Monday, 30 March 2015

Living arrows 2015 - 13/52

This week has been non-stop. 

Three little ones getting chicken pox one after the other.
Getting a worse case each time.
Coming back from holiday.
Trunki's still left in the boot.
Beginning to pack for our house move on Saturday.
The house is a mess.
Tiredness is the norm.
But it will be okay, all will be fine!
Here's to positivity!

On that note, check out this beautiful backdrop on Woolacombe beach.
(More on our holiday soon, when I get a spare five minutes to type a proper post!)

This week, Living Arrows is being hosted over at by Lauren :)
Living Arrows


  1. Stunning photos, wow what a week, hope the kids are doing better, we had triple chicken pox, no fun, although at least it is all done in one hit.
    Good luck with the move x

    1. Thank you, it's been tiring! but watching them all get better is a blessing. There is that point that its all at once but over in one hit xx

  2. I thought I recognised that beach! We stayed at Putsborough, down the other end of the beach last summer with the whole family; it really is a beautiful part of the world isn't it!

  3. Loving the photos and sorry you've had Chicken Pox so bad. Hope the move goes well! x

  4. Gorgeous photos. I have been to that beach, it's such a lovely place. Sounds like a hectic week for you so I hope next week is much better. :)

  5. Lovely photos of the beach. I am sitting here with the win howling round the house and I can't quite believe it's the same country and same week!

  6. Lovely photographs! Hope your week gets brighter #LivingArrows


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