Sunday, 26 October 2014

The night before you were born - My beautiful Yves

This time four years ago we were expecting our first bundle of joy. That baby was you my girl. I was 4 days past my due date, wondering if I had been feeling a little baby girl or baby boy kicking me all over the past 40 weeks, feeling happy, heavy, anxious, excited and a whole lot of emotions rolled into a big ball. Little did we know that you were to make your debut the next day on the 27th October 2010 at 8:33pm, weighing a beautiful 8lb 9oz. (Birth story will be on my blog soon)

I remember feeling overwhelmed, doubting myself for how I would cope in labour, thinking the worst, wondering if I was prepared enough, would I bond with tou? Would I feel that 'rush of love'?  Would I cope with it all? I think every pregnant woman experiences these feelings towards the end, hormones all over the place, tiredness, all of which caused a lot if self-doubt in my case. 

I remember that daddy & I went for a little drive at this time, we drove around a local village, parked in a small train station car park, I shared all of my worries, sobbed a little with him and Daddy did what he does best and he made me feel like I was capable of all those things, that we were going to be embarking on a new wonderful life as a family of three and that everything would be more than ok. I remember this so clearly, and it made me feel completely ready. Ready to meet you. 

The moment you came into our lives when I gave birth was the most spectacular and magical day of my life. You were the first person to turn me into soneones Mummy, your Mummy. I will be eternally grateful for you in my life Yvie-Mae. 

Today, you had your birthday party with your family and friends, you had a brilliant time! (Will be posting her actual birthday and party soon). At bed time, you got a little emotional and said, you didn't want to go to bed, as when you wake up for your birthday you will be a 'big girl', and you didn't want to be a 'big girl'. Then daddy & I explained to you that even though you are growing, you will always been our darling baby girl, forever the little baby who made us parebts for the very first time. 

love you so much my sweet girl, with the beat heart and the fire in my soul, forever & always X x x



  1. Aw such a beautiful post. Happy birthday little girl x #OrdinaryMoments

  2. A beautiful read! Thanks for sharing and Happy birthday to your lil one. #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. Such a beautiful post Nat, and I remember those emotions so well, such a strange and surreal moment leading up to such a momentous day. I knew when Mads was due to be arriving so the night before I just felt like I was living in a weird little bubble. Happy Birthday to your little lady. x

  4. Thank you all. She had a wonderful birthday & fun time at her party :-) will be blogging them soon.

    Yes Katie, so true. I feel so overwhelmed by it all. remembering meeting her for the very first time and the memory is clear as if it were yesterday. They grow so fast, I just don't want to forget anything, and I want to enjoy,& embrace it all as best I can x


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