Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Breastfeeding Peer support

I'm so pleased to have finally been given a date to start a breastfeeding peer support/counselling course at my local Baby Cafe (The one where I used to go to a lot when feeding Y-M) I'm really looking forward to being able to learn more, and offer support to those who have difficulties feeding and knowing options. I cannot stress enough that its each to their own and personal choice. I just personally love breastfeeding, and would love to promote the facts and the truth behind it all. (it's not about having a baby constantly attached to your boob, resulting in a clingy baby and saggy boobs) quite the opposite infact, and also leads onto my interest and belief into attachment parenting.

i'll speak more about my interest in that in another post!

I'm starting this in the second week of February, and i''l be sure to post my journey here!

I've also offered to photograph at the course, to help raise awareness and promote the beauty of it all!



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