Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Living Arrows 8 - "Though she be but little, she be fierce"

This little one is growing so fast lately. I think she's growing at a rate the even she can't keep up with some days. She's such a passionate little soul already at the tender age of 2 and a half. The 30th of November marked her 2.5 'birthday', but each day I look at her she seems so much older, her abilities are incredible, yet come bed time or whenever she is sleepy - she resorts back to her smaller self with ease, asking for Mummy's or Daddy's hair to play with and stroke on her sweet cheeks or to just simply hug. A snuggly bear at heart this one. I love this photo as it sums her up to me. taking the world in, watching the world through her eyes, taking note, seeming unknowing but she knows so much already, protective with a feisty streak, a fuel for life with a huge loving heart.

she reminds me of an eskimo here too! 

"Though she be but little, she be fierce" - William Shakespeare.

i heart snappingliving arrows

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  1. she is a cutie!!! wouldn´t it be great if we could stop time for a while!?!?


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