Friday, 17 July 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 29/52

I've read lots of little snippets again this week. Catching up on some of the things i've mentioned before including pacing myself with 'blog life', always love catching up with Lulastic blog, a lovely little announcement from one of my blogging friends but now a 'real life' friend by Amelia at Oh Little one sweet. But one of my favourite things was this by Annie at Mammasaurus: Feeling meh' about your blog?


Haven't watched much this week but I technically watched my littles explore such a beautiful sight that is the C.S Lewis nature reserve, we love it here. Post coming soon :)

My lovely printed smock dress for our special date night last Friday.
Such a lovely evening with this handsome fella
My crazy circus shirt with jazzy sandals
Halle flew to nursery yesterday :)


I know Glasto fever may be over for this year but I love this song and sounds so beautiful live! Goosebumps when the crowd join in, what a fab feeling that must be as an artist.

I finally got round to making something out of my Deliciously Ella book (even if it was probably the easiest thing in there) Raw brownies!
Quorn thai green curry
Some Halle-Mama time before picking Yve's up on Thursday and while Phoenix was sleeping. A fab little activity for your little ones, letting them cut up old magazines and sticking to make a picture of all the things they know and like.
As I mentioned last week, I went on a silver jewellery making course with my Mother in law, and sister in laws. It was such a brilliant day learning so many new things and making some amazing jewellery with the help from our very talented teacher Amy, I am definitely going to be doing some more of these workshops in the future, check out her shop here!
Here's all the jewellery we made, impressive right? So pleased with the end result! The ones I did are the ring at the front made out of a sugar tong, and then the necklace with my three littles names on. all made from scratch other than the chain itself.
Like I mentioned before, Mr T won an Audi for rent last weekend, it was sooooo gorgeous.


This weekend we have a lot planned including a big christening, party and then a charity event the next day. I can't believe summer holidays are here already, The girls did such a great job at their little sports day yesterday, they really enjoyed it. (Yves was the star of the show for the class photo as she hid her head in her lap throughout then poked her head up laughing once it had finished - little prankster. I couldn't stop laughing with her!) I'm looking forward to spending time with my little tribe, and hoping that our plans work out come September, who knows. but for now, i'm embracing this time with them.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a lovely week :) your jewellery's beautiful, could be what you buy from a shop! I hope you have a lovely weekend (and summer) with your sweet little brood xx

  2. What a wonderful quote, it's so perfectly true! And yay for beautiful outside spaces, the CS Lewis park looks very inviting!

    1. It really is, and yes, we love it there! x

  3. That audi is amazing!!! Wowsers.

    I am in love with your circus shirt. If it has a navy or red stripe I'm like a magpie to a shiny thing.

    That park looks so lovely. I adored Annie's post too, spot on advice I think. Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. I really was... Oh me too loving the stripes! xx

  4. Sounds like a super fun week, time to yourself and with the babies. I LOVE the jewellery. That ring! Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Yes sometimes time to yourself is good, and also needed. Starting to know this is a healthy aspect of life too lately after years of not wanting to leave my littles!x

  5. Date night sounds super fun, we've only ever had about three nights out! Love James Bay too x

    1. This is why we've tried to do once a month now because prior to that it had been once in four years! :) x

  6. Wow that jewellery class sounds great and I love all that you made. Beautiful. Winning an Audi oh yes please. Sounds great. Love a good date night glad you got to have a great evening together. Lovely #littleloves

    1. Thanks Jenny, The Audi was fab! yes the evening was lovely together, x

  7. Lovely little loves! I've made those raw brownies twice now - simple and delicious, I really love them! The silver jewellery you all made is amazing! I love silver jewellery and especially anything a little bit unusual so that is right up my street. Have a lovely weekend Xx #littleloves

  8. Ahhh thank you for the mention you lovely lady you!
    That jewelry looks fab and the Audi weekend? Well jel. I am currently *unsuccessfully* trying to convince Papasaurus to buy one!

    1. You're welcome fab lady, yes it was plush inside!! x

  9. What a lovely week!
    I adore that jewellery, I'd love to do a workshop like that.
    Oh James Bay and that song = perfection!
    Enjoy this week xxx

  10. I haven't read either of those posts so I have opened them in new tabs to read after this :) You and your Hubby always look so beautifully happy x


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