Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me and mine - A family portrait project 2015 - June

 June has been a very busy month for us, we entered the month with a new three year old, Our little Phoenix turned 16 and a half months old and our Miss four and a half is growing up way too fast for my liking. We have been trying to keep patience and relax as much as possible as we're undergoing lots of changes to our new home, my wonderful Mr fitted our new kitchen and dining area with lots of help from my brother, (I helped to paint it!) and Mr T has also now fitted a new bathroom. With him working full time, and having our three littles, we still have lots to do and have accepted it will take time. It can begin to feel quite overwhelming at times but I know that we will feel much better for it once its done but also one step at a time without stressing out.

Aside from our family life, I was really fortunate enough to have a day which was 'all about me' embracing my blogging passion and I attended my first blog event, Blogtacular. I felt so excited but really nervous at the same time, but meeting all those amazing new people and finally meeting my 'online friends' was such a great feeling, I walked away from there feeling very inspired to say the least. I still haven't got round to fully processing all the fabulous information!

I'm really looking forward to the next few months, enjoying the summer with my family and looking forward to seeing my Lovely Nan in July. Yve's is due to start primary school in September, we're hoping to flexi-school for a while but we'll see how it all works out! its been such a huge thinking point for me lately, so much so that I haven't slept much, and have felt increasingly under pressure to feel i'm doing the right thing for our family. 

Here's a couple of images actually from the end of May for Halle's birthday in The New Forest (sssh don't tell!), we've been so busy that we haven't taken many family photos this month but these are close enough give or take a day! 

It was the end of a very long day, everyone was extremely tired but just look at the girls poses, ha!
Ah continuous shutter, I think i'm the only one who changed pose!
The obligatory outtake :)

dear beautiful

Monday, 29 June 2015

Living Arrows 2015 - 26/52

A walk to the park, taking in fresh air and being aware of all thats around you that you're thankful for are the things that can make a day go from being a little upside down to very stress-free. Allowing your littles and yourself to have that change of scenery, a little space & time to be free. Free to explore the world they live in, climb as high as they want to, run as fast as they can and jump like a bunch of crazies. Even if its a little walk to your local park - its always a winner for us when it gets a bit much being indoors. And as much as we love to be in our home sweet home, we also thrive as a family being outdoors with nature and watching as the little ones imaginations open wide to new thoughts and discoveries. 
My beautiful blonde bombshell, such a whirlwind of emotion, confidence and love from this one, definitely going to hold a strong mind as she grows. I just love the innocence and purity of this image, defines her so well.
Mr Charming with his sweet lashes, this boy is 100 miles an hour and thrives on exploring anything & everything, following his big sister and loves to be in the game. Such an adorable little soul.
Exploring the scent & texture of an orange peel - imagine the wonder from a one year olds perspective!
My beautiful Miss four wearing her most favourite pair of socks that recently she loves to wear with every single outfit, bless her. She is really into her clothing and finding her own little quirky style, is was a bit testing at times when she would get so angry if something was in the wash and not ready, "no leggings, or down tops" or if it wasn't weather appropriate etc but i've realised that theres no point stressing or trying to dictate to suit what I think as at this age, they will go 'in & out' of phases a million times and to be honest, its brilliant watching her explore her own thoughts. Embrace it I say! I watch her sometimes and have to fight back the tears at how proud I am of her, & how fast she is growing, how impressionable she is - like a huge sponge eager to learn and know it all, an infectiously happy, thoughtful and loving girl. 
She was so excited that she won a race at preschool last week, that her socks helped her win, (not these ones though, the other favourites that are white frilly ones!)

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Moving home and taking time.

Since moving to our new home back in April its been a complete whirlwind. We're still at the point of having boxes in places, cupboards full with stuff that needs sorting, piles of things that need decluttering, the last tenants decoration still visible throughout the house other than the kitchen - which Mr T & my brother fitted about a month ago.. and the list goes on.

We've 'made do' with certain areas of the house like the littles ones play room, a temporary story corner in the girls room and the garden so far. But some days where we're home most afternoons I find it all gets a bit much - for us all. The boxes have little hands exploring them, my workspace is exposed to more of those little hands and all those 'things's that need decluttering just end up everywhere. I'm not going to be silly and say I expected it to be any different, as moving home is a big deal in itself not to mention doing it with three kids under the age of four and a half included into the equation! Mr T works extremely hard every day and still comes home to get things done, I try my best to help by doing some in the day but most of the time it gets abandoned as the littles are trying to 'help', or i'll find that one of them are doing something they shouldn't in another room - like helping themselves to the huge block of freshly bought cheese on the side, or deciding to re-arrange all of my notes & paperwork or my favourite - to 'test out the efficiency' of my brand new sharpie markers on anything that shouldn't really have pen on......eeek. you get my drift. Its not all doom & gloom as slowly (but surely), we are seeing the progress of our 'home sweet home' style peeping through and revealing itself in the kitchen so far, and its a nice place to be. So yeah it can get pretty hectic behind that lovely looking Instagram photo of mine showing a cup of tea in the tidiest corner of our house, (hehe)...
We have so many wonderful plans for our place and I tend to always use the term "we can't wait to....", but in all honesty - it will get there but within time, and i'm going to try my best in remembering that every time it feels a little overwhelming, a little less us.

It's going to take a lot of work but theres no point trying to reach the destination without enjoying the fulfilling journey prior to that.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 26/52

Happy Friday everyone!

I have lots of new posts coming very soon including my experience at Blogtacular, it's just all been a bit busy! so... A week of lovely things.

I've mentioned before about how I love A Beautiful Mess blog, and that a few months back, I purchased their 'Blog life' e-course. Its self-paced, and they also encourage you not to read it all in one go as this gives you more time to think about each gradual step for your blogging journey. I highly recommend!

I find Lucy's blog fascinating, and especially this 'no poo' philosophy. My hair is a nightmare at the moment, and my skin for that matter. I love natural products and really want to venture into trying more DIY ways, as the expensive crap just isn't working! her travel & parenting posts are wonderful too!

My ever so comfy gold sandals, similar to the birkenstock sole and my lovely print top in one of my favourite colours.. oh and the jeans because I'm yet to bare my legs in public this year!
The girls got some new dresses last week so they wore those at the weekend. Hal's is Next, and Yve's is a Ralph Lauren that has the most gorgeous cut out back on it, I seriously would get away with it in an age 16years! 
The weathers been funny this week hasn't it? So I've made sure jumpers have been in the boot just in case!
The weather was very sunny yesterday morning, which meant shorts tee's & hats for these guys! Their little bond is growing each day :)

You may have heard this song feature in a recent instagram film of mine, we love to boogie and be silly in the car!

The girls wanted to make their own perfume using little pots, water and flowers they picked from the garden. "Minty lavender daisy".
An English breakfast... for dinner (i know I know but it was a one of! and I reallllly fancied it, plus everyone scoffed the lot!)
Home grown flowers.


Love this saying, completely true.

So this evening we had little trip to A&E. Little H has fractured her elbow playing on the climbing frame in the garden. She was such a brave, relaxed and happy girl while waiting to be seen and even told me that 'she was so excited' to be there, bless her. Quite bizarre really as at the same age I broke my arm too, but I stupidly fell out of a window!

Hospital appointment tomorrow to see how they want to fix it, They said because of her age she will heal regardless, kids are so resilient aren't they, amazing.

 hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Let them be little - Not all those who wander are lost

Seeing things through the eyes of a child must be something so fascinating, magical and yet so simple.
Everything is new, everything is worth learning about and more importantly, everything is worth the exploration. In a world where everyday life is the biggest learning tool I love to watch my littles grasp this.
A few weeks back I wrote about a little hot chocolate date Yves & I enjoyed together, the short hour or so was enough to connect with one another, one-to-one and really 'be in the moment'. We have this lovely little nature reserve about 5 minutes away from our house, so whenever we walk to the shops, this is the route we take. Except on this day we explored a little more, took a closer too at the little swamp, and Yve's insisted on showing me her best balancing over it.

Strolling through the field, I watch as she was on the hunt for the prettiest flowers to collect, sniffing all the different smells, feeling and looking for the best bunch of cows parsley, doing all this while wearing H's little 'Anna' cape teamed with her favourite 'minty' dress and jellies. Its funny at how a familiar place can reveal hidden treasures each time you go there, memories are made and even remembered. Watching as my sweet girl was wandering around, exploring her surroundings is something so simple yet incredibly pure. She is seeing the world with fresh eyes, a hunger for learning and the inquisitive soul just roaming freely.

Allowing our children the freedom to explore their surroundings is paramount for their learning, building awareness to that which is all around them. Letting them be those cautious little souls, asking the questions, rolling in the grass amongst the flowers, listening to their giggles of delight, and waiting for the best bit when they ask if they can walk together, talk about what they're seeing, what they have found, all while wanting to hold hands.

Hand in hand, Mother & Daughter. 

I've mentioned before and have tried a few things that blogger is destroying my images! but for now... if you fancy linking up, i'd love to read :) 

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My favourite Breastfeeding books - National Breastfeeding Awareness week 2015

I believe that its a matter of quality rather than quantity here. When I became pregnant, and throughout my breastfeeding journey, I bought numerous recommended books only to realise the fact of that I needed to do what suited me, us as a family. These books summarise this in such a great way. And when we went on to have our second and third babies, we introduced some books that would help them understand the whole breastfeeding thing, and particularly as it was something they were doing leading up to the birth of their new sibling. I can honestly say that I wholeheartedly recommend these books to anyone who wants to try their best a a breastfeeding journey, nourish your baby with all the love and affection and to really remember that each of our journeys are completely different!
I absolutely love this book. I spotted it at my local Baby cafe when feeding my first baby. The pictures, the hand-draw type scenario's hit home to me and I often giggled to myself at how it related to me, and probably many other breastfeeding Mamas. I love how simple, clear yet very informative with funny little illustrations to brighten the mood when talking about the dreaded Mastitis or cracked nipples.
I can't recommend this book enough, my absolute favourite!

The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding
The Mother library of breastfeeding info right here, anything you need to know, any stage, issues, stuff you never even knew existed - you'll find here. I was recommended this book by my partners cousin who is a volunteer at my local Baby Cafe (my favourite place in those first ten weeks of my first breastfeeding journey - horrendous pain). She was my rock, and also encouraged me within time to go on the 'breastfeeding peer support course' as she thought i'd suit it so well seeing all the things I had overcome in my breastfeeding journey so far. I did this course in the Spring of 2013 and loved every minute. I wrote about my experience here, here and here. Over all this book I think is a very informative and gentle read for all.
We like to nurse
This book is utterly delightful. I got this book after I had little Phoenix, the girls were both breastfed up to the ages of 13 months and 15 months but as they were that little bit older they were fascinated when watching him nurse. Especially Yve's, asking questions about milk, where it comes from, who else feeds this way. I saw this book on someone's Instagram feed I believe, and I knew I had to get it. I just love the simple and lovely descriptions, illustrations and sweet nature of this book. It makes sense to very small ones, inquisitive toddlers, preschoolers, and even adults who may see breastfeeding as 'out of the norm'. It simply puts the normality and loving gesture of breastfeeding in a true form for all to understand.
The mystery of the breast
This is such a sweet little book, and is wonderful to read to your little ones who are full of questions about why and how you're nursing. It has so many parts which you can relate to as a nursing parent, family member or when thinking about how your nursing baby must feel when sharing that bond with you! The illustrations are beautiful too.

And finally, one of the best books I have ever got when helping your littles to understand the whole breastfeeding journey is...to make your own photo book! We have quite a few books now that include an array of images from each of my babies feeding in lots of different places, holidays, day trips, etc and it makes it a little more simple for them to associate feeding to their own little memories or sometimes lack of where they are still quite small. They love to look at how they were when they were feeding, trying to guess which photo is who etc not only that, it's a magical memory book for you to cherish once your baby has weaned too. :)


Monday, 22 June 2015

Birth stories - All different but equally worth it

I've been thinking for a while now about my own linkys, I have my let them be little series which is going to have a slight change in dynamics with regard to the regularity, and i'v also been thinking about a one off link which will stay open so that people can join when they feel is relevant.

Birth stories - All different, but equally worth it.

I've been thinking about creating a space where mamas-to-be, new mamas or any mama for that matter to come and share their birth stories, read others, relate to someone, and know that not one of us have had the same experience, or maybe that some are more similar than we thought. I want to create a place where people can feel relieved to share & read similarities, good or the not so good experiences, a place where honesty of childbirth is available. 

Growing a little life inside you for 40 weeks is the most remarkable thing, then to go through one of the most incredible and empowering (albeit very painful!) experience is something that you'll remember for a life time. That first moment when you realise its actually happening, the trying to keep the nerves at bay, imagining cradling your baby all safe & sound, the amazing sound of your babies first cry, the moment you see your partner sob with so much love, feeding your baby for the first time, having them squeeze your baby finger, and that first night alone together feeling your baby breathing sweetly on your chest. all these things I love to remember, and never want to forget.

Along with all this, we all know that childbirth is tough, painful and really tests your will power and above all mental & physical strength. I was very fortunate to have had three great natural labours (even though my first did go a bit pear-shaped afterwards with a rather large blood loss after the initial birth). I haven't written about the girls births here as i hadn't started blogging yet but have them in my hand written diaries. I did write about my little fella's birth here

Creating life and giving life is one of the best feelings in the world, fancy sharing your story? 

(You can post as many times that is relevant to you), old or new - I really look forward to reading your posts!


Garden, sunshine and fun.

Golden light, warm sunshine have both been contributing to some of our evenings recently, so this has meant that our usual bed time routine has been a little out of the 'norm' but listening to the happy squeals, looking at their joyous faces when running wild chasing after Daddy makes it completely worth it. Any spare time they can steal with him - they will do it.

I believe one of the best feelings in being a parent is that you can become a child again, enter their amazing world even if for a short while. Its one of the best places to be, anything is possible, everything is new and wondrous. I want my little ones to stay small for as long as they can, As they grow older, I wish I could shield them from all the bad in the world, but on the other side of the spectrum -  in order for me to be a good parent for them and guide them on the right path in life, is to allow them the freedom to learn on their own accord (even though its a hard thought at times). For now though I will continue to  allow them the childhood freedom, exploration in their little bubble of wonder and will strive to preserve all this for years to come.

I know I say it so much but I honestly can't believe how lucky I am, my family are my world, my beating heart & the root of my soul.

My heart could burst.
"I've got you Daddy, Championnnnnay"
Football obsessed
"teach me how to walk on my hands Daddy!"
Copying biggest sister
Tickle time!
He's really into attempting head stands at the minute!
Halle hasn't featured in the first few photos as she was too busy riding this mobility scooter that Daddy is repairing for someone....This has been the girls recent obsession when Daddy gets home from work! 
A tea party fit for princesses.

Swimming pool is fun, the breeze - not so much!
We gave this tired little 'Mr Bumble bee' a drink of sugary water to help him on his way.

*Wanted to add that i'm really unsure whether to switch to wordpress as blogger is destroying my images, completely washing the colour out! so frustrating! anyone else blogger?*

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