Monday, 2 February 2015

Living Arrows 2015 - 5/52

Last week was so hectic beyond words. My little 'koala bear baby' turned one, it's the Mr's 30th birthday this weekend so we're preparing for that too, then valentines, plus being in preparation to start moving home the next week (fingers crossed) along with everything else that comes with our little ordinary life. but yes, busy to describe in one word.

Since having my little ones, I have loved to make the extra effort of doing 'homemade' cakes for birthdays. We love baking, may not be amazing at it but we love the fun it brings!

Phoenix was napping, so we decided to bake him a cake & the girls also made him some beautiful birthday cards to go with it. 

Messy, but fun.

Sweet conversations.


A fine part of childhood.

These two make my heart sing!

Can you tell she had the giggles?

"I not doing anything naughty Mummy"

Growing too fast.

Magical, beautiful creations.

They made these cards at preschool, collected little cut outs and Yve's brought them home and said "we can add these to Phoenix's birthday cards! I cut them, and chose them!"

Masterpiece, for sure.

Each week, I look forward to checking out posts from this wonderful little project, This week I was drawn to the images by Hayley, Maria & Lucy. go check them out, also visit the main hosted page to see some lovely images, feel inspired, and even share your own.

Living Arrows


  1. They are such lovely photos, so much fun! You really do have beautiful girls x

  2. Stunning girls! Beautiful pictures x

  3. Your girls obviously love one another a lot. These photos scream joy! So lovely! Thanks for sharing. #livingarrows

  4. That's a wonderful masterpiece birthday cake - and I love the pictures of it under constructions; they're so like my two, always trying to lick a little cake mix along the way!!

  5. Your photos are amazing, they really caught my eye this week! That cake looks fabulous and the cards the girls made are beautiful!

  6. I just love those photos, so lovely to see the lovely relationship between the two girls and they look so happy

  7. Those pictures are absolutely adorable!! #LivingArrows


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