Thursday, 5 February 2015

Blast from the past

I love looking back at my childhood photos, the quality may not be to DSLR standards, I may have not been blessed with the best hair cuts and some photos do bring back memories of tough times that we were going through, but nonetheless, , they are my past, they have shaped me into the adult I am today. I love looking at the little aspects of what life had then, my little bike, the funky clothes, the backdrops to where we may have visited, one of my old houses etc

I now have even more reasons to look back, especially now we are creating our own memories with our three children. I wonder if I see any resemblances, little quirks of mine or other family members, wondering if little elements have travelled through time into my life now through me, & my little ones.

Photography is such a powerful tool in my eyes, it enables you to capture living moments, to capsulate fond memories with loved ones, look at relationships blossoming, these are even more precious when those people in the photos are no longer with us. It gives you peace of mind that those memories really did happen, and that it wasn't all just a dream, it gives you a little bit of comfort to know you still have a piece of your special people with you, including your family pets :) 

From time to time I want to share with you some of these moments. 
Feel free to join in.

June 1993

me, July 1990

My brother & i, June 1994 Abingdon

My first best friend, Spring 1997 - Albert sadly passed away on the 6th March 2013 aged 16 and a half.

A treat from food shopping with Dad, April 94

Do you have any 'blast from the past' moments you'd like to share?


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  1. Oh you were such a cute kid! I had a bike just like yours although mine was pink x


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