Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Blast from the past

Im a huge fan of photography (couldn't you tell?) and even more so I love the way that it captures memories that you wouldn't have thought about at the time. So I thought about starting a little series I want to call "blast from the past". Where I will have little snippets from my past, little descriptions of what the photos mean to me and if you would like to link up, please feel free to do so! Feeling nostalgic is one of the best feelings for me! I love to remember!
Moi, July 1995

 This was when we first moved to our house after living in rooms for a while. We were SO excited to finally have our house that had this wonderful garden that went on to have a beautiful avery, pond & a place for us to play with our dog Albie (L.B - Little Benny).
My big brother James & I, August 94'
Magic City, Clacton

We used to love visiting this place, anytime we spent by the sea was always so much fun. It was always us two, my Dad & my Nan.



  1. What a great idea for a little series, I love to look at old photos of my childhood. x


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