Friday, 31 July 2015

Me and Mine - A family portrait project 2015 - July

This month has been filled with so much joy, it's now summer holidays and we've been the most relaxed since moving home, no rushing, doing what we want, when we want, to our timing. It's been blissful in fact.

Usually our littles get on so well, but I do find that the more rushed life is, it becomes a lot more complicated, and they go in a kind of whirl wind and lose connection, deep connection as if. Since we've been relaxed with our plans, we've happily spent more time at home, no hurrying, the girls were in a little madness week the other week where it all got a bit much, they were squabbling over toys, and just being a bit bossy to one another, and i feel having a busy life can make this happen. Since we've slowed it all down they have re-connected, are back to being so loving to one another, and have been completely addicted to colouring in, crafting, and playing games together. it's been so beautiful to see. I have really been enjoying this time with them, it may all change in September, and we're not 100% on our plans just yet but for now, we're slowing down this summer, soaking it up and embracing it.

  We've still been planning our home sweet home make over, enjoying ordinary moments as a family including moments in the garden camping, walks to nature reserves, reflecting on how our biggest girl is of 'school age' soon, and our feelings on that, we've been very lucky and enjoyed *two* child-free date nights, one for the simple fact of showing off the flash Audi car we won for hire for a weekend, and then we celebrated our nine year anniversary, they were both wonderful and i'm so lucky to have my Mr in my life, and our three beautiful children. 

This month also marked the time that my beautiful baby boy decided that he wasn't that fussed about breastfeeding anymore, its a bittersweet end to an amazing journey but I am so thankful we spent such a wonderful time sharing it while it lasted, 17 months of our little combined journey. He's growing up so fast as are both my girls, I really feel so much gratitude towards this magical bubble of ours, my amazing and lovely little family who I am remarkably proud of day in, day out. 

If you fancy watching our little film from this day, click here!
dear beautiful

Wolfie and Willow, Movies and wigwams - Little Loves - 31/52

I've been reading these books to the little ones, all charity shop bargains and whats even cooler is that when I worked in a nursery, I looked after a little boy and his Mama is the Author or 'Traction Man', she writes other books too and I love her one called 'Biscuit Bear'. I also got these little crafty bits from the shops too for 30p each!

Love this post by Jess, I am only at the start of getting noticed through my blog, and have some minimal but some fantastic reviews so far, to which I have been asked how i manage to get things for free 'just to write about it' and how 'easy' it must be. It takes a lot of passion, effort, thoughts and time in all honesty, so i totally relate to this.

Thought provoking, honest and real! I can totally relate, and Lucy hits the nail on the head.

Not a lot, watching myself wondering what to pack for our camping trip! ha.


Phoenix has been wearing is wonderfully beautiful moccs we were kindly sent from Wolfie & Willow. I seriously recommend this brand. The quality and durability of these shoes are incredible for your little ones, and I love they they are handmade here in the Uk from a lovely small business. 

This mix is fab.

Quorn Lasagne, yum yum. 
I made up this wigwam the littles ones got from their Grannie.
 I've also made a film about our recent trip to the C.S Lewis nature reserve if you fancy watching. This is us being 'Nature warriors' according to Yve's. here's the post I wrote too.

I've seen this recently and it's something I keep telling myself in those moments of self-doubt when it all gets a bit much. 

Oh and we're off camping in The New Forest tomorrow, i'm hoping the weather isn't too bad for us!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A little explore at the C.S Lewis Nature Reserve

I've written a few posts which include images of our recent little trip to the C.S Lewis nature reserve and I really wanted to share a little more with you, about our afternoon here and what a little gem this place is for families.

 This really is such a beautiful place to take your little ones for an afternoon of exploration, fun and education. Whatever their ages, you can create some wonderful fun, including stomping in leaves, mud, making your own rope swings, and climbing massive steep heels (even if you do choose to wear some of your best outfits) Little P was having such a go at climbing those hills too following after his big sisters. The girls absolutely loved making and going on the rope swing, searching for creatures and looking up for butterflies. They all really enjoyed feeding the ducks too and they were rather cheeky ducks as when we walked away, they all jumped up on the path to grab the rest of the food left while we had our backs turned! The girls kept saying how they were on a 'nature warriors' trip like at their pre-school, so cute as they also kept saying how they just couldn't find T Guffalo on their trails!

Whats even more special for me about coming here is that its a place of nostalgia for me, I use to come here with my little sister who is ten years younger than me, we would have endless amounts of fun here so to be able to show my own children this place that holds all those memories, and now create our own ones is a blessing, completely magical for me.

Find out more here about how you can enjoy some time with your little ones doing all the things above, and more while creating memories at The C.S Lewis nature reserve.

Heres a little movie of our time being 'Nature warriors'.

Let's Talk Mommy

Living Arrows 2015 - 30/52

The moment I laid my eyes on this little girl i knew she resembled her Daddy so much more than Yve's. She is literally his twin, except for she probably has my height, stubbornness and silliness. She is a ball of fire if anything gets in her way, and has a huge determination for life, anything fun and to show an immense amount of love to the things and people she loves. Saying that about her fast pace, recently she love nothing more than sitting at the kitchen table with her colouring books and pens, using the same selected colours with such precision. Not to sound too bias, but she is incredible and being creative, and drawing skills for her age, she is very thorough, and loves to make it just right for her before trying to write her name with pride. 

I honestly can't believe she is three already, she makes me immensely proud day in day out and I love that she wants to be best friends forever.
Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you're in need of a little 'pick me up' and love photographing your littles, Click the badge below!
Living Arrows

Monday, 27 July 2015

Glorious natural lighting in your home

Since moving home back in April this year we have had so many plans for how we want to make it our own. One of the main things is that we want to paint the whole house white, now this took a bit of convincing Mr T as he thought that it would make the house seem 'too cold', I on the other hand saw it from a different perspective. To me it means starting a fresh with a blank canvas. From there, I want to then start adding personal touches by using accessorises, pops of colour dotted about in the form of furniture or furnishings.

In our old house (which I loved) I went for the blank rooms with a feature wall and at the time I loved it, but within time - I got bored. I like to switch things up a fair bit, not excessively but I like to mix up our home accessorises, or even suiting to the seasons, and mood to some extent. Another wonderful thing about painting in light colour palettes is that its a no brainer that it lightens the room, this is paramount for me and lighting, especially natural lighting is a huge factor for me, and also where I photography in only natural lighting its whats needed in our home. Light reflects marvellously, bouncing in from the windows or patio doors, and I have been gathering a little collection of some fabulous mirrors to help with this too - Happy days.

So, let me talk about window areas, when it comes to curtains, or blinds - we're still yet to purchase our new ones. We've been looking at quite a few styles but I do want to keep with the neutral theme here as I think it would be such a pointless effort to keep changing the curtains or blinds to suit the changing accessories etc. I want to ensure that they're of high quality, durable and easy to use especially when I want them to 'sit well' when being left open to allow that light coming in. 

That being said about beautiful lighting, I can't stress enough at how important it is to have the relaxing 'blacked out' rooms when it comes to bed time, or to just create a calm atmosphere when wanting to relax, this is absolutely paramount with the bedrooms. I am one who loves the room to be dark, no noise and to just slip into a sweet slumber to Dozeyland. This is the same with my little ones, they thrive on having a quality nights sleep and I think the darkening of rooms is definitely a help. The girls love to still use their 'twinkly lights' dimmed, and little chap loves the room dark with this little Scout Dog singing lullabies to him, he literally lays there happily humming along before he drifts off to sleep - for now anyway and its taken us 16 months to get there ;) 

So I would love to invest in some curtains that have black out lining or maybe some made to measure black out blinds to go behind the curtains. These ones from ITZALA look great, and my Dad has actually fitted these ones before when installing VELUX windows, so I know they're a reputable product. 

I am planning on doing a home sweet home series where I talk more about our plans, ideas and inspirations. but for now, here's a little snippet into what I have been thinking about when it comes to lighting up our home, the natural way.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

End of a journey.

An end of an ordinary moment.

A couple of weeks ago marked the 17th month of breastfeeding my little boy yet also marked the end of that journey too. He's the baby I've fed the longest with Yves self weaning at 13 months, and Halle 15 months. It's a very bizarre feeling when you stop feeding them as all these emotions come flowing back to the first time I fed them once they were placed on my chest when first born, all the feeding challenges faced and overcome in those first few months, the way my babies looked at me with such love and gratitude for supplying this wonderful nourishment from day one.

With all of them it wasn't all plain sailing, but we persevered, and managed the rollercoaster and eventually really enjoyed the journey and experiences together. It taught me a lot about myself, I realised I was stronger than I ever imagined, that feeding babies from your boobs wasn't always easy, and taught me that devoting my life to being my babies 'life support' for at least the first 6 months was an incredible job to have. After each time a breastfeeding journey has ended, I've felt so bittersweet. I feel extremely proud to have had the experience, yet I feel like i've lost a part of me as it's been a huge part of my life since the birth of our first baby back in October 2010. I will miss the way my baby boy would snuggle up to me ad make sure I was as close as could be, the feeling of his arm wrapping around my back as a sign that he's not letting me go, Those beautiful (and also extremely tiring at times) night feeds, where no one else is awake just him in my arms gazing up at me with those beady blue eyes with that look of love, the way his big sisters would sit with us and admire watching as he fed, asking if he likes his milk and asking questions about when they fed from their Mumma, those moments when it all got a bit much and all he wanted was to feed when in his carrier while walking along the beach in Hayling Island, and in recent times, banging on my boobs shouting 'boooobie'!

All those wondrous little but incredible memories built.

 I look at my darling boy today and he's a fearless, happy, and adventurous little soul, he is forever offering his loving charms and is just so excited about life, he doesn't want to miss a single thing. These days you'll see him chasing after the henry hoover, Daddy's tools or searching for his favourite books (My first Farm encyclopaedia or Postman bear), or following his big sisters in their little adventures.

To some he's no longer that tiny newborn who solely depended on me and that I feel sad about but ever so happy as I am watching him thrive and blossom into such an amazing little boy. That being said, when we're snuggled together, I study his sweet face resting in on me, or tiny hands reaching for mine, toes curling in comfort, I can still see those little glimmers of baby, forever he will be my baby boy, just like my little girls will always be my babies.

Which ever way you choose to feed your baby is your choice, no one elses. For me, as my opinion from my experiences - I will be eternally grateful I chose this journey, it's given me amazing memories with my three beautiful children. now my baby boy loves to have his bottle of cows milk by his choice, after introducing it with cereals, and knowing that he doesn't necessarily need to 'work' to get the milk out - I think it was a no brainer for him, he's still as snuggly as ever - if not even more.

 We haven't lost that, and I hope we never will.
I was hunting for some feeding images I have but currently using my old laptop to post as everything else is out of action. 

Here's some recent phone captures of my darling boy.

*side note: the things I will not miss in this journey is the Mastitis, thrush, nipple soreness, or the up the back neck and down the leg 'korma poops' - just thought i'd put it out there! ;)

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 30/52

I've really been getting stuck into the best parts of the 'blog life' e-book, it's making me see more sense, open up my eyes with a fresh perspective on my blogging journey. I've made so many notes, plans, written down long term dream goals and it's really made me feel more optimistic. I recommend any blogger to get it, and if you do, give me a tweet or something on how you're finding it, would be fab to talk about. 

In times of self doubt, or when I'm craving a peaceful moment I resort to this lovely book 'Heart thoughts'. It's pretty spiritual, and just makes you realise your self-worth, and shows so much positivity. Who doesn't want enough of that? 

Mr & I started watching the first episode of 'the outcast' on Bbc I player but I turned it off and decided we should watch it when it's not bed time as I tend to get so emotional about things that involve either scary things, or just heartbreaking storylines... Sounds pathetic I know but since being a parent I just cry at everything, hence why I love my rom coms and chick flicks before bed... But I even sob and those behind the giggles....
Oh and I watched this....ah! he loves it though, my three little ones are fearless thrill-seekers!

I got these Zara trousers from the charity shop last week, but they need a lot of tumble drying to shrink them as once I wore them on this day they were so loose! argh, lovely though. and my top has lovely detail at the back with two layers and its open-back. bargain from TkMaxx.
I wore this outfit last night to our dinner date to celebrate our nine year anniversary! Such a beautiful riverside restaurant, we were going to do punting as well but it was getting a bit chilly as we opted to eat outside!.. Hence the indulgent hot chocolate.
Same but different. We love to take this walk to the park, cafe and charity shops, adds to the journey looking at all the pretty old buildings. 


I didn't make these, so its cheating really but I must add that the littles must've sensed we had plans when going to bed as Grampy was watching them, and decided they wasn't tired... We were an hour late I think so I'm happy to say we did 'make' our dinner booking!!

We have actually made lots of things with craft supplies at home this week, I haven't taken many photos to share here as i've been too busy enjoying it with the little ones.

I felt really happy to have printed my freebie from A Beautiful Mess, and my Dad put his (very relevant) stamp on it, ha. Lucky we have the same humour!

So after such a busy weekend last week including a family christening, and a fantastic first week of the summer holidays, We're going to be taking it easy this coming weekend. We may go to a local festival called 'Peace in the Park' but all depending on the weather I guess. This week has been so much better than I thought it would be, I mean everyone has the stressful days, but i've been using this time off to see how it would be if we get the option to flexi-school or full home school, we'll take it as it comes. I thought the girls would've been so bored after one day but they have been so chilled and happy to be doing things at home that has included self-initiated play/learning. I've felt less like i'm racing against the clock and actually had a very productive week. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Living Arrows 2015 - 29/52

It's fun being four. 

Anything is possible, you see the magic in the everyday, the beauty in the ordinary and thriving when wanting to learn it all. This little girl is someone who craves knowledge, at any given time that she can be with nature she will snap the opportunity, whether its trips to the park, a little walk, or a 'nature warriors' at nature reserves including this one below called the C.S Lewis nature reserve.

These photos just sum up my eldest treasure very well. Energetic, beautiful, charismatic, has an infectious happy nature with a huge passion of learning about all that surrounds her. My gorgeous four and a half year old girl.

A lump in my throat, a pounding heart at how forever proud I am of this sweet soul.

The one who made me a Mama.

Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you're in need of a little 'pick me up' and love photographing your littles, Click the badge below!
Living Arrows

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fear and flying.

Life is a funny old thing. It can bring you the most amazing joy, yet can also enter you into a realm of sadness and tragedy. I don't know what it is but as the years are going by I find myself becoming more and more aware of this. Maybe since becoming a mother of precious cargo so to speak. Maybe it's all the things in the daily newspapers or maybe it's just my evolving in life. 

Does life shape us? Are they inborn feelings? or is it all the people surrounding us, Influencing us?

The thing is, I want to wary, I don't want to be naive but I don't want to keep having these little (but huge) moments of sheer panic. Panic about the what ifs, things around the world, anything bursting our happy bubble of life. I want to be knowledgable but not let it burden my thinking and for that to effect me or how I raise my littles. I want them to go out there with no fear. Have a level head on their shoulders but to not be held down by little things that could potentially captivate their heart and souls in a negative way, making them live life in fear, missing out on the things that they love just because of that exact fear.

 The hardest thing to acknowledge in life is that there will be hard times, tragedy - I've been there.
It sucks the life out of you when you feel you have nothing else to give, it makes you feel pain like you've been hit by a bus and leaves you feeling completely confused about this funny thing called life.
Despite all that, I know there are so many people out there who are suffering a lot worse every single day, facing the bad, the confusing and evil all at once and thats what scares me, is if anything like that ever hits home again. Its a horrible feeling to carry, and it comes in waves, I do think it's only natural when being a parent, all you want is for your children to lead a happy and healthy life without all the heart wrenching stuff that sometimes comes into the equation.

I guess this is just as the title says - when Sh*t gets real. Its plastered in front of you all the time on the news, in the papers, people talking - its everywhere. I prefer not watch so much anymore, and most of the car journeys we do I am singing along to 'I am the music man' with my little three rather than listening to the 'news'. Enjoying our little bubble.

So, I am showing my littles to keep appreciating living life for now, of course having aspirations, goals in life and things to look forward to - what child doesn't get excited about upcoming trips for example? but this is more focused on the things that could effect them later on in life, especially into teens and adulthood. I had serious confidence issues when growing up, and wondering what people thought of me, the 'what if's' when really all this led me to was lots of 'why didn't i do' thats.

I love this quote:

“What if I fall? Oh,but my darling,what if you fly?” ― Erin Hanson

I want them to approach life like there is no tomorrow. To wake up knowing how loved they are, knowing the abundance of possibilities there are in life, and if they come face to face with the not so good - to know they will never walk along that road alone. They will forever have me to hold their hand, be a shoulder to cry on and to be right their with them to comfort them, love them and kick whatever it is right in the ass for them.
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Friday, 17 July 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 29/52

I've read lots of little snippets again this week. Catching up on some of the things i've mentioned before including pacing myself with 'blog life', always love catching up with Lulastic blog, a lovely little announcement from one of my blogging friends but now a 'real life' friend by Amelia at Oh Little one sweet. But one of my favourite things was this by Annie at Mammasaurus: Feeling meh' about your blog?


Haven't watched much this week but I technically watched my littles explore such a beautiful sight that is the C.S Lewis nature reserve, we love it here. Post coming soon :)

My lovely printed smock dress for our special date night last Friday.
Such a lovely evening with this handsome fella
My crazy circus shirt with jazzy sandals
Halle flew to nursery yesterday :)


I know Glasto fever may be over for this year but I love this song and sounds so beautiful live! Goosebumps when the crowd join in, what a fab feeling that must be as an artist.

I finally got round to making something out of my Deliciously Ella book (even if it was probably the easiest thing in there) Raw brownies!
Quorn thai green curry
Some Halle-Mama time before picking Yve's up on Thursday and while Phoenix was sleeping. A fab little activity for your little ones, letting them cut up old magazines and sticking to make a picture of all the things they know and like.
As I mentioned last week, I went on a silver jewellery making course with my Mother in law, and sister in laws. It was such a brilliant day learning so many new things and making some amazing jewellery with the help from our very talented teacher Amy, I am definitely going to be doing some more of these workshops in the future, check out her shop here!
Here's all the jewellery we made, impressive right? So pleased with the end result! The ones I did are the ring at the front made out of a sugar tong, and then the necklace with my three littles names on. all made from scratch other than the chain itself.
Like I mentioned before, Mr T won an Audi for rent last weekend, it was sooooo gorgeous.


This weekend we have a lot planned including a big christening, party and then a charity event the next day. I can't believe summer holidays are here already, The girls did such a great job at their little sports day yesterday, they really enjoyed it. (Yves was the star of the show for the class photo as she hid her head in her lap throughout then poked her head up laughing once it had finished - little prankster. I couldn't stop laughing with her!) I'm looking forward to spending time with my little tribe, and hoping that our plans work out come September, who knows. but for now, i'm embracing this time with them.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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