Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Our four in February 2017

I find myself feeling like history is repeating itself sometimes, obviously in a slightly different way and in a new time but when I see our little ones bonding, or bickering, or places we go, things they do, say etc I feel like time is flashing at me with a memory. When I find Yvie-Mae and Halle deep in the throws of imaginary play it takes me back to them playing together all the time before school came into our lives. When I look at how Halle and Phoenix can clash, but equally love each other fiercely and for Halle to be a mother-hen to him - this takes me back to how Yve's was with Halle. Then the things we do sometimes takes me back, like taking Phoenix and Élodie to Splat messy play and how they love to be together is again equal parts to what it was like with the older girls, and then what Halle and Phoenix were like before Didi came along. Whether its age related, or stages I just find it fascinating. It also makes me mourn for how all that time has gone by so rapidly.

I try not to keep 'living in the past' when I think about how they're growing but with these little daily reminders it can be so hard!

Lately though they have been a right team. Everyone gets stuck into games, sometimes bickering can be around but when they play nicely it really is such a wonderful thing to see. The little two are such a cute pair when the girls are at school, Didi follows Phoenix around (unless she's following me!) looking for his dinosaur figures to play with too, or to touch his face and hair then go into a fit of laughter. I find her just staring at him sometimes, so cute! He loves her equally too, if not more, he is always telling me, and others that he loves his baby sister, that "She doesn't have a winky like a boy, because she's a girl" and that "she loves him".

Like I mentioned above, Halle is a mother figure, she loves to know she can advise others even if its not always greatly appreciated but she does try, and truly believes in herself in her thoughts. She idolises her big sister so much and Its a nice thing to see when they are two peas in a pod. Sometimes they can argue over liking the same thing, Yve's will make a sarcastic comment, Halle will flip out and go in with a dig yet in two minutes later they're best friends because of just that. They are a team who like to plan funny cheeky things towards us parents, like the best hiding places ready to bundle Daddy when he's home from work and they make sure the others are in on the act too! They both absolutely dote on their younger siblings and love to create play opportunities for them too, thats when they're not too busy trying to pick up a very heavy Didi and ferry her about, or put her on the sofa no matter how many times we say not too (*cough* Halle)... She's not grasped the soft landing off the sofa yet but she will soon! They really do love nothing more than to interact with her though, she's a bundle of fun for them, their baby.

I look at this small selection of photos and I get teary-eyed. I feel incredibly proud of these four, our four amazing babies, four amazing humans I have grown and birthed, nourished and am continuing to watch grow every single day.

I will forever count my blessings being able to share this life with them - our little four in February 2017.Our four wild ones. He's loving that his little sister is fast becoming his little side kick. "Can my little sister come in the swing with me, i'll save her" "She likes me Mummy doesn't she" <3Park fun together.
Busying around in the playroom, Of course they have disputes but when they play together nicely it really is the sweetest. Its so lovely watching Didi explore in there too now, and always wondering what they're all up to - and always trying to cause carnage at the lego table!Hoolahoop Bridge
Enjoying the slower pace of the beginning of half term together.
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Sunday, 12 February 2017

My nursery boy

So as we welcomed January this year it was the time for you to start nursery my boy. As your birthday is at the end of January, your funding doesn't start until April term but we thought we would see how you got on for one morning a week just like we did with Halle. You've shown interest in going there for a play each time we walk past and I think you remember from when the girls went there.

As you spend all of your time with me, and now Élodie too I thought it would be difficult for you to not have me with you but you seem to have settled well. Your key person said that you like to play dinosaurs, interacting with full conversation, confident in your opinions but also you had a little sad moment at garden play time on two days as you sometimes would rather stay indoors to play or think it's home time already but you're easily pleased with the box of dinosaurs or toy story figures. As much as you seem to have settled, you're definitely a creature of habit and a 'home bird' like your mummy.

When it's pick up time, I love nothing more to see your face light up at the sight of me. Your safety, your normal, your mummy. You come running out with the biggest grin, kisses and hugs and let me know right away in your sweet little old voice that you want to go home for lunch. You go to your peg, put your bobble hat, jumper, raincoat and crocodile backpack on and off we go back to the car. On the way home you tell me you love me lots and want to have a relax when we're home. You're full of character my boy, there's two sides to you 1. Where you can be into your shell and an old man fixed in his ways, then 2. You're full of imaginary play, running wild on your "Andy dinosaur adventures" and you can't forget your "gizmo", showering me with kisses and asking me to be a brontosaurus. I'm so proud how you've settled my boy, I'm sure there will be moments when you're a little unsure but you always give it a go but always know where you want to end up, and what you want.

The nursery you go to we know well anyway as the girls went there and they're so motherly there so I feel comfort in that for times when you may wonder where I am (even though for now you only go for three hours on a Thursday.) I'm looking forward to hearing about friends you've made, things you've created or simply what you have been up to. You'll be doing a couple more mornings come April time and I think it'll be nice for the both of us, I'm going to miss you like crazy as I do already on the one morning a week, but it will enable you to get familiar with the surroundings before next year and me to get some one to one with Élodie, and also put more time into my work side of things (along with the everyday rubbings of being a Mama to four!). I really want time to slow down but it's inevitable that school is coming in just over a year...we would love to be in the situation where we could home school you guys but this is our path for now.

It's a crazy thought to me that September 2018 you'll be starting full time school - now that's a scary thought for me and I don't ever want to wish that time here, I'm embracing you fully for who you are right here, right now, my little nursery boy.
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