Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Rainbow car seat.

Since becoming a 'school run Mum' life has certainly been a lot busier. Busier in a sense of having to be somewhere by a specific time, things to organise so well it becomes a skill (a skill I'm still yet to fully master) and also it comes with the need of a lot more things. One thing in particular is car seats. As we have four little ones we obviously have the minimum of four but also spares for when family members take them out. I mean in all honesty, most mornings when we're in a rush and i'm all flustered trying to plug in four car seats it becomes such an effort so if theres anything that can aid that part of the morning then i'm welcoming it with open arms.
Cosattolittlejampotlife1We were recently contacted by Cosatto to see if we wanted to collaborate again, This was music to my ears as we worked with them a couple of years ago when we reviewed the Story cotbed so I know that the products are of high quality. Cosatto are such a fun and vibrant brand and when this is teamed with great design its an instant winner for me. If you take a look at their website you'll find lots of colourful and quirky patterns that you'll get lost in what to choose from! So as mentioned above, we were recently sent a skippa-fix car seat and asked if we could share our honest thoughts and I can honestly say first off that it hasn't disappointed.

Everything from the comfort, fresh quirky design, the happy and vibrant colours, the ease of use, the way it's made for a comfortable ride on our daily journeys to school, and for those longer car journeys on a day out for a long distance. I also love the features that include the adjustable headrest which is well suited for us as our girls are ever so slightly different in height so it's great for when they're swapping and taking turns in the new "rainbow seat" (something they've been figuring out the past few weeks is a nice routine for who sits where and when, ...after lots of bickering!). The headrest is easily adjusted by one small click of a button at the back of it while pulling upwards, it also has a very handy cup holder that's fully detachable - definitely a great element for longer car trips when they need a little refreshment or snack without spilling the contents over the floor (to join the rest of the kids junk no doubt).Cosattolittlejampotlife5Cosattolittlejampotlife4I love that the shape of the car seat is a lot more curvier than most, ensuring lots of room for comfort, the padding is really well designed and great for little snoozy heads too to make sure there are no 'nodding dogs' in the back seat! Something we have found though is that with the curvier design, it can be a bit of a squeeze with all three big carseats in the middle so we do move them about the car a bit to see for the best fit (so I don't have to fight my way into plugging the kids in each morning). The girls have also enjoyed taking turns when the seat is being used in Daddy's van, fits just as well in there too.Cosattolittlejampotlife6Other than that its been a huge hit, I've been keeping an eye on some of the other designs as we're soon to either be updating a seat for Phoenix as Didi is going to need the next stage soon as her infant seat is looking a little small and I definitely cannot carry her around in it now if she falls asleep - she's so heavy!
Cosattolittlejampotlife2Our big girls are 6 and 4, it works very well for the pair of them considering their slight difference in height and weight. They've both really enjoyed their turns in the seat.Cosattolittlejampotlife3
Machine washable covers you can easily remove.
This car seat if a forward-racing model but also works with an ISOFIX base if you have one.
Suitable from 15kg-36kg (4yrs-12yrs approx).
Has luxurious padding with side impact protection and for ultimate comfort for your little one.
A detachable drinks/snacks holder - genius!
Useful information (taken from the Cosatto Website):
Use with your regular car seat belt.
Uses ISOFIX points only, not the top tether attachment.
Compatible with standard 3-point vehicle seat belts (‘Universal Fit’).
ISOFIT - Compatible with your 3-point vehicle seat belt & your car’s ISOFIX anchor points at the same time (‘Semi Universal Fit’).
2-position recline. For a laid-back journey.
Height adjustable backrest.
Complies with European Standard ECE R44/04.
FREE 4 year guarantee.
The Skippa-Fix retails at £169.95 and you can buy using this link which takes you to a list of all the stockists.

*We were kindly sent this carseat for the purpose of an honest review. All words, images are my own unless started otherwise. Thanks once again to the fabulous Cosatto :) 
I also think its a good place to share the link for more information on the Car seat law here in the U.K. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our four in January 2017.

Since the very first time we began our journey of having siblings I have always photographed them. I love the feeling of not only living in the moment, really feeling it but also documenting all those moments that are ever so fleeting. I've found this more so not only since having more children to add to our siblings but since the starting of school for our Yve's in September 2015, and Halle last September, it just seems that time is whizzing past at the blink of an eye and goodness me it hurts. I have always been one to document, either through photography or words, or adding in videography too, but something I think is so special is to document change every now and then, and in the case of our little siblings, its once a month. So much change can happen and to then look back over the course of the year can really feel amazing (but with tissues to hand of course).

Its now the first month of 2017, we have a 6 year old, 4 and a half year old, Phoenix will turn three at the end of the month and √Člodie is 9 months old today. Our four are really becoming a tribe lately, especially now Elodie is on the move and into absolutely everything, not just that little baby who watches from a far eagerly wanting to get after them. When a new baby comes along, until they can really get stuck in I've often found that I take a lot of photos of my bigger three when playing as little Didi it either napping, or in the carrier, or pushchair etc but in recent months and especially the last few weeks they are all playing together so much more. The two big girls are thriving off imaginary play together, playing shops, or mums and babies, then helping each other on the skateboard, or making up registers. Something I've found SO sweet recently is I find them sitting on the bottom of the stairs and Yve's will be reading a book to them - heart melt! The other day I was early for the school pick up and I saw them playing together and when it was time to go inside they had a big hug - proud Mum moment for sure. Phoenix always asks where 'his girls' are when they're at school, but he is also enjoying having his baby sister all to himself during the day too. He's such a caring little thing towards her, he makes sure she's happy with a toy, loves to make her giggle and shares his dinosaurs with her as well.

As you can tell I love photography and documenting life, so I have so many photos not shared online but the ones i'm sharing this month are from a lovely day at home, (some days all hell breaks loose and the kids bicker and I lose my cups of tea everywhere) but this day, and more frequently lately they love to be in the play room together. Elodie squeals to make it be know she has to join them, especially on this day when they big girls found it hilarious to put every. single. dressing up outfit on Halle - only for her to get stuck but it was all fun for the best part! in one corner you'll usually find one playing lego, the other you'll find some deep conversations at the shopping checkout and in the centre you'll now find a small person climbing and pulling the contents out of the boxes, best game ever apparently. As long as they're playing happily - the mess can wait. We do encourage putting things away before others come out of course but when you turn around and see this.... a freeze frame was definitely needed!

They make me ever so happy.januarylittlejampotlife1dressingupjan2017-1cheesefacejan17january2017I'm thrilled to tell you guys that as of this month I am going to be co-hosting the Siblings Project. I've always loved taking regular photos of my little ones together and it feels just right to be joining something so meaningful and really hits my heart. Projects like these are so special because it brings like-minded people with the same passion together and to share their love of documenting their families. So i'm happy to be joining the lovely ladies Lucy, Kerri-Anne, Katie, Carie, Amber and Donna so make sure you check out their posts and do pop by some of the ones linked up below!
If you're sharing via Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #siblingsproject so we can all have a look at your wonderful images and share the love.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Focus on the good

Everyday I try and wake up feeling optimistic about all the things that day could bring, or what we can make of it.

Then sometimes, life wants to be a bit of a pest. I mean, in comparison to severe problems this seems very minor, but equally its something that means a lot to me. Today was going okay, if you don't include the fact that we all woke up on the wrong side of bed,  but never would I have predicted what I was to then see in the afternoon. I could smell a random damp smell upstairs, then I heard a drip.

Then I opened the cupboards in the girls room, to see a huge leak that had gone all over their things, their newly painted walls, brand new fitted carpet, books, dvds, lots of our washing that hadn't yet been sorted into piles. I then opened the other side, to find that all of my precious photobooks of our family were there - soaked, wrinkled, floppy and ruined. I have since spent the evening hair drying, and carefully unfolding individual pages to try and restore the good, but i'm not so sure it'll be enough.

*This was all going on while Phoenix was rushing to the toilet for a poo, √Člodie lost balance and bumped her head on the door and I was all in a fluster seeing to my babies and the fast dripping water in the girls room.

Yes this may seem something so small, and I'm so thankful I saw it before it got worse, or the ceiling came through or something like that, but I can honestly tell you that I have a heavy heart tonight and feel like my heart sank a little. I spend so much time loving to document us, our life. Practising my craft and then spend even more time photo-booking to make sure i'm preserving more than just an online diary here. I may be able to order copies but thats if I saved them or not, who knows. It's days like these though (no matter how shit it may feel in the moment) or when life feels like its all too consuming - the thing I like to do most is focus on the all of the good that also surrounds me. I then remember that today, my boy has been a little superstar and keeping me giggling with his lovely witty nature and facial expressions, how I blended some yummy goodness for little Didi to enjoy, that my girls have come home happy from school, having a cup of tea with my Dad after he came to the rescue and looked at the leak, and not forgetting all the bedtime kisses & cuddles I got from my four babies.

On days when I feel like I'm failing at everything, or just woke up feeling very demotivated (maybe from lack of sleep) and overall lacking inspiration for how I want my day to pan out. Sometimes the kids wake up in the most horrendous moods, this can make the household a little crazy for the first part of the morning whether its before school, or even on the weekend. Having four kids is beyond amazing, but never 100% perfect. Its tiring, hard work and can make you feel like you're going to crumble. But with everything in mind, when I look around with fresh eyes after a breather, a cup of tea, or simply watching my kids  playing happily, birds soaring across a beautiful sky, that song on the radio that I haven't heard in years - these are some of the things that lift my spirits and make me switch back & realise to keep thinking and focusing on the good.

I have so much to be thankful for and on those days where it gets a bit much I try my best to remember this all the more. A few months back I had a couple of situations arise which made me feel like I was in a very dark place, anxious about everything, finding it hard to accept change, or the speed of change anyway. Definitely when it came to our kids, I find it so hard with each passing milestone or phase/ age but equally I am feeling so blessed to be able to witness the changes and embrace them (tantrums and all, even if they do drive me bonkers at the height of them!) ...and slowly I am coming back to the better way of thinking, the way of knowing that everything happens for a reason, theres a time and a place for everything and with that - time waits for nobody.

I read this quote recently and it couldn't be more appropriate.
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