Saturday, 29 March 2014

My maternity self-portraits, baby No.3.

When I was in the last weeks of my third pregnancy (38 weeks here), I was feeling very tired, excited, anxious all bundled into one. not to mention hormonal & emotional. So one afternoon I noticed some beautiful light beaming through my bedroom windows. So whilst little H was napping, I decided to attempt self-portraits. I set up my tripod, balanced my canon on a book at the needed angle. I used my handheld remote for my canon & used my 50 1.4mm lens. This is a very small lens so I tried to capture as much as I could in the frame. my bump being the main subject. I used 100% natural light, and improvised on natural lifestyle poses.

Here are some of the end results.

Little Y-M decided she wanted in on the action! I just love how my girls were so loving towards my bump. And even more so now with their baby brother!

Little H woke up, came upstairs and wondered what on earth we were doing, but also decided to join in on the fun!

Sweet conversations with my littles

"baby in there" - H (her little pointy finger melts my heart!)

Kisses for baby!

"can I have one on my own now Mum?"


Chitter chatter.

So there we go, here was my attempt at lifestyle maternity self-portraits, including bonding with my girls. I'm so thankful for these images, as they mark a special memory for them to look back on & for myself.



  1. What beautiful self portraits. I took a couple of arty ones towards the end of my second pregnancy which I treasure. I also took a bump photo every week, I did nothing like that the first time round so its nice to have them as a memory. x

    1. Thank you Katie! I love these, it makes up for not letting my girls paint my bump like i let my eldest daughter do in my first pregnancy! I ran out of time! Not quite sure why blogger has changed the colours of my images though x


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