Friday, 28 August 2015

Baking, pretty skies and letters - Little Loves 35/52


My lovely Nan came to visit from her home in Devon, she also treated the kids to some new books including more Winnie the witch ones that we love! I've loved them since being a kid myself, my Nan also use to work very high up at Oxford University Press where they are published and met the authors too :)

So that being said, we wanted to write her a thank you letter, I wrote on a piece of paper and Yve's copied. Her writing is so brilliant for her age and it made me so proud to see how happy she was with what she had done. it's what she loves to do at the minute, write everything! Halle did her little drawing of Nanny too, cute!


I've been 'watching' some beautiful skies. Oh and Emmerdale, ha.

Warmer clothing as the weather has been a lot cooler, I don't mind but I don't like the 'muggy head' it leaves you with.

I've been listening to a new Ben Howard album, well not new really but his second one, its fab.


Need I describe? lol
I have been setting the girls up with some crafting more suited to their ages while Phoenix naps, and they loved making these people out of some old fabric cut offs.
I made dauphinoise potato bake.
and the girls and I made a victoria sponge without the butter cream as we ran out of ingredients, still tasted lovely and simple though.


We have so much going on lately, some of which isn't that good. I won't go into much detail but lets just say someone close to us and that we care about a lot is really poorly and its just a hard situation. All we can do is be there, continue to offer love and support, life can be tough and a wake up call right? 
we've also had a lot going on at home, Mr working 15 hour days, I've been a bit un well and its just all been a bit hectic the past few weeks. but as the picture says, i'm trying to see the lighter sides in dark situations. 
Donut worry, be happy. 

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Living Arrows 34/52

I've written recently about my biggest girl coming of 'primary school age'. And wow its making my stomach churn each time I think about it. I'm so proud of her and I know she will soar wherever she goes, and however she does it, its just that initial 'letting go' and saying goodbye to those first five years, the 'golden years'. We're still yet to hear about the prospect of flexi-schooling hours so who knows yet, but she's asking lots of questions as we've had a sudden change in schools recently (She has been given our first choice which is the same site where she went to preschool but on the other side). I look at her and the baby elements are fading, her wisdom is developing and she's slowly blossoming into a proper little girl, not necessarily a 'girly girl' but no longer that baby I was cradling and nursing to what seems just like yesterday. Its such a bittersweet thing watching your children grow, I am so thankful for her, and I want her to be brave in this life, I just wish I these years hadn't gone so fast like it feels like it has. I've spoken lots before about my thoughts on schooling, and regardless of her abilities, I do think its still such a young age to start full time hours. and not only this, I so worried that her innocence is just going to disappear learning things she shouldn't just yet, listening to older kids etc. I know this is possible anywhere, but when parents aren't around, we know kids talk. The littlest things like the truth of the tooth fairy, Father christmas for a few examples. Or the worry of losing our deep mother-daughter connection as she will be spending time with others more than us, and the relationship with her siblings, will that change? I know this all sounds very dramatic, but I do have all the other thoughts that I had/still have dreams of doing home schooling or even part home-schooling if we get the flexi-hours, but for now I do need to feel like our choice is 100% and that we're all happy with it. As I mentioned in a previous schooling post, its all about taking time and seeing how it all plays out. 

Silly i know, but its an honest thought from a very emotional Mama right now. My beautiful girl is growing up, and I want her to know that I am so very proud of her with every step she takes.
Images from a recent trip camping in The New Forest.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

A rough storm looking up at the stars, This is Motherhood

The past two weeks have been the toughest in a while for more reasons than one. To add to this, if you'd have read on my Friday post, we had a trip to the hospital last week as we experienced a very scary thing in our parenting journey, our little baby boy fell down the entire length of our stairs luckily escaping without a bruise, mark or internal injury. The moments led up to this were as normal as usual, only this time I was rushing about and stupidly forgot to shut the top stair gate. I got little chap and we went into our bedroom as Daddy was getting ready for work and we were having some last minute snuggles. That was until he went out the room to copy daddy getting ready, snuggling his blanket into his face as usual. Ty then came into the room not realising Phoenix had followed him, we then heard the high pitched scream, the massive tumble and a churn hit our stomachs so hard. We both ran as fast as we could, Ty literally jumped over the bannister to try and get to him but he was already at the bottom crying with shock and I followed straight after. The shock then hit me, I curled up into a ball with sheer guilt that I left the gate open, cuddling my baby, checking his head and searching his face and body for marks. Within minutes he was fine, smiling, wiping my tears away and watching as the girls come down the stairs to see what's woken them up.

Their Grandad then came to look after the girls for a couple of hours while I took him to A&E as advised by the nhs line as even though he didn't seem phased we wanted him checked over as well. We were seen very quickly at the hospital and they wanted to observed him for a while, gave him a little wrist band which I still have as they wanted to make sure no symptoms started to appear. After a while they agreed he could go home (probably as he was playing happily and running about in the play area making mummy food at the play kitchen and gesturing to the gate that he wanted to go home. They gave me a note sheet that said if he was to experience any of the listed symptoms to return right away or call 999. Luckily no symptoms came out and my little boy is fine and happy as ever. So after that monster of a day the week didn't really get much better to be honest, I mean no more huge accidents happened, but I did burn my lunch one day, exploded a bowl of porridge into a huge volcano, and stubbed my toe all in one day but at least no ones health was at risk, other than my poor toe.

I've felt really under the weather the past few weeks as well, and this never really goes well when you have three happy but rather energetic, thrill seeking children wanting to be learning new things all the time, and wondering where they can go next. This along with all the added pressures that life can throw at you, self critical moments, the times when you don't feel like you can talk to many as you don't want to burden them - it can feel quite shirty. Then there's the mum-guilt, man I am one hell of a mum guilt sufferer. I wanted to make the entire summer holidays fun for my little a and we have had so much fun, just this week, well two weeks or so have been rather stressful at times, and Mr T has been working really late each day too well into the late evening which meant him missing out on dinner time and bed times leaving the little a asking why and me explaining. I've had moments when I've not felt as patient as I could be, moments where I've sobbed, moments when I wonder what they think of my job as their mummy, yet I've also had those wonderful moments of snuggling with them, listening to their magical conversations and feeling their arms wrap around me. The smell of my babies hair as he tucked his head under my chin for a big squeeze, my little girls telling me they love me so. All these little things was away the negative and make me remember why I'm here, who I am to them and that with the tough weeks come the magnificent weeks, those moments spent with my special people.
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Friday, 21 August 2015

Songbirds, Vlogs and thankfulness

I had a very lovely hand-delivery yesterday evening from Rosie at 'Kinship of Oxford'. A local small business that I'm so pleased to be working with, more on this soon!


The girls used up the rest of their holiday spending money from Grampy to get some magazines, I haven't read much to be honest, the odd page of my 'blog life' guide, and a few blog posts.

I've literally been going to bed so early each night as i've really not felt well at all. I have watched a few vlogs including these from two of my favourite bloggers: 
Hot Rod Show 2015 by Along Came Cherry. I love catching up with Jess's vlogs, her little family always seem to be on the coolest trips, such a fun variety, and check out her vintage clothing outfits - fab! I'm also a huge fan of charity shops and love it when I find something extra good!

A day in the life at Camp Bestival 2015 by Lulastic. Love her blog, I loved watching this, and cant wait to do more festivals with our littles, probably next year now as this year seems pretty busy for us and we missed out on a local on recently. We may however be going to a foodie festival next weekend :)

Phoenix has been wearing his moccs about the house, you can see my full in the previous post to this :-)

I've been needing a lot of calm soothing music this week, and this always does the trick. 

Mr T made these but he is the bed at them so very blog-worthy ;)
We baked shortbread
The girls collected different coloured leaves from the garden to make some lovely flower pictures. You might be able t see on the right one that Yves spelled out 'flowers' as I sounded the letters to her. She's loving writing at the minute.

Well this week has been rather testing, Mr T has been working late all week as he's on a big contract, not getting home until past the littles bed times, I've been feeling poorly and when you have three little ones to keep smiling for can be tough. I've exploded porridge into a volcano, stubbed my toe, burnt toast black, Not only that, we've had lack of sleep this week with little Halle having night terrors and to top it off we had the worst moment of our parenting journey so far. We were in the bedroom, when we heard the noise that no parent should ever hear - him falling from top to bottom as I very stupidly left the gate open, to say I felt like the worst parent ever is an under statement, we both ran to try and get there in time but he was already at the bottom, shocked but miraculously okay. I felt broken and couldn't stop crying or shaking. 

had him checked over at hospital and not a mark on him, or internal issue. I am most definitely counting my lucky stars. He's a lot more fast paced than them at this age, and they were fast! He's into trying everything that the girls do at the minute which includes walking down the stairs, much to my horror. These things are so awful in parenting, one little error that could've been so much worse. 

Feeling thankful. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, tomorrow I will be spending the day with my lovely Nan who's come to visit us for a few days from her home in Devon.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A little tot exploring, the Wolfie and Willow way.

A few months back I came across this wonderful brand called Wolfie and Willow, 'little brother' company to the fantastic 'Inch Blue'. Now as a Mama to three littles, i've been through my fair share of shoes for babies, and not finding a proper pair that actually stay on for more than five minutes. When I had my little boy, he would live in socks or the lovely little hand-knitted booties my Nan made him which stayed on to a certain extent, that was until he started to be on the move. So after searching about for the new ones, I decided to make the investment, spend a little more and get his first pair of moccs from Inch blue. We went for the lovely colourful rainbow ones and to be honest, they still fit him now but they have been used to much that you can tell they look like they're so old! 

So when the lovely Rhiannon from Inch Blue/Wolfie and Willow decided to send us some of her new mocc designs I was so happy that Phoenix would be strolling around the place in some super cool looking, yet ultra comfortable shoes once again.  I loved the simple yet chic packaging these came in, a lovely well presented and protective cardboard box personalised with the brand logo, and did I mention the logo is also stamped into the heel of the shoe - adorable! 

The thing I love most is that this is a small business that has grown into something wonderful, all handmade in Wales, Uk and the quality of them is something like no other brand i've come across so far for baby shoes. Stylish, durable, gloriously coloured by using vegetable tanning and 100% comfortable. 
The girls have both said to me that they want 'mocc slippers' for them too now where they think they're so fab!

The leather of these shoes are unbelievably soft, perfect for tiny toes.
I think he's super happy to be wearing such comfortable little shoes.

Check out their pages here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

We were very kindly sent these by Wolfie and Willow and after much indecisiveness as all the colours are so lovely, we opted for the colour 'Bruno', you can see the whole range here, along with some new styles recently released.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Living Arrows 33/52

Baby wearing and even toddler wearing has always been a huge part of our parenting journey. We've done it with all three of our children and still do sometimes now. Especially when legs get tired on long walks and in this case early morning walks in The New Forest. I've written before about our love of baby wearing and would love to hear if any of you enjoy doing the same? 
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

A new chapter in education

I wrote a few months ago about my biggest little girl coming of 'school age' and my thoughts on what route we would take wether its foundation in a primary school, home education or flexi-schooling (part time hours). The past few weeks while enjoying summer holidays and realising that time is getting closer to decide I keep feeling my heart pounding with so many emotions. The day we returned home from camping two weeks ago we received news that our Yve's had actually been given a place in our first choice, a lovely little village primary school in the same place as where she had just finished pre-school at back un July, and where Halle will continue to go as well except for this time, Yve's would be in school uniform, round the other side of the building and potentially being full time, where as in pre-school she only did 15 hours a week by her choice. She is looking forward to going, she's such an eager beaver to get doing things, learning, discovering new things. I just worry sometimes that doing a fixed 'full time' scale of hours may be too much regardless of her abilities. And maybe i'm thinking way ahead of myself but when being taught things, I think it's a good thing that our little ones do it at their own pace, after all this is what we want for them from birth-five with the milestones instead of going by what everyone else expects. My little girl is such a sponge and wants to be learning all the time, but along with this she loves having time to herself to play in her magical imaginary little world where anything is possible to her, and I don't want that to have restrictions just yet. Life does come with so many changes, and as a family we have been through so many for the past 5 years, I just don't want her being rushed to grow up so quickly.

Not only that, we do have lots of fun learning at home too, wish i'm sure we'll all miss. We love to do crafting, baking, playing, going outdoors, parks, trips etc and i'm sad this will all stop as it's things she loves doing wholeheartedly. Doing all those things creates so many opportunities for the littles to learn as well as i'm a firm believer that they learn to their abilities and also interests, the whole world around them they can learn from - not just school textbooks or whats being pressured on them with schooling statistics. I'm not a teacher, but i've spoken to a few who have even said they don't agree with the way they have to follow guidelines to teach their classrooms, and for me thats frightening that the teachers who we are entrusting our little ones with don't actually agree so don't love what they're showing our little ones on a daily basis.

When I think about how close we are as a family, it does make me think about if she becomes distance, or we lose the connection we have build with her over the past five years, how will she be spending 30 hours a week away from us, the people who have been her life and that we love being around one another. Of course there is the element of my parental instinct of protection, and the disbelief that our first born baby girl is almost five years old already. It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to her, soaking in that fresh baby smell, a mop of jet black hair, chunky thighs and content nature. then the moments of beginning our breastfeeding journey together which wasn't always easy but we made it through to 13 months, first words,  experiencing traumatic events in life when she was still so small, playgroup dates with our friends, watching her become a big sister for the first time, and then for the second time, the ever lasting bonds she has with the people she loves most. All these firsts that have gone by in a flash. They say these are the 'golden years' and they're right, I couldn't be any prouder and happy for the past five years, but all this aside I still can't get my head around the whole starting school full time at five.

I've read so many ways in which education, or life education is available to little ones, and i've looked into the home education and unschooling methods lots. and each of these really appeal to us, however I do think you need the right amount of support, and also everyone's life circumstances are different so this changes that view on how it can become reality for us. Yve's does love the preschool setting, so maybe she will feel the same with primary school too, but I know from what she says that she also loves her own things and I want her to feel passionate about her favourite things, not have to be focusing on things that I dont think is important for such a small child to learn right now. I guess its trying to get the right balance for what I think is best for my littles and what they love to do. I truly think primary school should start around 7, up until then learning should be all play based, education-wise, she has taught herself how to write her own name, all our family members names, count to 20 and loves to be creative - thats all from her own initiative. since day one we have followed her lead, so we'll continue to enjoy our summer holidays together, prepare for some potential changes in September and take it one day at a time. If the flexi-schooling is an option then bonus, if not we will see how it goes, re-evaluate at Christmas time and go from there. I'm just trying to be the best parent I can be for her, every child is different, as are parents and the way they choose to parent them, I respect everyone's views and would love to hear your thoughts. I think for now, instead of continuing having so many sleepless nights on all of this, I will remember that nothing is set in stone, we can go with the flow and as long as we continue to be there for our little girl, guiding her, loving her unconditionally, and making sure she is happy, we know it'll all be alright.

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Siblings 2015 - August

The past month has been busy, full of surprises and managing to fit in some quality time with these three. We've had our camping holiday which im going to write about very soon (im behind on everything due to my computer breaking!) we've had lots of days out and then the long process that is revamping our new home. So as it's been summer holidays we've made the most of this time at home not having to be anywhere, no rushing for anyone or anything and you know what - these three littles haven't been so chilled in a long time. Of course we have our days of madness, tears and stressful feelings but the girls especially, where theres been less rushing, they're just content in what they have at home, or whenever we go out as a four (as Daddy still works full time in the holidays, boo). 

Most mornings since the summer holidays, we've been waking up still rather early, but they're happy doing crafts or colouring in before breakfast then playing their little role play games throughout the day. It's still pretty hectic at times as its to be expected with three littles aged 4 and a half, three and almost 19 months. And they get on so beautifully anyway, but like I said, as we've had no schedule really its been more relaxed. I do have those days where I want to be doing more, of want to be doing everything all at once, making every single day fun, for all of us, but along with having the littles at home - this comes with mess, and a back log of my blog up to my eyeballs. so theres be stress on my part in some ways but i've been thinking about it all in a different light lately, there's more important things than worrying about the things that can wait. 

Mr T & I were watching them play beautifully earlier in the garden, talking to one another, holding hands, picking each other up if one falls down, guiding baby brother to where he can find his ball, helping him get the cars out the mud, watching his little face look right up to theirs with such love. and it sounds cheesy but we just looked at each other, let out content sighs and just smiled. Watching our little three grow together, learn, blossom and bond with each other is something we are so grateful for. Even in those moments when they get cross with one another or when Phoenix grabs one of their toys as he doesnt quite get the sharing stage at the minute - they always sort it out. it may take a little riff raff sometimes between the girls shouting that they're 'not invited to their birthday party anymore' but they always sort it out and rekindle their love.

As a family, we've had a lot of change in more ways than one lately, but we'll get through it all together like we always do, these three are a blessing to us and they make us ever so happy. 

Our little unit.

Our happily ever after.
Nutty faces, drippy ice creams, scruffy favourite socks and giggles.
A quiet moment playing Barbies in their (not yet decorated) bedroom, blissful.
Our bedroom hasn't been decorated yet so excuse the rough picture, but this is what my girls love doing a lot of the time... rummaging and rearranging, and trying on all of my clothes then jump on the bed like crazies!
Playing a little game together in the wigwam
DVD snuggles on the sofa
Afternoons in the playroom
dear beautiful
*I wanted to add that if anyone using blogger has any tips on how to correct the colour in my images back to how I actually process them I'd love the help. I'm really thinking of migrating to wordpress ad they look so bad in comparison to on my computer files! x

Friday, 14 August 2015

Stories, Cath Kidston, and DIY washing lines - Little Loves 33/52

I haven't had much spare time to fit in some of my reading to be honest, but we've been looking at some of the little ones books, here's some favourites at the minute. I find it really bizarre reading Winnie the Witch to my littles as I loved it when my Nan read them to me as a kid. She use to work very high up at Oxford University Press where they're published so use to get me them all the time, we even met the author and illustrators once and got signed copies! How often do you read with your littles? I wrote recently about Phoenix's obsession with two together books as well, it's safe to say we love stories!

The Emmerdale crash, and then I looked on Youtube of the love triangle events leading up to it. It was really good to be fair considering I haven't watched it in years!

I also took the little ones to the cinema to see 'Home', Phoenix slept through the whole thing almost and we then had lunch with friends. 

Mummy daughter date including us all wearing our Cath Kidston bags. Mr T came home Friday afternoon with a lovely surprise for me in the form of Cath Kidston shopping bags. He got me a new bag, some stationary and beauty tool kit, I was so chuffed :)
The weather has been up & down but on the sunnier days, the girls have been wearing some of their lovely dresses. I wish this one was my size.

My Dad introduced me to 'First Aid Kit', love the vibe.


A rather boring dinner but one we love, jacket potatoes with numerous fillings including my yummy spring onions, peppers and seasoned tuna one.
I'm someone who loves being at home, and lately I've had so much going on that its just been what we need. And sometimes when the little ones are asking what they can do next, I feel that when it's something like what Mummy does they enjoy helping. so here's there mini washing line that occupied the girls for ages and I think they felt quite proud to be hanging their own washing.


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