Monday, 12 May 2014

Siblings - May 2014

Recently I have come across some really wonderful blogs, one of those happens to be Dear beautiful
I am forever capturing lots of images of my life with my children, so I thought it would be very lovely to 'link up' to the 'siblings project'. 

So here I am (even if I am starting almost half-way through the year!) 

Here are my amazing three little wonders this month. 

The girls are very smitten with their baby brother, always wanting cuddles, they love talking to him and offering him his blanket or 'snuggie duck'. They've been fantastic the last 15 weeks and have always shown love for him (perhaps a little too much at times from H! :-) ) now, I think its becoming more normal for them, and also for him to get use to having two girls who are full of beans a lot of the time! 
They find it really funny how he is interacting a lot more now, laughing, showing interest in their toys etc (I won't hear the last of it in a few months time when he's on the move & setting his eyes on their precious belongings!)

I adore watching their sibling relationship blossom. 

Y-M (3.5y) H (23m) P (15wk)

I am also going to be writing about my daughters and their sisterly bond, I have so much written on paper but I will re-cap and start a fresh :)



  1. Ooh this is such a beautiful photo. That little boy is going to be very well cared for by his sisters when he's older isn't he? ;)

    Stopping by from the sibling linky :)


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