Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pizza making with kiddo's.

Some afternoons I find myself struggling for ideas for what to make for our lunch. On top of that i'm thinking "Well, what shall I make that they will actually eat, and for it not to end up on the floor or in the bin"... Don't get me wrong, they love their food, but i think as they grow and develop their own likes, dislikes, interests, opinions - they want to get fussy. So what better idea than to let them choose their lunch, getting them involved in the choosing of toppings, preparation of the food, and then letting them watch as their lunch is being cooked (also a great thing for them to see the cooking in the oven process!) and almost ready to nibble. 

These pizzas were just right. We chose wholemeal english muffins, ham, mushrooms and cheese. not that adventurous but definitely yummy. They really enjoyed the squeezing of the tomato puree! 


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