Monday, 6 July 2015

Living Arrows 2015 - 27/52

I will forever be grateful for the precious and ordinary moments I get to spend with my little trio. We work so well as a unit, but also thrive when we all have some one to one time. Last week, Yve's had her intro session on her new school come September, it is a very lovely village school but is about a 25minute car journey every mornings, along with Halle's preschool hours which is at a different village school ten minutes away from there...So its something i'm thinking about lots lately.

She really enjoyed herself there, which is always a lovely thing to see, for me It's just a bit tough at the minute as I was really hoping to homeschool or at least part home school for the next year, she will be happy anywhere, she adapts so well and enjoys a challenge. In my heart I know its a really hard thought 'letting her go', but thats not the main thing, I was just hoping to show her the other side of learning - the things we already do at home and out & about. 

I wrote more about it more here.
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Living Arrows


  1. Gorgeous photos. Lush treat.

    N's also starting school this year. For me there's no option but school, home schooling is definitely not for me - I'd never get him to stay off the farm for starters. It is a big time of adjustment period for everyone not just the children themselves.


  2. Love the look of that doughnut and hot chocolate - yum! Our village school is very fortunately only a 15 minute walk from us and I am delighted we won't have to drive. We are doubly lucky because we didn't even think about schooling when we bought the house.

    (PS - Forgive me if this has been mentioned already, but are you aware that by not having the name/url option open on Blogger it makes it really hard for us self-hosted bloggers to comment on your posts... Just in case no one has mentioned it)

  3. I tried to change it but couldn't work it out?! I may switch to WP SH soon as blogger is still really destroying my images... Thanks for the comment. I'll look into the comments again x

  4. Oh scrumptious. This looks so yummy and who doesn't smile for cake. lol :) Lovely captures. Popping over from #livingarrows

  5. Okay, I want that cake. Yummy!!! So nice to have some one-to-one time isn't it? I think that it's always really treasured because you never seem to be able to get enough of it. x

  6. Oh what a fabulous doughnut - she looks like she was really enjoying it!

  7. Those cakes look delicious! Have a wonderful week lovely x


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