Monday, 3 November 2014

Living Arrows - 5

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I mean I love them all in their own right, but there is something so cosy, captivating & colourful about autumn. It's even more magical when you have children, they see the beauty in anything & playing with leaves is one of our favourite things to do lately. (or to throw them at me!)

These are a couple of many photos I took on my biggest girls 4th birthday, it was in the afternoon at a local park, we met their Grampy & Great-Nana as she was travelling back home to the seaside the next day.
Here's my three beautiful treasures.

I love this photo of Yve's and my Dad, he's always been so involved & loves to be around them, and this also sums up how daring she is with her jumping at the minute. She wanted to jump off the other side of the logs which was about a 6ft drop - not just yet my girl!!

living arrowsi heart snapping

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  1. Beautiful photos of them. Love the log jumping one, but I do think leaves make a brilliant backdrop for all sorts of photos. #livingarrows


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