Thursday, 31 March 2016

Our Family in March 2016

And we're still a family of five! As much as I've had little moments of thinking this baby would arrive early I think I knew deep down that it would go to 40 weeks or more. Today marks baby's 39th week in my tummy and to say we're excited is an understatement. 

This month seems to have gone very fast (I think I say this every month!) but it really has, in some pregnancies, it can seem like those last weeks can drag, but this time it has flown. To the point where some days I question if I feel prepared or not. I think we're adapting to the change thats about to happen well though, keeping the little ones in the loop, talking to them, asking how they feel about it and even though they're very small still, the girls especially have the understanding and do say they're excited to meet their newest sibling soon. Thats a comfort in itself, as some siblings dread the idea of another one, especially when theres already three of them. These three though, they amaze me every day, they take it all in their stride and love these changes. They adapt so well, and have been so patient with it all considering their ages.

I always have these little thoughts as a parent, as any of us - we're learning something new everyday and even though this is our fourth baby, We've only had a 5 year old once so anything new she does its such a wondrous thing, and then the other two have their own ways on doing things which switch things up again but in a magical way. three unique little people who share such a wonderful bond and make us so proud. The past few months I have seen them flourish like never before really, again on another level, they work as a team, help one another and are very affectionate again. The girls went through a phase of annoying each other sometimes, or just age barriers just ever so slightly clashing for example, but they really are the best of friends, little conversations, the way they make plans, look after their little brother. Don't get me wrong, they still have moments but all in all - at such small ages, they are capable of anything, and I need to start thinking more like them, anything in life is possible if you allow it to be, open your eyes to the world and you'll  see more than you expect.

We've been talking lots about our next holiday when we book one, it probably won't be until the summer what with term dates but we will fit in some day trips for sure. Yve's has been thinking about the car arrangement, making sure theres room for everyone and telling me that she will help the baby if needed, bless her. Halle is always loving on baby bump, they all are really and its like they have a little sense which they aren't fully aware of but they'll be in the middle of something then will give me a hug, without saying much, and really stroke and cuddle the bump too, really sweet. 

So this month is definitely our last family portrait as a family of five, and next month we will be introducing to our newest member, who we will finally know if its a boy or a girl, and hopefully have a definite name! I'm really excited for our growing family, not looking forward as such as I want to take in each moment, live it, and cherish it. 

So thankful for my family.
Phoenix's face just kills it, so cheeky!
She has the best sense of humour at the moment
I look so tired and un well in this photo and not to mention A GIANT. I was sitting further forward than everyone else and Ty was leaning back - its so hilarious not to share and Phoenix's face just says it all. I also think Halle is shouting 'sausages' at the camera. So our last photo is more of an outtake with my painted baby bump looking like a new planet, brilliant. It was also quite funny as when i set the timer, I would run back, we would be counting down and the bloody tripod must be broken as it was sliding down, making the camera completely out of range - meaning more back and fourth running for me! haha :-)
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kitchen love - Our 'home sweet home' makeover.

Creating a kitchen space which portrays a family life is something optimum for us. We moved to our home sweet home almost one year ago now and we've done so much work to it already which has slowly but surely lifted it out of the awful state it was left in prior to us coming. The first thing we wanted to revamp right away was the kitchen/dining space. We were glad to see it was a bigger size than our last home with a more open plan to it however it was in an awful state including a dated kitchen, nails and wood poking out in places, horrible damp flooring, unessessary pipework, and just drab to be honest. 
You can see quite a fair bit of Easter decor here, but usually we have flowers along the shelf, mixed with the girls artwork they've created. You can also see our lovely and stylish framed alphabet print from Ikea, which I got for a complete bargain from a local charity shop. 

The faux succulents, embossed water jug and black vase are all from Wayfair.
My partner happens to be a carpenter, kitchen & bathroom fitter by trade so this was something he wanted to change instantly. With the help from my brother who is also a carpenter they created our beautiful updated kitchen complete with wooden flooring throughout the downstairs. We re-arranged cupboards, covered up ugly pipework with smart designs, added extra work space and planned carefully. We decided to go with cream cupboards, dark wood workshops to go with the flooring, along with fresh white paint so that we can add pops of colour where we wanted. 
We still have elements of red that we like from our old kitchen (like the toaster & kettle set, the table mat is very handy for when the little ones craft, and we’ve recently got some lovely lined curtains from Next) Other than that, we have splashes of colour using artwork like our large ikea print, and also theres usually an array of flowers dotted about to freshen up the space & create a welcoming homely aura. 
Flowers instantly brighten up a room don't you think?

There are little spaces in which we still want to update or alter, that being a new blind, having a bit of a declutter to enable more space in the cupboards, a new kitchen table & chairs etc but those things take time & money and for now we are just so proud where we've got to in such a short space of time having three littles around all the time, my partner working so many extra hours after work including decorating and re-vamping the bathroom & bedrooms (more on this soon!), not to mention we're expecting our fourth baby in less than two weeks and thats been a roller coaster in itself! Another addition to our home in the past few weeks is that we've had our driveway completely re-done from an awful mud bath to a fresh area where we can fit our vehicles on, with a path and no messy mud for the kids (or me!) to slip up in!
My little area where I do most of my blogging/photography work. This needs a little re-vamp but for now it's a place where I can do what I love. Don't you just love this cotton tea towel? The words are beautiful, I'm thinking of framing it, it's too lovely to get stains on from food!
Stainless steel sink & tap. We purchased our kitchen from Howdens and love the high standard of product.
Here's our cooking space with integrated fan oven with hob on the top, the ever so delicious fruit bowl and our shiny new kitchen scales, I love these because of the 'old sweet shop' vintage vibe from them. 

So heres the before & after images looking at the same end of the kitchen.
Excuse the utility room in the background, this hasn't been started yet but as I mentioned, we have little snippets that are unfinished but I'm proud of our evolving house, and with each step we take we're slowly transforming it from just that, a house into our 'Home sweet home'.

*A collaboration with Wayfair, any mentions of products are from my honest opinion as always and elements of this post also appears on their website too.


Sunday, 27 March 2016

The last weeks of being the baby of the family.

I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way when expecting another baby, but wow I am so emotional thinking about it again. And that is the fact that our little baby boy, who is making his entrance into toddlerhood now will no longer be the 'baby' of the family in a matter of a week and a half. I remember feeling all these emotions with my girls and its such a bitter sweet emotion to hold inside you.

On one hand I look at his two little years on this earth and am just amazed at how much he has grown, changed, and become such an incredible person in my life. Its one of those things where you really cant imagine how your life was without them in it. I mean I am always reflecting on each chapter of life when I was expecting each of my babies, going over big and small moments and remembering them with a huge bag of emotions, mostly happy but theres always an element of 'how did we get here so fast?'. 

Life is whizzing by at such a fast rate and I just want to freeze time. I feel this with my beautiful girls too as they are shooting up something incredible at the moment, they were both 'the baby' of the family at some point and now it's this little chaps turn to hand over the baton to our newest addition. I'm without a doubt that he will be such a great big brother, loving, caring, a protector. He brightens up my world so much that he doesnt even know it yet, he touches my tummy and is still a little unsure and will definitely have a little shock once baby is actually here, but this is only natural and to be honest, when they're this small they just take it in their stride I've found. I'm so proud of my little trio and that they have adapted so well to any changes so far, and in the last few years there have been a lot where they're so close!

The past week, I have had a feeling he may be sensing change without really knowing it, he's been a lot more snuggly, wanting to know where I am and just loving to interact so much. I am soaking up these next few weeks, as when baby arrives, my little chap will grow so much over night and when meeting his new sibling I know I am going to be so emotional once again. And don't get me started on when my girls meet him or her. as that just rustles up all those lovely memories we all went through together those short few years ago. (can you tell i'm a bag of emotions? ha.)
I love this photo my Yve's captured of us two.
So a rambling post from me, hormones are swirling around to I guess of how everything will go, how my littles will really feel when baby comes but I have faith in them. They're such a strong unit and I couldn't be more proud. 

And of course, all four of them will forever be our babies!

Friday, 25 March 2016


As much as I love to travel whether this is to old and familiar places, or discovering the new I am still most definitely a 'home bird' at heart.

I love making a place special, sacred. A place to raise our family, a place to feel warmth, safety & comfort. Since learning I was expecting our fourth child last year and now being in the very last couple of weeks, my urge to be home has intensified all the more.
With both girls attending nursery part time & full time school it's usually little Phoenix & I spending the most time together during the week. I've still made sure that we get the right amount of time being outdoors too even if its to pop to the park or a weekly playgroup. Other than that we come home when nothing is planned, the garden is always accessible much to his enjoyment as he loves nothing more than to dig, collect stones with his tractors and just generally explore all thats around him.

As i've been counting down these final weeks, I've felt myself wanting to be at home a lot more again. I think its a matter of feeling most safe when i'm home, by safe I mean I can have a sit down if I need to and snuggle with my little chap. Our weekdays are pretty hectic what with the school run like most people I'm sure, but during periods of this pregnancy when I've felt quite unwell in the early weeks, and now with birth imminent - lifting littles in & out the car, rushing to & from places, never feeling like it's got any give - all of this while suffering extreme anaemia, pelvic girdle pain & this week a fever, and chesty cold. it's been a bit full on to say the least. I hate to feel like I'm a complete moaner, as I love pregnancy, it's a blessing and i'm truly grateful and will remain so forever. I am just one of those people who find it hard to accept i'm feeling tired, accepting a helping hand etc so I do end up burning out. 

We are SO welcoming this Easter break with huge open arms where we can get back to enjoying going at our own pace for a few weeks and also cherish this time before a massive change is about to happen once more.


Friday, 18 March 2016

They love you already.

Theres something so magical about knowing and feeling a baby growing inside of you, your baby.

Over the past five years this has been something that hasn't decreased in wonder even though i'm in my fourth time doing it. Something that amazes me daily is the look of wonder, love and sheer excitement I see in my children's eyes at how they know theirs a new little friend inside Mama's tummy just waiting to come out. 

They love on the baby bump, they protect it, sing to it, tell it secrets and its the sweetest thing to see. I love the way they get all giddy when they watch Mamas tummy swing from side to side, or bounce up & down with kicks and punches as if its already interacting with their voices. These are the little things I don't ever want to forget during any pregnancy I have gone through, and i'm pretty sure I never will. When life gets busy and memories tend to fade what with a new set of them being made, I know deep down I will remember these. And with this time potentially being our last, its something I want to soak up all the more.

 I do get a little bit emotional sometimes when I can't sit them on my lap as easy without feeling so restricted for space, or be able to squeezey hug & embrace them as powerful as i'd like to at the minute and have to opt for the side cuddle where baby bump is free to move. I feel so out of breath most of the time where i'm still very anaemic, and this baby bump is just literally plonked on my front making it quite hard to do much with comfort really, but thats a small price to pay for the bundle we're soon to be welcoming. People think its bonkers how i've put on just over 2 stone but it has literally gone to my tummy. All baby with lots of water no doubt as everywhere else I haven't put on weight?! crazy.

I have been laid side my side with little P recently and he's felt the baby kicking against him as if to say "Hey, i'm coming soon" to which he giggles at and says "Mummy baby kicking me" then says "its a baby boy" - we'll soon find that one out! He's the one who is at the age where he knows somethings going on but not 100% what, so for him to tell me baby bump is kicking him is adorable in his innocent little voice. The girls just love to feel close to their newest sibling, they love to try and guess what the gender is, ask it "are you a boy or girl"? and hope it spills the beans while they think no one else is listening in, they smother him or her in showers of kisses, inspect my "marvellous treasure map veins" that have turned blue, and listen carefully when I tell them that all those changes mean that Mama is helping to keep the baby safe and for it to grow wonderfully before it comes out.

I love this photo below, this was taken for Phoenix's 2nd birthday day out to the zoo back in January.

Don't you just find it so refreshing at how little ones view your body?

 I mean, they're so innocent to it all yet they have the best outlook, they have questions but see it as something wonderful. When I look at my tummy from growing four babies I do still have days when I think lots about how it doesn't look the same, I did have moments when I would fear ever showing anyone the blemishes, or the different shape.

What I sometimes see as a huge tummy with prominent veins, funny skin and a misshapen belly button, they tell me in a different format how Mummy's tummy has changed, "wow, it's grown so big", "it's always so warm & soft", "You have clever little lines like a trail or treasure map" etc.

They don't see any of it as imperfections.

They've shown me a new perspective over time, it will never make me forget what my tummy once was but also I never ever want to forget what my tummy has also given me. 

The chance to grow four beautiful healthy babies, who teach me something new every single day.

This little baby is so lucky to have such caring big siblings already, so in around three weeks time he/ or she will finally be meeting those three excited little souls who cannot wait to actually talk, touch and smell him/ or her face to face, skin to skin and love even more.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Siblings in March 2016

I probably say it every month but time really does feel like it's flying. I can't believe I'm typing what is my last 'siblings' post of my little Trio. I look at them all in such wonder at how we all got here, & what we're living every single day. I was saying to my family members the other day actually that even though they've all been so close since the beginning its such a learning curve to see all of their changes in a way balled into one, yet be so different. The phases flitter in & out of bickering some days, finding it hard to be away from each other, managing not to have games ruined by a smallest sibling etc. I found this when it was just the girls too, they have always been so close, yet I saw some changes once Halle became a lot more interested in absolutely everything Yves was doing and in some moments, it got to her. Even at the tiny ages they were, it would be the bickering, age barriers, toy squabbling, yet they were always able to sort it out and get back to their loveable & unbreakable bond in no time at all, almost as if they were two of the same souls living in two bodies - always coming back to one another. 

Now there's the three of them, & I see history repeating itself. So the girls will be playing a game much suited to their ages and Phoenix will come along like a bull in a china shop, itching to play too and it sets off the whole 'ah, he got my tea set!, he broke my lego castle' and all that carry on, but once they resolve the matter between them all they will welcome him in with open arms, and love having him join in almost as if they have done 'this game' all before once upon a time.

So this takes me to where we are now and where we have been for a fair few months. Of course they all have their moments but on the hole, they get along so well, and play so brilliantly. As i'm sat here writing this, we've spent nearly the whole day in the back garden, they've all had their own thing going on, been playing games together nicely and just watching them interacting is heart melting. Teaching each other things, guiding, making one another laugh, the girls having meaningful conversations, planning what to do next. Phoenix then runs over to his little station of happily digging in the mud with diggers, stones and any other 'treasures' he can find in the garden to which the girls then come over to see if they can gather any other things into the game.

It's so lovely to see how different phases occur, and bonds differ. As a three they are completely bonkers and have so much fun, both girls love to make sure their little brother is safe but also like to include them on their high climbing games - which he adores! I sometimes catch Yve's being mother hen to Phoenix, helping him with shoes, or just chattering away to him and seeing if he's okay. Halle does this too but her new favourite thing to do is to get Phoenix to have his nap time, she snuggles into him on the sofa, they watch a film or something and she'll proudly tell me that 'just by sitting there she made him fall asleep', I think he loves it too as its been a regular thing in recent weeks where she spends Tuesdays & Wednesday with us at home. The thing we love most is picking up our Yve's from school each day, gosh my heart aches for her all those six hours, and I just love to see them catch up. They'll usually craft at the table once home, or the playroom, or more recently the garden. simple pleasures are best for these kiddo's.

I took a moment to really take it all in, to look at my three little babies and to just sit in awe of them, where they are and how they've got here as a trio. 

It makes me wonder how they will grow up alongside each other, hoping that the bonds will forever strengthen, blossom into something entirely unbreakable. I look at how Halle is with Phoenix, and she is the absolute same as Yve's was with her at that age, watching history repeat itself its a miraculous thing considering that time doesn't seem that long ago at all. In a matter of weeks they're going to have their newest sibling joining them and I'm not sure my heart is ready for the overload of joyous emotions (I cried so many happy tears when they each met a new sibling, such a big moment in their lives!). I have no doubts that they will take this little baby into their tribe with such love & pride instantly and I couldn't be anymore proud. It really is an astonishing thing when you think how adaptable, how knowing and how capable these little souls are, and more to the point I am the one learning from them every single day. That being all those things is a form of simple happiness, building bonds with those you love, overcoming issues and seeing the better side of things, opening your eyes & heart to all thats around you - kids are the best teachers!

I am so eager to see who this little baby looks like or if it will just look like it's own self entirely. Phoenix has so many likenesses to when Yve's was smaller, yet in characteristics he is similar to Halle and then of course his own person. Halle is Daddy's twin, yet has personality likenesses to me. 

Funny how these things work isn't it? Do you see the similarities, individualities with your littles?

I feel eternally grateful that I grew these amazing little people, and that I've got the opportunity to watch them grow, learn and be there for each other.

So, with this being their last siblings post as a three, here's a little selection of images from recent weeks.
Basically an outtake by the look of their overly impressed faces, ha. & I know you're not meant to pick the flowers but golly, trying to stop these three when 36 weeks pregnant was a mission in itself! They did however nourish them very much so at home after us explaining about caring for flowers and they lasted a good while in their playroom! 
Little bird clothing really is stunning, I love the retro vibe - especially the shoes, I want some!
I love this photo of my girls.
I wanted to include this one from the day before our February family portraits as I just love the look of concentration and accomplishment on their faces, apparently this is the "Billy Goats Gruff bridge".
Afternoons in the playroom (which is soon to have a revamp!)
"Mummy, I just know how to get him to nap, look I snuggled him"
The girls recently did their medals test for dancing, They loved going together and little chap had so much fun clapping for them while watching proudly with Mama! (Excuse the awful pipework on the house!)
So here's to a potential last month of it being my little trio (if baby wants to be over a week late - hopefully not!) They fill our lives with such pride, joy and endless amounts of love.

 I'm one lucky Mama.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Breastfeeding - My hopes and fears fourth time around.

If you've read my blog before, you'll have seen some of my previous posts about something I am very passionate about. 

That is breastfeeding.

I am now entering what will be a new breastfeeding journey with our new little baby due at the beginning of April, our little spring baby and from three breastfeeding experiences, I can tell you that as much as I am looking forward to nourishing our baby, I know that it comes with great difficulty sometimes, more importantly I remember that every journey is completely different. Let me take you through my three previous breastfeeding journeys briefly:

My first breastfeeding journey:
I was completely clueless really, that was until I decided I wanted to give it a go despite not being told much about it. I was very fortunate that my sister in law had breastfed her four sons, and that her cousin (also a good friend of mine) was a breastfeeding peer support worker. So towards the end of my pregnancy I started attending the baby café meet ups, watching and learning to make sure I had an idea for when my own baby should arrive.

Fast forward to her birth, feeding started well, with normal soreness as I was told to expect. The problem I found that the pain didn't go away. Throughout the next ten weeks I had endured two rounds of mastitis, thrush, a bitten and bloody nipple which then cracked with each feed, along with lots of razor sharp pain from a bad latch, all despite my efforts. Halfway through this chapter I kept questioning why I was still carrying on, it was making me so emotional that I wasn't 'getting it right'. With lots of advice, support and friendly words from my friend I persevered. I don't think it was due to any pressure from media, or society or anything, I just wanted to fulfil this for my baby and I. I had faith that it would get better, and wow did those ten long weeks pay off. We went on to have an amazing breastfeeding journey until she self weaned at 13 months. By this point I think my milk had altered as I was then almost four months pregnant with our second baby. Overall though I loved my first journey and felt so sad that it was over, all the memories will remain the same though and the harder ones left me with the realisation that it could be hard again even though I've done it once before.

My second breastfeeding journey: 
When I gave birth to our second baby girl, I did the same as before but with the knowledge that it can actually be tough. I'm not sure if it was sheer luck, the fact that I felt a bit more relaxed, especially when feeding in public, or it was just simply easier - my second experience was blissful. There's always little moments when it can be tough, or when your baby bites your nipple and catches you unaware, baby thrush can rear its head etc but overall it was a lovely experience to be able to share the journey again but with our second daughter up until she self weaned to 15 months ( typically when I wanted her to carry on as we were flying abroad!), this may have been that my milk altered again as I was now three months pregnant with our third baby! Before I talk about my third experience, I wanted to add that during my second time feeding, I volunteered and completed a breastfeeding peer support course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved learning more technical things, looking at case studies and then writing about it too. I then went on to help out a few friends who were having difficulties, and still like to read my notes now.

My third breastfeeding journey: 
This then takes me to when we had our third little bundle of joy. Third time around I should have been completely clued up right?, especially having had experiences from both ends of the stick, not time to mention that I now had some professional knowledge behind me. My feeding journey started really well with my little chap. Except this time, problems started to arise a few weeks after he was born instead of from birth onwards. Turned out that he had recurring oral thrush that would not shift at all, he showed signs of colic in one week but then all of a sudden it all started to flow a lot better. I had moments (again) when I would be quite emotional, question myself as to why it was being hard third time around, why I was continuing, but within weeks it all resolved itself and for that I am thankful as he fed wonderfully before self weaning at 17 and a half months.

My thoughts fourth time around: 
I do have little worries sometimes that because life can be pretty hectic with three little ones and soon to be four, will I get the chance to really enjoy this last chapter of breastfeeding, will I get the change to establish feeding properly, will any of the previous things occur again? So, my hopes for our fourth (and more than likely last baby) would be that I will have a lovely last journey to remember, I am looking forward to seeing that 'look of love' from my nourished baby, the comfort of us being close and bonding, being part of such a magical yet natural act of love once more. Importantly though, I am going to keep the rational and realistic view in mind that not one baby is the same, even siblings!

One thing I am feeling really positive about is that I no longer feel on edge when feeding in public, ever since I found my confidence when our first baby was about four months old I remember it clear as day when I was in town, she needed feeding and I refused to hide or go in a toilet to see to her needs anymore. I sat myself in Starbucks, made sure I was comfortable and discreetly fed my baby, tended to her needs and walked out feeling a new mama. I still have guilt that I felt her in a sodding toilet when I public sometimes but I guess that's all part of a new challenge when you lack confidence. Point is, I found the confidence, opened my eyes to the normality of feeding my own baby and felt immensely proud there after. Prior to having her i didn't have much support or knowledge from my own upbringing, I was told that bottles were the only way to feed a baby so learning this new life skill was amazing for me.

I've also been given the opportunity to ask Medela's lactation consultant, Sioned Hilton a couple of questions related that may help me or other Mamas out there:

1. In pregnancy, I also have such a low iron count, this takes a while for me to boost once baby is born and when told to eat lots of leafy greens, this can play havoc with a baby's delicate tummy. Any tips on keeping up nutrition levels for myself without hindering the baby's feeding?

This is a bit of a balancing act. Taking iron supplements affects your body with constipation and gripe and having a lot of iron rich foods such as kale, cabbage , spinach affects babies fussy and gassiness. What is important is to get a right balance these foods are also rich in calcium, and folic acid and are essential for you both. Continue with utilising the iron rich vegetables and monitor how this affects babys fussiness, and look for other iron and folic acid rich foods such as fortified cereals and breasts, having a glass of orange juice with your iron tablets helps with absorption and continue with taking folic acid as this is a binder/ building block with iron. Baby colic does affect breastfed babies too but it is more associated with formula because of the cow milk protein. Other factors for fussiness include eating chocolate, dairy and diet drinks so it is worth keeping a food diary to see if it is always down to the veg or if it was following something else

2. Any tips for slightly inverted nipples/different shape which may effect the way a baby feeds each side?
Nipples come in different shapes sizes and some are flat, inverted and bulbous. In reality the baby doesn’t require a nipple to feed as it is vacuum that removes the milk. Ways to erect a tight nipple is to massage and hand express just before you feed so that the nipple expands a little. Making sure baby has a big wide mouth to compensate for a inverted nipple with help elongate it in the baby’s mouth. If baby keeps on slipping off you can try a laid back position where you are semi-reclined and baby is more on top so he falls on deeper onto the breast and nipple falls in baby’s mouth.  It is trying different positions , possibly using a nipple shield  and in the late part of your pregnancy you can do some nipple stretching with hand massage to help stretch the tight cooper ligaments.
{Feeding my little Phoenix last year}

I am thrilled to be working as a 'Medela Mum' for the next twelve months, and to be sharing my fourth breastfeeding journey, tips and advice with you guys as its something I feel so passionate about.
Something that links in well to this topic is that I recently wrote a post called 'Ten of my worries in this fourth pregnancy of mine' which also features in the latest magazine addition of 'Littles Mag'.

Last year, in order to write a little to celebrate 'National Breastfeeding awareness week', I wrote a post about my favourite breastfeeding books, which some may find resourceful and nice to read!


Friday, 4 March 2016

Super soft cashmere for busy Mamas - featuring Woolovers.

Super soft cashmere cardigans for busy Mamas - sounds good to me!

This time of year is when I want to completely wrap up warm as it can still be so chilly. On those busy school runs five days a week, I am forever spending time in the morning procrastinating over what I can wear, or more specifically what is going to fit over my ever growing baby bump, or more importantly - whats going to be comfortable.

So when Woolovers recently got in touch to see if I wanted to choose and try out something from their cashmere & merino section for the sole purpose being 'Super soft cashmere & merino for Mums', with all of the above in mind, I jumped at the chance. I am a huge fan of soft garments, and this longline design I am so thrilled with. My lovely Nana is a wise lady and is always wearing something of good quality and will always advise to wear just that. 

This specific design is fab, It's very adaptable to any outfit that I wear at the minute, a very short list of either leggings, my super comfortable jersey material dresses, or failing that my usual jeans, pumps & bobble hat ensemble, it's also really nice to wear underneath a coat on really cold days as does't leave you feeling too restricted. Something I am also skeptical about when buying knitwear is how it will fit on my arms, as I am 5ft8 and have quite long arms but there wasn't any issue here at all. Something else which can sometimes be a tricky subject with wool, is washing it right? Well have no fear as the product has stayed at the same quality and washes very nicely preferably when using Non-bio detergents. It's also said to be safe to tumble dry too but I haven't tested this theory just yet.

AND - ( As it's longer in length, it's long enough to cover my bum when getting kids in & out the car, bonus!)

It's not a shop I have come across before, but when browsing the website, I can see that they do have a nice selection of designs if you're after something simple yet of high standard. With each design you will also see a few variations in colours, patterns, and types of wool blends. 

A little bit more about Woolovers.

"Started in 1989 from small beginnings, Wool Overs is now a world class knitwear retailer, supplying nearly 750,000 customers with men's and ladies classic and contemporary knitwear. We now have websites for the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and two fully-translated versions for France and Russia - all helping to ensure we can spread our love of knitwear the world over! In association with the 100% Pure Wool Boardand Woolmark, we ensure that our woollen yarns are of the highest quality, and unlike most high street knitwear today, all of our styles are fully machine washable."

*I was very kindly sent this Cashmere & Merino cardigan for the purpose of the review, all images, words and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. I really do think it's a lovely product which retails at £55, and if you fancy taking a look on their website they have 20% off the cashmere & merino section at the moment.
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