Friday, 21 July 2017

Hello summer holidays.

And so, at 1:30pm today our Summer holidays of 2017 begin.

Sports day complete, book bags filled with all their class work (plus lots pf paper cuttings), uniforms looking worn out, the last few mornings of rushing out the door having forgotten something 90% of the time done - with hairstyles being anything that takes 15.5seconds to do. It's time for waving goodbye to foundation class for Halle and Year one for Yvie-Mae. Such a bittersweet part of the year, they've all been a bit out of sorts at times, overwhelmed with tiredness, excitement bundled into one. Me included! I'm looking forward to spending the six weeks just having the option if I want to be getting out the door before 8:25am.
This summer is also going to be the time that my little sister has her first baby, exciting!

Change is for Phoenix too as he will also be doing longer hours for a few days a week come September. I'm going to miss him so much on his nursery days, what's an even more heartbreaking thought is that he needs the longer hours (15 per week) to spend the school year getting ready for his start at school come September 2018 - Goodness me, the change is just so constant that I find it hard to comprehend a lot of the time.
We haven't booked any holiday for the summer yet but I am hoping to take a relaxed approach as Ty will still be working. I'm making a pledge to get outside at least once a day though, even if it is one of those pj's in the garden type of thing - fresh air does wonder for the soul (children and adults!). I'm hoping to share a little more about what we're going to get up to over the summer so i'll write more about it then, one thing is for certain, and that is that i'm going to try my best to enjoy the simple, wake up everyday with a grateful heart, savour deep breaths in those mad moments of squabbles or tantrums, and just remember that I need to try and make the best of each situation - for my own sanity anyway!

If there is anything I have learnt in my motherhood journey in the last (almost) seven years and having four little ones close in small ages is that when it comes to being together or doing things - less always feel like more.

Of course, having big adventures planned can be awesome, amazing in fact but having the thought that you 'have' to be going somewhere all the time just sends the wrong message and also ends up just being a bit much. We happen to have just as much fun doing the simple things too and that i'm going to hold onto. So with that in mind... I wanted to share some words that I hope sum up this summer coming towards us...after all, we can rewind time now can we?
Carefree, Simple, fun, genuine and joyful.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Our four in July 2017

We are now one week away from breaking up for the summer holidays and I think it's come around just in time. The past month I've seen the relationships between our four develop so much, anything from being extra snugly, bickering over absolutely anything, caring for one another, telling on each other and just a complete variety that comes with having four little children, especially so close in age.
The bigger girls have been up & down, being the best of friends one minute, and the next having a row over belongings etc. I think the 'end-of-term-it-is' has well and truly kicked in, they're both so worn out from school, overwhelmed and I think it just gets a big much some days, not everyday but this week has been challenging.

The little two have been blossoming so much, Didi is loving the attention she gets from her siblings, (not the picking up sometimes as it restricts her from getting up to no good! ;) ) but more so as its her & Phoenix during the week, they play together so nicely most of the time or they just do their own thing. The favourite thing recently is the sand table in the garden where you'll mostly find them being a double act tipping son each other while finding it hilarious, making castles, or usually Didi will be standing up on the table in the sand - testing my heart rate of course! They remind me so much of what it was like to have the big girls these ages, and again with Halle being three and Phoenix being the baby.

As Phoenix has now been doing two mornings at nursery per week, he lets me know if he gets to see either of the girls at the gate which is a little novelty, that paired with if we get "our parking space" at the school where he can watch them play and talk to them at the fence on the afternoon play!

On the whole, I am looking forward to them spending time together without the rushed element of life that school routines bring. With having all five of us at home, their Daddy will still be working it's obviously not going to be sunshine and roses everyday but we are going to try our best to embrace it all.

These summer holidays come around so quickly, and I read something quite bittersweet recently, that 'we only get 18 summers of their childhood' - now when you think about it like that, as much as motherhood can bring challenging times, i'm going to try my hardest to keep this at the back of my mind. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Favourite things lately.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the direction of my little blog, and something I want to document more is about me and my interests. I find its also a nice way to remember some positives in those moments when things feel a bit stressful and a little less positive. So this is just a little post about some of my favourite things lately.


Anyone else love hanging out fresh & clean washing? I find it so calming and especially on the days that you know it's going to be perfect drying weather. It also makes me a little emotional seeing the little clothing hanging up that they seem to be outgrowing so rapidly. (just to make it realistic - our washing baskets are never empty and sometimes drive me bonkers!)

Getting outdoors:

Visiting our local PYO farm for the first time this season, Strawberry picking is just such a lovely activity (with kids) but also nice to just have a walk around, watch as the kids run free and to just breathe, take it all in, and scoff lots of them on the way round - you can't tell me you don't do this, you can't exactly help it with four kids in tow! In Elodie's case, she was trying before she bought them, that along with the mud. We also recently walked a fair while into the city centre and had such a fun family time including coming across a nature festival (more on this soon!)

Green & floral:

I have such a huge love for plants and flowers and definitely bringing them in the home. Something that is so lovely and joyful is to bring in something you've grown yourself in your garden or recently, Halle brought home a few plants she has been growing at school. Broad beans, and a sunflower, she's been keeping a close eye, we've been watering and they look fab so far! I just love the pops of green and various other colours everywhere, not to mention the different scents. I am also very guilty of buying a bunch of flowers or a new plant at nearly every supermarket or florist, I have this thing about buying the reduced ones too, reviving them and adding them to our back garden to watch them turn into something beautiful! I do really love to visit our local farmers markets too but as mentioned above, nothing beats home grown and we've recently got a water butt too which helps with the watering process (when the kiddies are using it all up!) Also purchased my very first bunch of peonies from Aldi of all places :)

Comfort & style for Mama:

So after a few months of umming and arring about whether or not I should invest in some Birkenstocks, I finally made the choice, the right choice! Goodness me aren't they comfortable? I have always had ones from Next, and Schuh (which both served me well, the schuh ones broke last week and they were probably 8 years old!) But I have seen that these have had great reviews, and I'm hoping they stand the test of time and last even longer than my other ones. I still love the other brands, just wanted to try these out as since having kids I like to wear shoes (sandals whenever possible) with lots of comfort even more so! (anyone else get 'fallen arches' in pregnancy and took ages to heal?) So anyway, I've been loving these *and wearing them almost everyday!*


Something I've been making for a few months (ongoing projects) is travel films for my Dad. He went to Los Angeles/Grand Canyon/Hollywood to name a few, that film is completed and the one I'm working on now is his trip to Thailand. It takes me ages what with so little spare time but its so interesting to see the world through his eyes for now and he does crack me up with his guts with talking to the camera and his quirky jokes!

What have you been finding joyful lately?

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