Monday, 10 August 2015

Living Arrows 32/52

Being on holiday with my tribe is such a blessing for me, spending quality time together without the disturbances of work or the stresses life can throw at you. For some reason, being by the seaside is an instant calmer for us, which is why we would love to move closer to the sea one day too. I just love this image as it sums up just how cheeky this little one is, she really is such a character and to look at - completely Daddy's twin! Mudeford is a place that we can come to whenever we want to feel those previous memories once again, create new ones and feel at ease (while having some lovely food down at the beach restaurant called 'The Noisy Lobster'. I'm going to be posting more about our time in The New Forest a few weekends ago, just when I get enough time as i'm playing catch up since having a broken computer for a few weeks!

Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you're in need of a little 'pick me up' and love photographing your littles, Click the badge below!
Living Arrows

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