Thursday, 30 June 2016

Our family in June 2016

This month has come and gone the fastest without a doubt. It seems just like yesterday that I was still expecting our fourth little baby yet suddenly she is almost eleven weeks old. Blimey life whizzes when you least expect it right? 

This month has seen lots of changes for our family, starting with my other half taking the plunge with leaving his job to start up his own business. A very scary idea but something we both spoke about lots and believed that it was the right time to take the jump. So far it's going really well, obviously no job is guaranteed to be certain whether it's when your employed or self employed but we're taking each day as it comes and being thankful for each opportunity that arises. It's also enabling us to have more of a balance while our children are little, it got to the point where he would consistently be getting home after the kids bed time or just feeling burnt out and not reaping benefits by doing so. This way we are able to actually eat dinner together sometimes, get back to reading more bedtime stories and enjoy these years to the max. 

I'm also hoping to gain more work through this blog of mine along with my small business set up in the near future. For now though I'm cherishing the days being a Mama and trying not to get emotional about little É being our last newborn. She's growing so fast and is a cheeky chunk but I'm refusing to say she's not a newborn anymore (at least for a few more weeks) even though she's looking so much bigger and is definitely very forward for her small age!)

I also had a day in London last weekend to attend Britmums for the first time. It wasn't at all what I expected but it did teach me a few things from a different perspective. More on this little lady was an absolute gem though so that was an enjoyable feeling, especially snuggling her on the coach journeys to and from London.

So this month I have been:
Watching my four babies bond.
Watching my baby girl É interacting and goo'ing.
Gaining new perspectives from Britmums Live.
Also enjoyed hanging out with some lovely ladies there.

Daddy has been:
Being his own boss.
Seeing the little ones much more.
Getting more DIY done around the house.

Yves has been:
Handwriting letters to her friends and family.
Setting up dens and tea parties (inside & outside!)
Loved our 'nature warriors' walk with water balloons.
Perfecting her cartwheels, headstands and roll over crabs.

Halle has been:
Enjoying her sessions in her new class for September.
Loved our 'nature warriors' walk with water balloons.
Loving making up stories and dance routines.

Phoenix has been:
Obsessed with Ninja Turtles! The blue one!
Loves his bedtime with blue blanket.
So happy to have been in Daddy's new van and sitting in the front.

E has been:
Loving mama milk & snuggles.
Interacting more and more each day.
Sleeping lots better.
Doing little giggles at silly faces.
watching her big siblings with more knowledge of who they are :)

The Me and Mine Project

Friday, 24 June 2016

Wobbles, motivation and seeking inspiration.

So the past few weeks I have been feeling a little apprehensive, confused and demotivated to be honest. The reason being that I am wondering what route I want my little blog to go down, how I want to make a career for myself and the fact that I have a ticket for a blogging event tomorrow, my first ever time attending Britmums Live. From what I've read on social media, it seems like a wonderful place for the blogging community to connect, reach out to one another and embrace what we all love to do. For me though I'm excited, but feeling more on the nervous side. I think deep down its a case of not feeling 100% about the fact i'm taking my 10 week old baby to a busy city & event, but also the fact that I get so nervous and shy when meeting new people, lack confidence when it comes to introducing myself and just over all feeling like a fish out of water - despite the excitement of learning so many cool things, the feeling of learning more about myself as well and meeting lots of people I've only spoken to through social media, blogs or only met once. Its a big thing when you're not use to doing it isn't it? but its something, a fear almost that I want to overcome as I know I want to 'find myself' in this blogging community and take my little blog bigger places. 

So as mentioned above, I've been feeling a little distant from my blog lately, obviously having a new baby along with three little children leaves me with very little spare time but in my mind I know I want more for my little space on the net and that definitely takes planning. So with the small amount of time I do get I've been doing just this, but most days I end up in a rut in my brain where I think about trying too much then get frustrated of how I can 'get there', reach my goals. One of my biggest passions is my photography, and even videography. I love that it challenges me, I love to capture our life and find the beauty in the everyday. So thats something I don't doubt, its things like how I want my blog to look, actually completing draft posts and not leaving them until its too late, how to promote myself to brands I'd love to build working relations with, what I want my blog to cover without doing it all with no purpose you know?

I have so many things I want to write about, photograph, video. Push my self and my create ability including that in building a small business. Mr T has recently taken the plunge and started up his own business too which is amazing and inspiring. I just sometimes get dampened spirits sometimes when I feel like anything i'm attempting makes no sense, or I struggle to complete something, the moments when i'm thinking about so much that I find it hard to focus on anything at all. a couple of years a go I started up my photography & design business, it was small beginnings but confidence issues slowed me down and I don't want this to be the case anymore, in any aspect of my life. In a few months I'm definitely hoping to get things back on track with a fresh perspective, including the business start up. At the moment, all I know is that I have ideas, I just need to be wise to which ideas I pursue with my passions and time.

I want to do these things I love, I want to show my littles to feel confident in themselves while growing up too, to know that their abilities are worth everything and to believe in what they can do if they set their minds to it. Even if its little things such as stepping out of your comfort zone to attend an event in London.
So tomorrow, I'm going to hold my head high even if it doesn't feel easy, I want to feel at ease while meeting new people, I want to go home at the end of the day having gained a little bit more inspiration from some people who have a creative mindset too and to know that i'm not alone in this way of thinking. 
Do you feel like this sometimes? If you do i'd love to chat!

And if you're attending Britmums tomorrow, come & say hi!
 I'll be with my littlest baby girl and i'm sure she will offer lots of welcoming smiles too!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Gentle skincare for pregnancy & beyond.

Something that seems to alter throughout my life is my skin. Now it can be so sensitive at times, then fine the next leaving me wondering what I was concerned about in the first place. In my case though, I know diet changes these things, especially when I haven't had enough water or eaten enough foods containing nutritious factors. This has always been the case when I have been expecting a baby, or breastfeeding.

All of your goodness can easily be drained from you when experiencing these two things and for me, it wreaks havoc on my skin sometimes. This obviously goes hand in hand with all the added hormone changes and the not having enough time to tend to your drink and water needs quick enough sometimes which ultimately leaves you feeling pretty rubbish anyway so to have dried out skin or skin thats breaking out added to that it can be a bit 'blah' in all honesty.

Where I do experience these changes, and have done for the past 6 years with the four pregnancies & breastfeeding journeys i'm cautious as to what I put on my skin as I don't like very heavy, thick products that will make my skin go bubbly or erupt with blemishes, particularly products that use harsh chemicals are a no-go. 

So when Green People asked if I wanted to review their new sensitive and scent-free collection, I agreed instantly as I've used their products before with our little ones and was definitely impressed. I was sent the light day moisturiser and the hydrating calming serum for night time application. These came just in the nick of time as I was expecting our fourth baby, and was soon to be breastfeeding.

The day cream gives enough hydration without leaving your skin feeling greasy and clogged with product, its light but maintains great coverage. It also contains powerful yet gentle skin-balancing plant actives including willow bark and prebiotics. Whats great about these properties is that they contribute to soothing and help prevent skin blemishes and also suitable for people who suffer with eczema, psoriasis, along with other skin allergies.

The night serum again is a perfect formula twinned with the day time cream. I love to apply this after having a soak in the bath then I know my skin is really absorbing in the great aspects of it without leaving my skin feeling clogged. Its an organic product oozing with skin firming elements without the nasty chemicals. This product also contains clinically proven firming actives to help with anti-aging - anything with this is a must right?!
Green People also very kindly sent me an exclusively new product called the Beauty boost skin restore cream that acts as a little 'pick me up' and boosts your skin rather than spending time doing face masks, or other treatments - this is cost effective, and easy for busy Mamas such as myself. I absolutely love the smell of this product, its aroma is from organic lemon, mandarin, Ho wood and essential oils with all oils being 92% certified organic ingredients too. It's known to be a 'first aid' for all skin types and I can totally agree, once I've applied it, I instantly feel my skin reaping the benefits.
The day & night moisturisers retail at £17.50 each and the Beauty boost retails at 18.50. Now for some this may seem a bit pricey (I would've usually thought so) but they are genuinely so well made, and to be honest, what price is the right price when it comes to the care of your skin? I would definitely recommend these products for anyone really, but especially those with sensitive skin, or at times where your skin may seem more sensitive such as in pregnancy or when nursing a baby. Since starting to write this post, I have been feeding my sweet baby and maintaining these products in my facial routine and they've definitely helped keep my skin in a good balanced state.

They also have a fantastic baby & childrens collection which you can see more about here.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Our siblings in June 2016

I know I say it quite a lot but I feel so extremely fortunate to be my little tribes Mama, that added with the pride I feel that I was able to carry and birth them. I feel like this parenting journey goes in stages and this stage I've been introduced to once again with adding a new sibling and watching my little loves bond so well together is something just so special. 

They really have been brilliant with baby É in each of their own little ways and together as a whole. 

The older girls have been having moments of squabbling but will make up within minutes due to the fierce love they hold for each other. It's so funny watching them as they bicker like a pair of old ladies then giggle at the most simple thing the next. Watching them practice their climbing skills on the swing frame, with biggest sister offering her guidance and just looking at how they can work together on things makes me sit and take it all in just for a moment. You'll often catch Halle singing to baby E, or saying "I'm your favourite cousin" and when correcting her saying "You're sisters Hal", she'll then say "well she likes it when I say this more!". On many occasions you'll see Yve's getting huge smiles from her too by making silly noises, cuddling & pulling funny faces, its such a blessing to watch.

They're so great with their little brother too, he's ridiculously forward for his age, this has also been said to me by strangers and health professionals too but me being his mama I can see it first and foremost. He is a complete chatterbox and has definitely been spurred on by his bigger sisters but also maybe being the third child he has wanted to put his stamp on things and bring his part to our family since learning how to interact. Its hilarious though as they all have a slight obsession with the ninja turtles at the minute and get in huge debates on who's who, and then you'll catch them all play-fighting with light-sabers in the garden, then creating tea parties the next. Affection is something we have floating around the house, I love the way they take in turn to just go and snuggle with each other or all together without any prompts, catching them talking to each other seemingly in their own little world.

Phoenix has taken the role of big brother so well, he absolutely loves to make sure E is okay, and insists on giving her big kisses and cuddles throughout the day and 'helping' Mummy pick her up by assisting her head too. Its adorable when he tells her how much he loves her, and even more adorable when he says "I think she likes me Mummy"

I look at these photos, and my heart skips a beat. Aspects of their childhood together, the honest and most simple moments together as a unit. I say it every time but I am extrememly thankful to have these four in my life, as much as I want time to slow down (majorly) I am also feeling so lucky to have watched them grow together so far. I also look back at our April photos and to see how much baby has grown already is crazy!

Our little tribe.

The Me and Mine Project
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