Friday, 9 January 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 2/52

First week back at pre-school, changes of pre-school mornings, Halle went to join big sister for her first morning today, i'm editing a newborns images from a recent shoot, plus all the elements of motherhood!
Time needs to stand still a moment! 


Still reading my way through this book, time seems to have flown this week! very inspirational for bloggers/photographers, check out their blog!


I love old-fashioned programmes, My Dad got me into watching this! love the simplicity lifestyle in these DVDs, take us there! 


Loving my foxy socks, Although i love adventures, & being outdoorsy with the kiddies, I am a proper 'home bird' who loves her creature comforts, especially this time of year! 


How inspirational is this? Be sure to regularly check by 'copping a feel'. Cancer effects everyone one way or another, lets continue to raise awareness & fight this. I couldn't imagine being told that I had cancer, knowing their was a high risk I wouldn't see my babies grow up. This lady is a warrior! 
Keeping checking everyone x


Cold weather calls for plenty of warm drinks at home, my choices have been delicious hot chocolates, or yummy cinnamon spiced lattes.


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  1. Your socks are amazing! I so want a pair!! I have been eyeing up the beautiful mess book! very tempted to buy it! #littlelove

  2. Love your socks, they are awesome. And that book looks really interesting! x

  3. I'll have to check the book out. I have recently discovered the blog and I love it, it's so inspirational. I remember the Good Life it always makes me wants to be self sufficient #littleloves

  4. I didn't realise you were a newborn photographer as well! I love a hot cinnamony drink top, so warming and wintry feeling!

  5. Just perfect little loves for this time of year - cosy socks, DVD's and warm drinks! :) I used to really love The Good Life - it makes me think of being little! I must try and find it again to watch for old time's sake! Have a great weekend xx

  6. That drink looks absolutely amazing and I love the socks! x

  7. I love those socks!! So cute! I bought my son a fox coat that is super cute too! Hot chocolates are the best in this weather!

  8. Oh snaps on the hot chocolate this week! I wish I had some wicked fox socks though! I don't think I've ever heard of that TV show before, but I really want the Beautiful Mess book! I bet it's amazing! Have a great weekend :) #littleloves

  9. love those socks! Its all about the hot chocolate on these cold days. I think that book is rght up my street, amy have to purchase. Hope you have a great weekend xxx

  10. I've got the Beautiful Mess app but haven't ever looked at their blog, you have inspired me too now. Love your foxy socks xxx

  11. Oh i am desperate for that book from the A Beautiful Mess girls, is it as good as it looks? I have those foxy socks too, my sister got them for me for Christmas, aren't they awesome? Super comfy too! Have a great weekend sweetie xxx #LittleLoves

  12. I used to love catching The Good Life on TV, there's nothing better than the golden oldies sometimes! Xx

  13. I have that book waiting in my Amazon basket but haven't hit 'buy' yet. Is it good? Love the socks! xx

  14. Gorgeous little loves Natalie! I really need to get my hands on that book, it's been on my wish list for ages. I adore the Good Life I watched it loads when I was little and wanted to be Barbara when I grew up, haha! Have a great week xx


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