Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The first cut is the deepest

A first hair cut that is.

My biggest girl turned four back at the end of October, and until the weekend had never had a haircut. She was born with adorable jet black hair, which felt out up to but then grew back fast to this... aged 10 months.

Can you tell we use to have so much fun with Mummy's hairdryer!

So recently, when Daddy has been getting his hair cut regularly, Little Yve's has been asking when she can get hers done. I have been putting it off for a few months, as I couldn't face 'loosing those first golden curls' and when its freshly washed/brushed it reaches down to her bottom, flowing golden locks - completely beautiful. Then there are the days when we can't get a brush through it, easy options of a top knot take their toll, weekly swims in pools filled with chlorine, noticing more dry ends, all those things that damage delicate hair really. but life takes hold & changes need to happen sometimes...

Then it was time...

She did have about 4 inches off from the wet cut, doesn't look that different but I have definitely got my little piece of her hair in a little bag to keep forever.



  1. Oh wow! LP had her first haircut at Christmas and although I hated losing those first locks, the ones she was born with, I now love the nice straight edge her hair has x

  2. Aw look at those first photos of her- adorable. Mads really needs her hair cut and all my family keep telling me I should do it, but I know her curls will go when I do and i can't bear to lose them! x

  3. Oh that's so sweet! I've got the curls from Kitty's first haircut ticket away, she was nearly three with blond hair all the way down her back and we didn't gut too much off, just enough to be able to get a brush through it occasionally- it was still a very special first though. Band as for the others, Elma had a little tidy up but there was nothing long enough to save and Pip's growing in a lovely light brown at the moment so it won't be long before it really is a full family outing to the hairdressers!


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