside & out. 

With children we can often (us included) try to dictate what they wear, I mean sometimes we would talk them into wearing some outfits if we're going somewhere nice or they had been gifted them for some reason or another but as the bigger girls have got bigger, (well they have always had strong heads on them when it comes to clothing!) they have a real interest in what they wear and it shows in how they feel when wearing them. As they are now getting more individual, I think it's really important to let them explore with their clothing, to what suits them, comfort, colours, textures, you name it. Its a wonderful element of them building their own personality and its amazing what differences we see between them even though they do still sometimes love the same thing too!

I want my children to grow up with the deep knowledge that they can wear whatever they feel comfortable in, embrace their own style and to forever stay true to their authentic self. This is something I've grown up not finding as easy thing to do, and i'm still learning now at the age of 27. I'm battling through each day to try and change my way or thought, remember that I am my own authentic-self too. Having kids has changed my body, but I have had these feelings all my life. If anything, having my children is showing me that having the confidence is the best thing you can wear. If you've got an outfit/pair of shoes/ hair do' that you aren't really feeling then you will deep down feel rubbish and that can eat away at you. It will take me time, but with each day, its one step closer. 

I just love the attitude kids have towards anything, I love the way they see past imperfections, don't even recognise them at all or actually find them beautiful. They can combine so many items of clothing and feel amazingly cool, if I wake up feeling less than perfect, they show me all the reasons to feel great about oneself, they show me that the beauty oozes from within, and filters out.

After all, 'It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it'.

This post isn't really about clothing as such but shoe wear and so when we were very kindly given the opportunity to each choose a pair of shoes from Kurt Geiger, I stood back and let my girls choose their own as did I choose mine.  

Here's what we decided on:
Halle chose this stunning pair of pumps by Mini Miss KG. The crushed glitter effect on the top is something she was drawn to right away, The elastic inserts make it much easier when wanting to get out to play faster! I also only noticed once we received them that they say this on the back of each shoe - suits her so much! 
A wonderful thing about kurtgeiger.com is that you can purchase lots of other different brands, they also have some great sales at times too. Yves chose these lovely shiny rose gold TOMS, they were a little bit big but she's growing into them and they look fab, and comfortable! I have a pair of TOMS autumn boots from last year so I know the potentials for comfort. 
They absolutely love their choices, as do I.
Bruises on legs from being adventurous (or clumsy like me), childhood in its truest form.
As for me, I was asked by the people at KG to choose three choices and they would send me one pair, I originally had a pair of grey leather high top pumps but due to my wide foot they didn't fit right for me despite being super stylish, so we returned them and I was sent these in return. How gorgeous are they? I've been searching for a while now for some really nice black leather chelsea boots, these ones have lovely detail on them with the different textures contrasting with each other and I really love the elasticated side panels too which are great for the mad morning dash ready for the school run! I don't usually like the pointed toe shape but these are just very versatile and make any outfit look that little bit more special.
Whats great about the kids section is that if you can order some of them in adult sizing too but with them still staying the childrens pricing, bonus!
Our cheeky Halle who loves a bit of sparkle.
Our little Yve's, who turns SIX at the end of the month, where have those years gone?
The older girls having a go at photographing Daddy, they love taking photos! 
Here's a grumpy outtake for good measure ;)
This post is in collaboration with Kurt Geiger on there 'Mommy & me' Campaign. All images, thoughts and opinions are my own.
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