Thursday, 22 January 2015

The wonder - One boy and his birds.

I know it's said a thousand times, but I really can't believe that my beautiful little boy is going to be one next week. It's seems as if he's gone from being a proper 'baby' to being this eating, crawling, babbling machine in a matter of a couple of months. I think all babies are born with their own personalities from birth, the womb even but there's something magical about the first year of life, the amount of change, the challenges, the milestones, the difference if you have other children already, the physical features. All these things seem like they change daily, if not weekly!

The past couple of months in particular, this chap has developed so much with his crawling, climbing and balancing abilities, its amazing to watch. He's always looking at what his big sisters are doing, listening to what they're saying and most of all eyeing up what they're playing with.

Another little thing I have noticed is his love of the birds! He will climb up on his chair, and point or just say 'ooooh' with such a wondrous look on his face, then look back at me or the girls as if to say 'look what I can see!'. He is really taken by them, such a sweet thing, probably got this love from Grampy!.

My blue-eyed boy

Swirly spot


The next week or so you'll probably see a fair few posts about this little fella, birthday on Thursday & we're having a family day out and little tea party at the weekend!



  1. Aww he is just gorgeous! And I know what you mean about watching for the things that are different to your older ones, even at 4 months Pip has so much personality it's lovely to see!

  2. Oh that first photo is gorgeous! Our children love looking out the window too, at birds, the cats, anything really x


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