Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Phoenix - 22 weeks

You absolutely LOVE your splashing time, You're such a water baby, & love the freedom I think! This week you started bits of food. Guidelines are obviously in place for "6 month weaning" but when you're chomping your lips, saying mmmmm, holding hands out whenever we eat - its only fair to offer something right? Your big sisters tarted the introduction of food at 5 months and they are more than okay!
You started a little bit of porridge which was a success, and you're also a fan of Ella's Kitchen pouches.
I'm going to start making my own food soon (with more time of course) and also introduce the finger foods more at around 6 months. You love a little chomp on the odd rusk too!

You're still a "boobie-milk" guzzler (as the girls say) and our breastfeeding journey is now at the blissful stage. You're getting more mobile, rolling around, love to bounce in the jumperoo and giggle at your big sisters! 

Peek-a-boo Mama


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