Sunday, 14 September 2014

{Siblings} - September 2014

My three little ones have been a wonderful little unit, especially lately. They are interacting more as a whole, little chap is wanting to get involved in their little games more & more, following them in his walker (chasing more like!), I love how they refer to him as "beautiful baby boy", or "little piggy" - the boy loves his food & Mumma milk!.. He is growing into a very cheeky little boy, and the girls thrive on that!

The girls still have days where they want the same toys at once, or when they're trying to make a game up but different age developments get in the way - when Yve's is trying to set up a game and Hal just doesn't have the patience to wait sometimes.. but on the other hand they play beautifully 90% of the time. 

Take now for instance, I am sat with a *hot* cup of tea, homemade shortbread which we did this morning drafting some blog posts, editing some photos, Daddy is snoozing on the sofa after a late night, Phoenix is napping, and the girls are playing so lovely next to me, in their wonderful little world of fairies, rainbows, unicorns, moshi monsters, cars, flying - (can i come?) and just listening to them talking to each other, role playing Mummy's and babies is such a blessing to have to listen to. Its adorable to watch them play like this - until they realise they need me for something that is ;) 

I thought they were going to be very moody & tired as we had a late evening at Y-M's dance presentation but they're doing well! We're off for a roast today, enjoy the pleasant weather & just savour the last of this sunshine. Sundays are usually our family day where we focus on spending our time together as a whole, walks, bike rides, eating good food, laughing, hugs, kisses - So i'm off to get ready but here's my siblings post for September!

All Iphone images :) 

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