Sunday, 31 May 2015

{Ordinary Moments 2015} - 22/52 - A little hot chocolate date

Since moving to our new home things have been a a little hectic at times. We've also seen a little bit of unsettled moments with our little ones too. Not in the everyday, but in certain ways. You know when you're a parent when you know everything about them, and something just doesnt feel right, they're feeling a little out of sorts but can't make sense of it themselves. So sometimes a little time away from it all can be the best cure, As can it be for us parents too.

Last week I noticed this so much more with Yve's, being the eldest I sometimes feel that she sets the bar too high for herself and forgets to just be that carefree child still, she's a thinker - just like me. Having our three littles close in age has had challenges but we know they wouldn't have it any other way, they love to have one another but everyone deserves a little time, undisturbed and especially one to one time with a parent. It can be really tricky doing this, I think so anyway as I crave to have this time too but I also then feel like i'm being a bad Mummy for not including the other two. Being a parent makes you think in ways you never thought possible, and makes you realise that sometimes things that may not feel fair actually are the best thing you can do in that moment in time. each of our littles deserves time to enjoy their Mummy or Daddy alone as well as together. I've spoken before about 'one to one' time, and its something we will forever try to keep a balance of for our family, to make sure everyone feels the equal amount of love. Each time a new baby has coe along, we have done our best by making the little ones feel involved and never left out. Sometimes though as many of you multiple parents can relate to, life can get busy, nappies need changing, a baby needs feeding, burping, chasing after when mobile, the toddler needs a bit of guidance to not draw on the walls, the tiredness, the nap times, the constant "I want's" from all three wanting their Mummy or Daddy to do something or just play with them. It can be hard, but with the right balance, It can be done.

I suggested that as the girls are getting older than the baby stage, it will be nice to start doing one on one dates. We spend so much lovely time together but I thought this would be a lovely thing to start doing more religiously. I already have the lovely Friday morning dates with my boy, so Daddy will start having his time with each of them too. Next time with me though its Halle's choice, probably for another hot chocolate and cake date too!

So back to last weekend... it was all getting a bit much in the house with boxes still about, decorating and renovating so to regain some peace and sanity, I take Yve's on a little 'hot chocolate date'. We're huge fans of hot chocolates in this house, so it was a no brainer!

We were spotting the birds, went on a little nature trail (post coming soon) to see what we could find, talking about everything really, getting to know one another more and more without any interruptions. One of my favourite parts of the stroll was when she asked to hold my hand, we've always loved doing this, but sometimes when carrying a baby, or watching over both the girls, I sometimes dont have enough hands - unless using the baby carrier! but you get what I mean, I loved holding her hand without the hassle, I was fortunate to be wearing my sunglasses too as I got quite choked up by it!

I took some lovely photos of us in the little nature area near our home which I will share in another post, when walking up to the cafe, Yve's asked if we could walk through the "pretty church yard", we did just that and ended up playing races through the gates too - I lost obviously, ha. On to the cafe, tucking into our delicious cake and hot chocs only for my to realise that I had left my purse at home, such fun... not! Thankfully my Dad came to the rescue and bailed me out, not forgetting to take the mick of my 'flakiness' lol We then walked back home, Yve's wanted a little ride on Grampy's bike down the road until we went our separate ways. She said "well that was a lovely day wasn't it".

It really was my lovely little girl.

Something like a simple little walk together hand in hand, enjoying time together, listening without disturbances, giggling like a pair of old sillies, and really being in the moment. These are the memories that will forever lock in my mind, stay there forever & will be my favourite, ordinary yet extraordinary moments spent with these amazing little souls that my life has been blessed with.
Hot chocolate obsessed... wonder where she gets that from?
"Mummy, this is my marshmallow face!"
Lemon drizzle cake for her, Banana fudge and pecan cake for me.
I really wanted to take this cutlery pot home, I'll definitely be using this idea when our kitchen is 100% finished, looks so retro! A Sanpellegrino for Mummy & Daddy back at home, chose by Yve's, and even though we don't let them drink 'fizzy' drinks - she insisted on trying the lemon one as it matched her lemon drizzle cake!
She brightens up my life in so many ways possible.
The sky is the limit

I lost... ha
After some lovely bonding time, there's nothing sweeter than displaying flowers in your home that your little one picked for you.

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Me and mine - A family portrait project 2015 - May

Wow where has May gone! it only seems like yesterday I was doing last months! seriously!
May has been a very busy month for us, I celebrated my 26th birthday at the beginning of the month, Then we had a wonderful family day out to a farm not that far away from us, and our little Halle turns 3 on the 30th!. We've then just been trying to crack on with our house to home renovation including our new kitchen which I will soon be blogging about. We've spent lots of time in the garden, at home together. We've been lucky enough to have a couple of bank holidays where Daddy has managed to stay home with us and enjoy the extra relaxed time having disney sofa snuggles. I wont lie and say its all been peaceful, as the little ones have had moments of craziness, and just being a little out of sorts, same with us really. I think the whole house move has put a strain on us all but only seeing it all now really. We will get there, its a lot for a couple let alone a family with three small kids under 4.5 years old. we manage well, but there have been so many nights of sheer exhaustion for us parents, moments of frustration, tears (me!) and then to counteract all that - lots of love, laughter and togetherness.

The next few months we will be continuing to keep strong, and make this house our home.

I also wrote recently about the fact I will be spending the first full day away from my little family to attend my first blog event, I am so nervous but excited. Really not sure what to expect but I think it will be an experience but I will have to try and not whimper for my lovely little brood back home! (can you tell that no matter how much I love our adventures, I am a home bird at heart!) So this will be a change, but a good change for myself and my family as I am hoping to gain more knowledge and further myself for my career/ and ultimately our family. I mentioned a few days ago about how I am thinking of the future of this blog of mine, its something I adore, but things in the news, and just life really has made me think about how and if I should share what I do. I adore my loyal fans, but when you see that so many bad people have access to the same social media as us all, It petrifies me. that someone may steal my images (again), and within tie, my littles may not want it over the net, and to just keep it sacred for us. I do this as well, but I do love to share our little life, I have a few projects in the pipeline that im working on which includes another website and blog of mine which is purely based on me, my interests and something away from my sacred family. but for now, I will monitor and do what i love, which is to document our little family, in the right moderation.

how do you get the right balance of it all? 

This months photos were taken a little at the wrong time really. I had a specific idea for this years 'yellow field' shoot. low evening golden hour light, but this was what we could fit in, it's the field we look out at from our kitchen a few miles away, and we happened to stop and have a go not knowing when we would get another spare chance. The kids were tired, but knowing we were going for a roast made things better! 

Hope you have had a lovely month with your families.

dear beautiful

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Happy 3rd birthday to our little Hallelujah.

From the moment I learnt that I was expecting our second baby, I knew it was going to be a huge roller coaster chapter in our life due the the family life situation at the time, but you, your big sister, your Daddy gave me hope, and faith. Feeling you grow day by day, week by week, month by month - you were thriving, blossoming, strengthening and getting closer to finally meet the family who loved you so much already, the emotions were very overwhelmingterrifying, yet completely exciting all the same.

When you were born, we had a different name planned if we were to have a little girl, that name was Macey. Even though that name is still beautiful, the minute I laid my eyes on you, I instantly knew that you wasn't to be a little Macey. You looked like our little Halle. I found the name a matter of weeks before I was due, A scandinavian origin, and the meaning was just so relevant

'A Heroine'

You saved us, you restored faith that good can happen in a bad situation. You made our family a full foursome.

You're very much like Daddy to look at but I still see so much of myself in you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, have my emotional side, very loving, caring, shy at times, yet canhave a fierce & reactive side when triggered. You're very able to hold your own, and can also be very stubborn too - another thing from me.. whoops. We may not resemble each other but we're a duo in our likenesses thats for sure.

Every single day I feel like i'm learning so many new things about you Hal, and I couldn't feel more blessed. Sometimes you drive my brain incredibly crazy, exhausted in fact, yet you always find a way to soften the moment. You love nothing more that snuggling up to the ones you love, telling them how much you love them, how they're so beautiful, how they "smell like flowers" and that you want to shower them with lots of kisses. These are the little things I never want to forget, you may not remember these in years to come but I will.

I love how you see the good in everything, you examine my post-pregnancy tummy with such adoration, you love to stroke my tummy, tell me how much you love my skin, put your magic hand on there whenever i'm not feeling to well and that you once "lived in there after YM, but before P". You can sometimes be so quick to react in good and bad ways but thats the development you face being an almost three year old who see's everything in the world as brand new and ready to explore.

Embrace it my girl.

My little Hallelujah, keep telling me all of your funny little sayings, keep being your amazing witty self, your old souls conversations will never grow old, and forever keep your thirst for learning and to explore life. I am so so proud to be your Mama, and even more privileged that we spend our lives getting to know each other even more.

At 11:53pm this evening, marks three years ago that this breath of fresh air came into my life. The amount of pride that occupies my heart is immeasurable. I will spend the rest of my life showering you with love & affection and always being there to hold your hand through thick and thin. 

Love from Mumma x


Friday, 29 May 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 22/52

This week i've read a mixture of things really, snippets of the Mollie Makes social media edition, some of the parenting books I mentioned last week, along with a few blog posts. I loved Katie's post called 'A week in our lives', I love doing posts like these as they really do make you remember all those little things in between the big moments. adding video & film is the cherry on the top of the story in my eyes. I loved reading a few of the people who have linked up to my 'Let them be little' project. here's the lovely Amelia's post about her little chap creating little adventures at home, my kiddies love doing this so it was a lovely read for me. I also really loved reading Kerri-Ann's post about her little boy and how people can easily speculate about his gender because of his hair, I've had this with all of my little ones, and especially my little Phoenix as he has his wispy little flicks of hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, long lashes and a cute little dimple, but somehow some people associate these things with being a girl....

I haven't watched much this week to be honest, we watched a movie the other night which was actually quite good starring Kate Hudson, called 'Good People'. The girls have enjoyed watching some of our little films, Phoenix has too, and he gets so excited and emotional when he sees Daddy on the screen!

Yve's & Mama hot choc & cake date. a little de-tour through a pretty church yard at her request, running through the flowers. She chose her own outfit with the added Anna cape, we had such a lovely couple of hours together hand in hand.
I still haven't braved my ghostly legs out in public, so its been the black skinnies, and my lovely new top from river island.
We went to one of my new friends 30th birthday meal & drinks on Saturday evening, I was planning on wearing heels and a new dress but I was having a 'feel sorry for myself day, low confidence with new people' so I went with my comfy florals and flats. 
Loving Halle's new pom pom dress
Hot chocolate excitement, "Mummy, Here's my 'Marshmallow face"
The girls loved attending a 'teddy bear's picnic at their preschool this half term, love their little outfits here, Yve's has her Fatface pineapple dress, and Halle is wearing and H&M playsuit from last year!

A huge clip, but I love Ben Howards music, a great set! 


I didn't make these from scratch, pre-made frozen ones but they are so good! 
As school is due to start in September, we are getting more and more into our little 'home education' moments at home. I'll be talking more soon about our schooling plans. We used these wonderful little worksheets from Twinkl, along with the other books i've got from elsewhere. I believe that life is one of the best forms of education, life skills, being outdoors, free to explore, but when at home we love to do things like this, baking, messy play etc. Yve's was so excited to show Daddy her plate of food she had chosen to make, using her cutting skills, and writing her name on there too. I noticed the other day that she is now trying to do handwriting, maybe she has seen me joining mine up but its a fascinating thing to see especially at such a young age, and using her own initiative to do so. sweet girl.

I wrote my birthday post the other week, and I just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful flowers with you all, they might even brighten up your day like they did for me for a while! Today is the last day that my beautiful Halle will be the tender age of two. When she wakes tomorrow morning she will be that one extra number with lots of excitement of spending the day at one of our favourite beaches. We have a lovely day planned, including breakfast on the sea front, crabbing, beach play, going on a little ferry, a mini train then dinner at a fantastic sea front restaurant. I'm really emotional about it all, my little baby girl is growing so fast, its very bittersweet, i am just so lucky to have her in my life. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

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