Saturday, 31 October 2015

A family portrait project 2015 - October

Wow what a month. So many changes have happened yet the month seemed to whizz by so fast. The beginning of the month our family announced that we were expecting our fourth bundle of joy come April 2016. This was such amazing yet surprising news and the girls are especially excited even though one is voting girl, and the other voting boy! I think it's safe to say that Phoenix will need some male back up in the future with those two head strong ladies but we'll have to wait and see come next year as like the other three - it will be left a surprise!  

Its been a whirlwind month of gearing up to the first school half term (and a much needed break for us all without any rushing about), the anticipation on my part about our biggest little girl turning FIVE and that we were preparing our brood for a week away in Devon for celebrate this for her, and to see my lovely Nan as she also lives there too. The girls were so excited and Yve's had the choice of having a birthday party or going on holiday where she would see Great-Nanny Pat, so her choice decided our fate for half term and it couldn't have been better for our family - more on this soon! 

So yes, the half term was a much needed break after months of myself feeling really poorly with the horrible symptoms I had through the first trimester and into the early weeks of the second, but hopefully easing off now! It has felt like it has put a strain on our family in some ways as my energy levels have been so low and its hard for little ones to understand why you're feeling so rotten when what you're growing inside you is a good thing! I'll be covering my pregnancy journey in a little series soon so watch this space. 
The school run has been a huge change up for us too as a family, even though since birth I have always taken the littles to playgroups - adding a strict time scale to that when you have yourself and three kids under 5 to get ready and in the car ready to drive 20 minutes to school - it can be strenuous! especially when I am dropping the girls off, coming home to get work done or off to do errands, I then have to go back there to get Halle, back home to do lunch and let Phoenix nap and then back to the school for picking Yve's up - hence the lack of catching up on blogging! along side this, we've had the rubbish poorly months AND just under two months of external works being done at our house which is hopefully finished now - but this did put a spanner in the works, excuse the pun. Not only this, Halle has been having disturbed nights sleep for weeks now which is the opposite as she's usually the sleepy head, Phoenix has taken a shining to being a 5:30am early riser which leaves us parents very tired most of the time and probably why I can't keep my eyes open past 8pm, heres to better sleeping next month and beyond! 

So wishful thinking that the external works are done now or at least until after Christmas, or when the baby is born, we are now focusing on the interiors getting to the next stage since moving here back in April. I really wanted to share with you more about our home transformation but where its been put on hold I wanted to wait until I have more to write about and share with you, but our plans are exciting - for us anyway! We are almost finished with our whole kitchen/diner renovation including all new flooring, and our new bathroom has been fitted too but yet to choose tiles and accessories (all done by my wonderful Mr with help from my brother in the kitchen too). 

So the next month as a family, we are looking forward to snuggling lots under warm duvets, drinking lots of warm beverages, getting the balance of more one to one with our little ones, taking the week days easy with the school run and trying to not add any pressure, & preparing for the pre-festive celebrations (watching as many Christmas dvds as possible is a sport don't you know)

Here's our round up of photos from October, our trip to Devon. 
with an added outtake!

Monday, 26 October 2015

A last night of being four

The eve of my first born baby's fifth birthday has approached while we have come away down to Devon for the week and I am currently sat writing this post as she is laid in the curl of my lap, snuggled to snug and looking like the image of her baby self all those years ago. Deep breaths of contentment, warmth, the feeling of safety while cuddling in to her Mama.  I've always been such a sentimental type of person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and in particular I feel such true emotions when reflecting on time that's passed. Time is precious and when you're creating a life and living your life with those people, the years become even more sacred. Especially when those people are your children. 

So with each soft rhythm of her breathing in sync with mine, it's bringing me to think so much about the night I brought her into this world to live this life with us. The fact that it's now five whole years since our heartbeats were physically closer than ever, when she solely depended on me for her life to truly begin. The night I gave birth to her was the one that changed me forever, I went from simply being Natalie, to being someone's mother, her mother. That night, my mothers instinct button had been switched on 110% percent and I made a promise to never fault with that. Our journey wasn't always easy especially in the early weeks and months when we were really struggling with our breastfeeding challenges, not to mention wondering if I was ever good enough. After around three months we finally got there, the point that breastfeeding was actually starting to feel like I had imagined, what our experiences should've been. Aside from this I love to remember all the little ordinary moments, simple little memories like after those awfully painful feeds, she would relax on my chest and be in such a deep and content sleep. The sound and smell of a newborn tucked under my chin will never grow old, or our little dates popping into Starbucks to have a little hot chocolate while she took her nap, basically spending every day at different playgroups with friends, the way she got so excited when Daddy returned home from work each day, our little snuggles in the afternoon just the two of us, our little holidays as a family of three, then we have the not so fun moments when we faced life just the two of us at home while waiting for Daddy to be reunited with us. I want her to know just how grateful I will forever be for how she kept me going, how we made it through the storm together despite her only being just over the age of one. Children have the most magical way in which they can show you how to be brave in whatever life throws at you, this girl made that happen with ease. I cannot possibly describe the amount of love, pride and happiness I feel burning inside of me for how this little girl lights up my life.

 This evening, we will be waving goodbye to the chapter of our first born little baby being four years old, still forever storing our memories of the previous few years, still having the thoughts of how time is moving so rapidly, but in the morning we will welcome the next chapter of our little girl turning five. I look at the person she is becoming every single day and what she's achieved so far and she astounds me with her way of life, her positivity, her love for others. She knows her worth, she knows what she likes and the things she doesn't like so much, knowing her own mind, and knowing how to make others feel special, how to make them laugh. She is someone everyone needs in their life, one of a kind. That being said, I'm really hoping that we remain just as close, if not grow even closer as the years do go by, having parent who you feel close to, and feel secure is talking to is something anyone wishes for, and what parents wish for that their children will return the feelings. I had this with only my Dad when growing up but I hope our little girl will feel the same with both parents. I have heard there's something so special about a mother-daughter bond, I never felt that growing up but I will forever offer that to my little girl, all of our little ones in fact. I will forever grieve the time that's never coming back but I am happy to know that we have plenty of time together in the future.

Mama daughter selfie as you do. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Expecting our fourth baby, Poorly months and huge reassurance.

On the 29th of June, I had a funny little feeling that I should do a pregnancy test after feeling a little rotten for a few days. It was the day I was due my period and after those few minutes of waiting - news revealed that our lives were once more about to change with a fourth pregnancy. I always said to myself that if we were to have another little baby, that once I found out, I wanted to surprise Mr T in a completely different way to just telling him like I did with the other three. Of course the moment itself is so special to break that news, being out last time I thought I would do it it a fun way almost. But after sitting down and evaluating the emotions for a short while, I felt the need to immediately pick up the phone and tell him, I was in utter disbelief, shock and just in a zone to be honest. It's funny when you find something out like that as it seems like all you've done is pee on a stick, but that peeing on a stick utterly changes your world even without doing anything physically at that stage. You then sit and think about what's to come, all of the rough feeling, poorly days/weeks/months etc, how to tell everyone, how to tell your little ones, how they will feel, how it changes things. In that lament of shock it completely hits you.

 I think the best way to describe this pregnancy is a happy surprise, after all those feeling above, and those shitty weeks start to creep up on you, no matter how rubbish you're feeling you can't help but feel that all of this is proof that there's things going on in there, which is a good sign right? Well to some extent yes, but for me, this time has been such a roller coaster and has left me in limbo for the first few months up until my dating scan, I felt so bad with the combination of extreme ocular migraines, nausea but thankfully not sickness (other than a 24hr sickness bug I got a month or so ago), lots of tests as to why I was always so out of breath and having very high heart rates and palpitations. Turns out I had fluctuated levels of my thyroid which may have caused it, that luckily calmed down. I'm still waiting on some results as it still happens from time to time. In my experience from my three previous pregnancies, I always have low blood pressure, and get anaemia so this all contributed. Anyway, with all that in mind, I was constantly wishing the dating scan to approach, I just needed to know our little baby was growing healthy, and I needed to see that heart beating. To give me peace of mind that mall of the above had been a good sign and not a bad indication of sad news to come. 

I was lucky enough to have a 3d scan at just under 12 weeks with the research midwives who I was in a study with when expecting Phoenix. The wonderful study is called the Interbio 21st, and does great research into the growth of babies in the womb, and finding out reason for premature and small babies. Now when I was pregnant with Phoenix, this was a new study and I was lucky enough to get 3d scans once a month throughout the whole pregnancy, the study then goes up to when the baby is born, they take samples from the placenta to check, then I checked my blood pressure for two weeks after birth. He then had a check at one year, and will have a follow up at two years. So after all that time, they have moved forward with the study and this time, my lovely research midwife has said as I was a great candidate, they will offer me another 3d scan at 30 weeks to get some lovely photos of baby (not the lower part as we won't find out the sex!) but I can't be in the full study due to not meeting the criteria - having big healthy babies, ha. I'm still really excited for the 30 week scan though! So back to what I was saying, I went along to this scan alone with Phoenix, and it was very quick, I got a glimpse at our little baby but it didn't go into depth of the heartbeat and health as such, they wanted to go over this in the dating scan.

Once we had our dating scan, that first moment when i set my worrying heart and desperate eyes on that black screen - it was such an amazing feeling. Doing it for the fourth time doesn't shake the feeling of how special and sacred it is. The rush of emotions running through, seeing the happiness on my partners face, the girls looking in disbelief. Something so special in that half hour that changed our lives. Learning that in that moment, our little baby was growing healthy, kicking about doing somersaults and literally waving at the camera - you can see this in my previous post with the scan photo! The girls kept giggling that it was waving, then telling us how they could hear the healthy heartbeat, once we walked out grasping the scan photos in our hands, the girls were skipping all giddy with excitement, Mr T and I were just looking at one after still in complete happy shock that this was happening.

 In all honesty I thought that if we had a fourth, it would have the same age gap as with the girls, where as this time Phoenix will be 2years 3 months when the baby is born. Where as the girls were both only a year and a half old at the time of a newborn coming to join our family. So it's been a bizarre and different feeling, but equally lovely as he will be that little bit older to understand come April next year. Yves is super excited that it will be an 'Easter month baby' and Halle has said that she will get her 'baby Elsa' as an early birthday present (she hasn't taken in yet that it could come out a boy!)

I've written recently about my concerns this time as I still have a bad case of diastasis recti, but I am not going to let the severity of it dampen the way I want to enjoy and embrace our last journey through pregnancy... So another rambling post from me again, I just have so many feelings I want to talk about but can't seem to find the right words! I will have my pregnancy updates coming very soon, I'm in the process of sorting out my scheduling with them so its not too bombarding. I still write in my little pumpkin pattern diary that I started on the day I found out we were expecting out Yve's and have written all my maternity notes, feelings and updates in there with all three and theres still space for this little ones too. So along with that, I will be posting here, I'm still deciding whether to do weekly/ monthly/ blog/ or vlogs yet (that last one i am thinking hard about as I'm such an awkward person in front of the camera, I'm use to being behind it!) we'll see, but if you fancy joining us on our new little journey, I'd love it!


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pregnancy Ramblings - Diastasis recti in pregnancy

So i'm now just over 15 weeks pregnant & its been week or so now since we announced the news about expecting our fourth and final baby. When I say 'final', it still feels pretty alien to be, as I didn't ever think I would have to make a decision like that being the age I am. And its something that can't be a definite as nothing in life is certain really is it, but I can say that 99% it will be our last. We have always wanted to have a big family, and I mean four is still a big isn number considering by the time this little one arrives - they will all be aged 5 and under. We are super grateful for our babies we have, and we just think its now time to focus on becoming a family of six and evolving through that together. Now this baby was a shock to us, a happy shock, but something that has taken some getting used to, for me more so i'd say. 

One of the main reasons is that I have been thinking of ways in which I can start repairing my Diastasis Recti (tummy split, a super bad one at that). I have spoken with my gp and physiotherapist about it so many times and with no definitive answer it was just explained in a number of ways as 1. Having big babies, 2. Having them close in age, 3. Having had an unknown back to back labour which was incredibly fast meaning a lot os fast pushing putting more strain on my tummy and back. and 4. Not having the support when I needed it after my first three children. Before we found out about this pregnancy, I was told that I would need surgery to repair the damage and that it wasn't wise to carry anymore children. Well, thats now been put on hold for a few years as I will more than likely have that surgery once i've finished breastfeeding our number four! Until then, I need to focus on maintaining as healthy as I possibly can throughout this pregnancy and eventually come to terms with whats to come afterwards. 

Now in regards to labours, I would say i've been pretty fortunate to have had straightforward ones (number one went a bit pear-shaped two hours after birth as I suffered a haemorrage and lost a lot of blood but recovered well) babies 2, and 3 were very fast and again I felt like I managed and recovered okay, but not as well with regards to my tummy muscles and back pain. When I was expecting our third, I had horrendous hip and back pain to the point where I couldn't walk for days, and this would be recurrent. This also led to the guilt when I felt bad that I had two little girls to keep happy and all I felt like doing was sobbing in pain or trying to grasps any rest I could. I mean it wasn't all doom & gloom, I loved being pregnant with all three of them, its something that has come naturally to me to enjoy (except those early weeks, my goodness they're awful aren't they?). I think it's literally been the toughest parts, like for any expectant mother who is overdue - that it is a pain in the arse, and you crave to have your body back and baby in your arms, for your body to not feel totally overpowered by this huge baby bump - and in my case, literally a pumpkin sized bump slotted on the front of my body with no other weight elsewhere, the strain was unreal. And with all three I went 'overdue' - really dislike that term, as I am a firm believer that baby will come when he/or she is ready, but when you have other things going on in life, and you have the constant questions of 'Baby not here yet' - (clearly not!),  it makes the 'overdue' phase to be quite appropriate. Anyway I think this contributed to the damage to my tummy, along with the factors I mentioned above.

So this time around I am not looking forward to the pain, the weakness in my back and just how it makes me feel extremely alien to myself, I want to enjoy this pregnancy like I did my others, more so if thats possible as it is our last. I just keep having awful dreams that my poor tummy will give way and it won't last, or my uterus will prolapse or something, (thanks google)... I have an appointment with a consultant this time just to talk thing through taking on board of the weakness, and they also like to know about the haemorrhage to be on the safe side. but I have faith, Our bodies are resilient, incredible actually and I didn't think I would be able to do this two, or three times let alone four. I just need to remember that along with caring for little ones - I need to make myself a priority too (another post coming on this soon!) Heres to wishful thinking! 

Its a funny thing as well, As other than me, my partner, my gp or my little ones no one knows the extent of my diastasis Recti, people just think because I don't gain post-pregnancy weight, 'i'm okay', 'there's nothing wrong with your body!' - they haven't a clue. To me, its a hell of a lot more that the way I look, I mean yes, stretch marks, and my oddly shaped tummy is something I still have to get use to, but i'm grateful for those things in a way as they're proof to me that I did what I did, and carried three (well four!) babies. To me, the way its effected my health is what bothers me, it effects what I can eat, what I wear, the intense pain I get through my tummy and back, the way it effects me through pregnancies now, the way its effected me mentally - its been something i've lived with and will do for a while yet. Its something not a lot of people have awareness of, or seek advice for. It kind of gets dismissed with 'oh do exercise and it'll heal', where as some people are past that stage, I've been told that the gap has literally fused the way it is, will have to alter again during this pregnancy, and will probably worsen at the end of this pregnancy - with surgery being the only option. 

Surgery. Thats a word I dislike too, it's something I didn't think I would have to link to giving birth to my children, but it will do and to be honest - when the time comes I'll probably be sh*t scared, its something I've thankfully never had to go through having surgery but again its the preparation I will have to do I guess. Even though its a rubbish thought, I'm still thankful for what my body has achieved, three beautiful babies and a fourth next year. There are so many people out there who haven't been as lucky and my heart reaches out to them with so much love. In life there comes sacrifice I guess, and i suppose this is mine. It will also hopefully strengthen my mind, body and soul to become me again as much as I love being a Mama - I need to feel strong in myself again. I'm under no belief that it will happen over night, with all things it times time. 

Like they say, Time is a healer.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Splash time with your little ones with Huggies Little swimmers

Ever since I was expecting my first baby, I have introduced my 'bump' and then my babies to the water very early on. With my first child, we took her swimming at a local pool when she was just 12 weeks old and its something that stuck. We then did the same with our second and third baby and will without a doubt do the same with our fourth baby due in April 2016! 

Almost all of last year, we would take our little family swimming every single Friday evening, meeting various family members there too, including grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins etc. The pool was very old and basic, and small so it would work out to just be 'our lot' in there most times! it became a wonderful routine for us, and I even documented and made a lovely little film from one of our typical swimming sessions here from last November. 

So when I was contacted to work with Huggies on this wonderful little scheme to promote their fantastic nappies I couldn't resist. It has also given me the boost to get into a routine of swimming again with our little ones and along with our family swimming, I am looking forward to enjoying a weekly morning session with my little chap while the girls are at nursery & school. Enabling quality one to one bonding time, and teaching him that swimming is not only a life skill, its fun too!
Here's our fabulous package we were very kindly sent for the purpose of this post.
Including this very stylish waterproof Pentax camera. Its such a huge shame that we wasn't allowed to film in the pool, every single place we contacted have the policy of no photography or film so I was able to catch a couple of clips and images before-hand.
We've always used huggies little swimmers nappies, and I also noticed, every baby and toddler in the pool this morning was wearing the same brand. The durability, and comfort for little ones is paramount when in a swim session and these definitely meet the criteria for us.

The swim pant every baby should be swimming in!
The UK's number one swim pant brand, is encouraging parents to take to the pool with their little ones and start a habit that lasts a lifetime. They are expertly designed so they won't leak or expand in the water - they also contain little accidents to help prevent embarrassing mishaps in the pool. 

Along with our experiences, I wanted to include some tips from baby swimming expert and HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® brand ambassador Laura Sevenus:

Have fun
Holding your baby close will help them feel safe and encourage them to enjoy the experience of being in the pool.

Get in the pool as soon as you can
Taking your baby swimming as early as possible reintroduces them to what they've been use to in the womb for so many months, the gentle soothing them into the water will reap benefits within a few sessions.

Plan ahead
Make a list of everything you need, including Huggies Little Swimmers which contain little accidents and won’t leak or expand in the water. This is a crucial factor as you don't want to set yourself up mentally, get all excited then realise you forgot something very important!

Make the most of bath time
Bath time is a great way to get your baby used to being in the water with you. They love the physical freedom the buoyancy of water provides. Take turns with either yourself, Daddy or siblings. Getting everyone involved is a lovely way to share bonding.

It’s a family affair 
Going swimming as a family is a wonderful bonding experience and can help build babies confidence in the water. 

Make a date with other mums
Sometimes it’s easier if you have some morale support so why not ask other mums along!

Get the paddling pool out
Children can spend hours playing in or with water. It’s wonderfully entertaining and a great form of play and exploration, ensuring that all safety measures have been met using suncream and in a nice shaded spot too.

Make it a habit 
Try going swimming as often as possible;  the more you go, the more you and your little one will enjoy it. Maybe start out making it a weekly thing to see how you all like it.

Avoid peak times
If you are new to baby swimming go when the pool if quieter – it will make the entire experience less stressful and enjoyable.

And relax…
Swimming offers many soothing benefits to infants and can help them (and you) relax. 

For practical advice, support videos and a step-by-step guide to baby swimming, visit   
In the pool with Rebecca Adlington 

Olympic swimming champion and Huggies Little Swimmers brand ambassador Rebecca Adlington is already taking her baby daughter Summer swimming, and hopes to encourage other parents to take the plunge with their little ones. She goes on to say that:

Swimming is a life skill everyone should have - it could save your life one day as well as being great for your health and wellbeing. 

Getting back in the water is empowering for new mums as well as being a great confidence booster.   You actually burn 300 calories for every 30 minutes of swimming, which is why it is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise not to mention good for the mind. 

Swimming is one of the few activities you and your little one can actually participate in and enjoy together – it provides that unique special bonding time for parents and children. 

Once you’ve been swimming with your baby a few times you’ll realise that it’s a huge amount of fun and really not much hassle. Not only this, you can also enjoy watching your little one develop in how they enjoy the swim session too.

Here is a little snippet of our morning using Huggies little swimmers, the clip is very minimal due to not being able to film poolside or in the actual pool.

This is a sponsored post. The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®, the UK’s number one baby swim pant, has teamed up with Little Jam Pot Life to offer 1 lucky winner a year’s supply of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers. So if you fancy being in with the chance of winning please enter the fab competition below!
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bath time with Cussons Little Explorers

Bath time can go either way in our household, it can be the lovely, soothing, and the best way to relax the little ones before stories and bed time. Either that or it can go horribly wrong where everyone is over tired, in a grumpy mood from the over tiredness, or turning the bathroom floor into the atlantic ocean. That being sad, both of the scenarios are part of everyones childhood and we've all been there, done that! so as best we can - we try to embrace it!

They have always been huge fans of bath time though, and the 'bad scenarios' don't make an appearance too much if i'm honest. It has always been something that they've enjoy doing and especially when they have fun products that let you create 'bubble beards' or 'ginormous hair do's! We usually get them some lovely bath treats from Lush, choosing the robot bath bombs or the seasonal christmas ones. I love letting them choose some bath products as it brings back some memories for me when I use to pop into town and get some from the Body shop, or eagerly await to see if I had any Avon bath pearls in my stocking. So funny how doing things with your own children can awaken lovely memories of your own.

These lovely products by Cussons worked a treat with our tribe and they especially loved the squidgy soap creating the bonkers beads, or crazy hair. The bath crackles were a hit and something they've not seen before and found it very fun listening to the popping sound and watching the water change colour! Not only that, the bubbly bath, hair & body wash are so lovely too. All of the products are nice and gentle on their skin, and smell absolutely gorgeous! You can read more about the Cussons 'Little Explorers' range here. We used the products on all three of them, but also tried out the baby shampoo and body oil from the Baby range, they really do smell so lovely and reminded me of when we used to do a lot of baby massage with each of them - something we've always found very beneficial with our little ones, and without a doubt, we will definitely be using these when our new addition comes along next year!  I will also be talking about the 'Bump gift pack' which includes bath soak, body lotion, stretch mark cream, and shower cream in a lovely bag in an upcoming post throughout my pregnancy.

NB: I was kindly sent the full range of Cussons products in exchange for an honest review.All words, opinions, images are entirely my own unless stated otherwise.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

In life, there comes surprises...

You may have noticed that things have been a little on the slow side here lately, well for the past few months really. It's been a whirlwind to say the least, we've been having lots of plans and work done on our home, family members that have been very poorly, lots of Mr working away or past the little ones bed time and I've been quite poorly too. After having lots of tests, weeks of waiting that still continue to amount up with some of the results which has been very confusing and worrying all the same. We can now safely say that we have some incredibly shocking (to us) yet undeniably exciting news to share with you all. 

We are expecting our fourth bundle of joy in April 2016! 

We've known a few weeks but wanted to have the reassurance from the dating scan that everything was fine before announcing to anyone and with my readers. And to be honest I think where i've been feeling so ill this time I needed to just let the dust settle a little bit first. I won't go into too much detail but it's made me have some health worries but I'm gradually feeling better each week now. It's been bizarre as even though I felt extremely tired with the others at this stage, I've never felt as bad as I have in recent weeks! So we kept the news to ourselves and even kept it from the girls until the scan this week. We all went along together, they had no idea where they were going and then we waited patiently while Mummy was having 'funny jelly on her tummy that wouldn't taste very nice'...the light went out, they were eagerly sat on daddy's lap wondering what was going to be on the television in front of them... I think by this point Yve's had a had an inkling and as soon as the ultrasound started - their little faces lit up with happiness. Phoenix slept through it as it was his nap time - lucky enough really as for some reason at this age, all three of them have been very worried when people are prodding their Mummy, but I'm so glad that the girls had that special moment together.

I'll remember the look of sheer joy on their faces forever. 

Walking out of the maternity unit it was then that we knew it was time to tell the close family members as their girls couldn't contain their excitement! I on the other hand have always found this part really awkward and left the job to Mr T or now in this case it was happily down to the girls. I'm not sure why I feel so silly, I think it's just because I get all tongue tied and just await the comments of "Are you mad"? ha. It was so funny when we went to my mother-in-laws, we walked in and Yve's said "My Mummy has a baby in her tummy", and then Halle followed with.. "My Mummy has a baby, she's left it in the car" (on about the scan photos! It was so adorable and so funny. We then face timed my Dad, where we just put the little ones on the screen and they announced - happy and shocked all round I think, along with the other few close people we told. Until now, we haven't said anything really, It's just something I don't really like to blast about as it is such a delicate time, and especially where i've been feeling rotten I've just wanted to get as much quiet time before it was announced.

When we told everyone we was expecting our second baby, we made it a little easier and put Yves in a t-shirt with a slogan saying 'I'm going to be the best big sister' - we still had some very funny reactions from everyone though, but our most memorable was when expecting our first - I wrote a diary from that day and i find it so funny to read them back. I think it's a wonderful thing to document this stage in life, no matter how many times you go through it. I have this one diary, that has notes from all three of my pregnancies and will continue to do so with this little one. I love to look at how similar they were, or even how different. To read back on certain weeks where I still need a little reassurance to maybe some symptoms or just having a tough day. I have also photographed my baby bumps each time, and even though I didn't know about blogging then I wish I did! But here's to sharing with you little elements into our fourth and more than likely final pregnancy.

I had so many lovely ideas on how to announce, but to be honest I think with everything that's been going on, keeping it as simple as possible was the key for me. 

And in this form of simplicity, say hello to our lovely little baby, who was also happy to give us a 'hello' back. 

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