Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Our family in September 2015

We've had a whirlwind of a month once again, refurbishment has started on our home, Yve's started primary school, and Halle started back at nursery but for every morning where as she usually only did one morning. two journeys to school each day has been numbing my brain a little bit some times and leaving me with little time to fit stuff in around all the other things I have to get done, plus appointments etc - its been hectic. Mr T was also working away a lot at the beginning of the month, and not getting home until past the kiddies bed time which wasn't very great at times where i've been un well but he's now working in a different location closer to home (for now!) - That being said, we made up for the time we haven't had as a family and enjoyed a impromptu pub lunch in a quiet village, an afternoon at Cogges Manor Farm a few weeks back along with some lovely lazy days at home on the other weekends.

Having time to just not do much is what all families need from time to time, especially when life has been very manic. If i'm totally honest its been an emotional roller coaster for me too in more ways than one, in particular that my biggest girl is spending so much time away from us now that she's in school. I've seen her become even more self-confident, taking pride in herself when bringing home her 'well done stickers', but not before telling me how much of her lunch she had eaten and that she said Hello to her little sister when they saw and embraced one another at the nurser gate during playground time. The girls have always shared such a wonderful close bond, and I was worried that it would effect them in a negative way, but most of the time (when not extremely over tired and needing rest) they are all over each other when they get home at 3:30pm. Its been such a lovely thing watching Phoenix get so excited to be reunited too, a proper little trio they are, three musketeers.

I've been writing a post actually about how and why i've not blogged a lot lately, so watch this space....

So yeah, Its been a bonkers month, filled with lots of busy days, exciting news, worrying news, tiring mornings after rough nights sleep, happy lazy snuggles on a weekend and actually eating dinner together as a family after so many days of not doing that due to Daddy's work. In October I am really looking forward to the colder autumnal weather making an appearance, our house renovations being completed, hopefully feeling a lot healthier, Cosy evenings snuggled together as a family, and my biggest girl turns FIVE - well that i'm hoping doesnt creep up too soon, where has my baby gone! 

These images are so cringey but they're real, and make me giggle as it was such a drama getting them. Everyone was super tired from running wild and playing around Cogges Farm, Poor Yve's had scuffed her arm, Halle is giving Phoenix a hug thats probably a little 'too much love' and Mr T & I are just laughing as i minutes before I ran all the way to my position and then realised I hadn't pressed the self timer properly and had to do it all over again while people were stood watching waiting to walk along the bridge, haha. 

dear beautiful

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Camping with little ones in Holmsley, The New Forest - Part two.

You can read part one of our camping trip here. I didn't want to over share the images and movie in one big go otherwise it may crash your screens theres that many! ;)

Have I told you about a funny little memory we have of this train from Yve's was 2? It was terrifying at the time but also very funny as it lasted all of five minutes, we were queuing for thr train with Yve's and Halle, they then decided to re-park the train in a straighter line, but we then realised Yve's wasn't to be seen, she was only on the blooming train without us, a little shocked bless her but Daddy ran up to her, walked round until it stopped then it was a giggle fest all the way back!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Camping with little ones in Holmsley, The New Forest - Part one.

I've finally gathered some time to be able to finish my posts from our camping trip last month! It was then that we decided to take our little ones camping for the very first time. we also had family members join us so it was one big camping trip for the weekend. The drive down wasn't so bad, we did hit a bit of traffic but this may be as we went on a Saturday morning where as we usually go at a more off-peak time. Our stay there was booked for Saturday - Tuesday, enough time to just have fun with our littles, having Daddy with us away from work too.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Family lunch

Living Arrows 37/52

When family time is limited, I love nothing more than looking forward to spending so much quality time together even if in small doses for a while. Mr T has been working extra hard lately and not being home until after the kids bed time most days, along with other things going on its been all a bit hectic. So when we had no plans one Saturday afternoon we went for a drive, and ended up having a lovely impromptu family lunch. Enjoying lovely food while talking, playing and laughing.

These moments are worth the wait some times, especially when you see how much fun the littles are having in a simple little play area.
 Its such a lovely thing watching your child overcome a little fear in their own time, watching them negotiate how brave they feel and then they have courage and take a chance into the unknown - that being a very dark tunnel slide - the joy of achievement is so beautiful when its written across their dear little faces! 
Enjoying a post-nap refreshment with Daddy.
A cheeky blackcurrant squash face.
Miss almost five.
Nothing beats the swings to lift your spirits!
Higher Daddy!
Daydreamer, just like her Mama.
Lots more fun, Little chap was still half asleep from his nap!

Please feel free to checkout this inspiring project, involving lots of photo-loving parents just wanting to capture moments of their littles ones embracing childhood. This wonderful project is hosted by the lovely Hayley at Shutterflies blog but you can also link up here along with some of our other co-hosts. Look forward to seeing your images and stories!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Matching shoes, The Flintstones and Lasagne

Not much at all to be honest, let down! Oh incase you missed my little loves post from last week, you can find it here.

Matching converse for the boy & I .
More uniform attire, including a well done sticker for good football.

The girls absolutely loved watching this (about three times) I also showed them the photo of my big brother & I when we went to watch it at the cinema. Excuse the dodgy fringe, but I do love our colour co-ordination, I seriously wish I kept all my old clothes!

We've been listening to some audio books that we got from Nanny Pat, Winnie The Witch ones to be precise which the girls love, just like me! They've been a hit in the car in the mornings.

Home made lasagne

Feeling a little lost without my girls but also enjoying one to one time in the mornings with my little chap.
I am absolutely behind on everything at the moment, 'real life' and also in my work and blogging. Having been poorly for a few weeks now it's really set me back, and left me feeling very low on energy to do anything but go to bed at 8pm most nights, and try to not faint during the day - its been rather grim. It's also been our first proper week of doing the school run so having four car journeys a day leaves me with limited time as Halle only does mornings. but hey, less of the rambling. I'm hoping to feel better soon and I hope you're all well and have lovely plans for the weekend ahead!

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Mud glorious mud

 Mud glorious mud.

Childhood to me always includes mud, i remember getting filthy as a kid, climbing trees, exploring the streams with my friends, building dens etc. These days though its what I love to see my littles doing, exploring their surroundings, such as - mud. They were playing out in the back garden a couple of weeks back when they came running in to say there was lots of water in the mud patch (where we want to start planting) next door were putting water around their garden but it came through to ours and it then filled this mud patch - much to the girls excitement. it started with a little tip toe in there, then came the jumps, followed by the simple act of sitting in it, then running around the garden absolutely bonkers shouting 'we are scary creatures!!!'
They also then decided to strip off butt naked being the freedom children that they are, well it wasn't that warm, and next door were in their garden so i asked them to put on some clean dry clothes even if it did get muddy again. simple pleasures like these are what make memories in childhood, seeing how they were in that moment was so special for me. Phoenix woke up from his nap in complete amazement then wanted to explore and see what was going on, he then had a little stomp in his wellies before falling right on his bottom, bless him!

Yay for mud!
Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you're in need of a little 'pick me up' and love photographing your littles, Click the badge below!
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Friday, 4 September 2015

Audrey Hepburn, starting school, and health - Little Loves 36/52

I haven't read much this week, so there's not much to share.

This week I've watched Darcie Bussell- finding Audrey. Completely fascinating yet really tragic at how sad her life was at times despite all the fame. I adore Audrey, and was so glad to have heard about this programme by my Dad. And didn't she have such gorgeous style and seemed to have a beautiful nature. 

My beautiful girls starting a new chapter, one in a uniform and another in nursery clothes. After lots of thoughts and emotional moments thinking about our education choice for Yves we have decided to follow her lead and give primary school a go. All we want is what's best for her and to see her so excited and happy was enough for us to give it a try. Plus, it's such a lovely little school, her class only has 20 children in so it's very focused to each child's interests. Plus, look at this face. 
I cried a few times! managed to hold it together saying bye, she was so smiley and excited!



The girls 'made' their own shop this week, they love my old keyboard to turn into a shop, library counter or computer. 

I feel like I've really slacked on my blog lately, but in all honesty it's been needed as my health is more important. A few upcoming tests will hopefully give me answers, along with a close family member being very poorly it's been a lot. Plus the emotions of my biggest girl starting school and just the whole preparations. Oh and to also mention, we now have about 6 weeks of internal and external housing refurbishments going to start Monday! Busy is an understatement, but we've had a great start back into a new routine and we're taking one day at a time and I will say the same for blogging, as much as I love it and will continue to do it, I will prioritise as necessary. All in good time :-) 

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