Sunday, 30 November 2014

Me & Mine - A Family Portrait - November 2014

Sometimes kids don't want their photos taken on cue, And as much as I love our photos of where we are all smiling or showing our happy sides, I love all the other emotions too. I am starting to understand more & more each time I capture a moment, that the unexpected ones are the best, the quiet little moments of your children playing without realising you're there, documenting milestones, everyday events - breakfast, favourite things, people, bonkers outfit choices, bedtime snuggles and so on. I want to remember it all, capturing our honest life. 

So of course, I will forever love the 'good' photos, and will still capture those too, but I want to show a true reflection of 'Let's take some photographs after a long day'...

These were taken when we were on our weekend away in Mudeford, We had such a fab day but everyone was chilly & feeling super tired after a busy afternoon on the wet & windy beach.

But this is us. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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dear beautiful

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  1. perfect pictures!!! beautiful family! Those type of pictures are truly the best!!!


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