Monday, 16 February 2015

Living Arrows 2015 - 7/52

Motherhood can be tiring at times, especially with a teething baby boy. on the whole he has managed very well. Like the girls were, he is a happy bonny boy. The past few months have seen separation anxiety set in, and he just loves to be mamas koala bear baby. In particular are the times when his teeth are giving him grief. He is teething the same way Halle did - lots at one time. So Yve's cut one tooth at a time really, where as baby boy cut his first bottom two at 7.5 months, and he was teething all over Christmas, one tooth cut through but only in the last three weeks or so has he cut the THREE front teeth up top. 

Sleep has been very - disrupted. 
I think a combination of the separation anxiety/teething plus throwing in a 24hr bug - he has just wanted the comfort of his Mama. Tiring, yes - but also very lovely as I know once this phase has passed, we will never get it back. (or at least I keep telling myself this on those very tiring, no sleep kind of days.)

Snuggly feeds
Plenty of chewy snacks to help them push through
Just woke up gazing smiles
Another photo mama?
Four top teeth - aged one.
Cheeky boy
He's such a gem
He has a new 'point' at the moment - so cute
This face
I need eyes in the back of my head!

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Living Arrows


  1. Aww that first photo is especially gorgeous Nat. x

  2. Hes got the most gorgeous smile! #livingarrows

  3. Oh wow three teeth all at once - poor boy! He looks remarkably smiley given the circumstance :)

  4. He is gorgeous! You can really see him starting to look more like the girls now he is growing older and he has the most beautiful eyes! #livingarrows


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