Friday, 15 July 2016

Siblings in July 2016

This month has seen our littlest lady go from being a fresh little newborn to morphing into a 'proper baby' with chubby cheeks, chunky thigh rolls and a personality starting to shine through.
The four of them are bonding so much every single day and it is such a beautiful thing to witness as a parent. We do have moments of madness when the bickering starts or seems to never end, but overall you can see how much they love each other. The older three have adapted so well to having a new sibling around, they absolutely adore her and the girls are so excited to be spending more time with her over the summer holidays. Little Phoenix loves to tell me "how cute she is", that "he loves her so much" and that "she likes him". So for all those small moments, or challenging days when they seem to be clashing, maybe its age developments? personalities? who knows, but for the amount of those days, I'm willing to have them full on, just for the simple amount of times that the loving days and moments make up for it.

Our little tribe of four.
A regular occurrence.


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