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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 - April

April, you've been a rather chaotic one to say the least. 

In March we had a lot of excitement, tiredness, illnesses, and nervous feelings in the air due to our holiday away to Woolacombe, a combined time of around 5 weeks of chicken pox with all three littles getting them one after the other, each getting worse, then our imminent house move. Once we got back home from our adventure we literally got the go ahead and was moving the next weekend. ONE week in which to pack up our life, all our belongings, the childrens things and a lot of stuff we're still yet to filter through and declutter. It's been a nice month really, the April half term helped wonders with the chicken pox hit and the rapid house move. It enabled me to not be on such a schedule for a few weeks, and could just go with the flow.

I'd be lying if I'd say its all been plain sailing, because it hasn't. It has been really stressful at times and has got the better of me on a few occasions, resulting in horrible negative feelings, and tears. This is our fifth house move in the nearly 9 years we've been together but our first proper move with us being parents. (aside from the last when Yve's was only small) but its been strenuous on some days just from living out of our holiday suitcases and trunki's, boxes everywhere, no room to move with everything around etc, not to mention that this house was absolutely filthy when we moved in despite us completely blitzing ours and cleaning it vigorously. After weeks of us feeling quite resentful that we'd left our lovely home sweet home and that we'd walked into a dirty dump we finally just bit the bullet and accepted that at least we've left a positive lasting view really, and if someone thinks its okay to leave broken chairs, rubbish, dog hairs, and just pure filth for a family with three small kids to walk into then - I think you know the impression they've left on us. We've been here four weeks almost and we've made so many changes and progress already including a brand new kitchen which i'll be sharing more about soon, it's beautiful! 

Phoenix has gone from crawling, doing the mowgli walk, cruising, taking steps to - running everywhere in the matter of a week. This has made our Friday mornings together even more enjoyable as he just love to play at the park, chasing a ball, shouting at the pigeons and looking for dogs. It's so cute when they finally get the confidence to just go! Another change I've noticed, is that I think May will be the month that he weans from breastfeeding, he's 15 months now and is officially the one who I've fed the longest (even though its only once or twice in 24 hours) Its always a sad time for me when they end this journey but its just another chapter in our story.

I can't end this post without mentioning that I had the most wonderful little day with my sister, enjoying a lovely afternoon tea, a gift that I got her for her 17th birthday present. It was so nice after a lot of family issues, for us to just relax and have fun together! Oh...and I built up the courage last week, took the plunge and at long last - booked my ticket for Blogtacular this year, my first ever blog event! So excited, but also equally nervous. It's going to be lovely to finally talk to people in 'real life'! Talking about taking plunges, I also have had a little idea in mind for a little project where I can remember all the little things about my children, so I made a little linky where you can also join me. It's called the 'Let the be little Project' you can read more about it here, and link up to this weeks here.

These photos were taken in one of our favourite local parks, with the add of a couple of outtakes. Camera hanging off the pushchair for dear life! Can you tell who's the little prankster?
Rather awkward pose here, I look pregnant - but I'm not!

If you'd like to see our family portraits in one place, find the button on the right hand side, it's lovely to see all the changes! 
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'Let them be little' - Stay a little moment Mumma

Our little Halle turns three at the end of next month. It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to her. It's a frightening thought to be honest, as it is when any of my little reach a new birthday. A rush of emotions of happiness, grief and excitement bundled into one massive lump in your throat. You wish your children health, adventure and knowledge yet want to enjoy, embrace and preserve all that is little about them. 

I know this is how I feel, all the time that is. 

Each day I find my little Halle doing all those things, learning new things, telling me about her world, teaching me new ways about life and also showing me that she still has those small elements of her baby self still left - which I love and never want to let go of.

Her beautiful blonde hair that still has that crazy bed head chic to it.
The way she goes in any situation with full confidence & sometimes little thought.
The way she loves her back tickled to soothe her when sleepy.
Or even more so, the comfort since birth is to twiddle hair whether its mine, Daddy's, Yve's or her own.
How she asks to sit on my knee just to get an extra little hug.
The way she can cheer you up with the little "I'll be your best friend forever Mumma"
Or the morning when she asked if she could marry me and we will be that way for always.
I love how this little girl has such a big amount of emotions in her, this can drive me bonkers on some days but she has the most love inside of her beating heart.
She most certainly beats to the sound of her own drum.
My little H loves to know your around, especially at bed time. "can you just sit with me", "stay a little moment", and to tell me "I loves you so lots Mummy"
She shouts out for her Daddy if she feels a little unsettled in the night, the love of his hair will never fade!
My little girl is growing so fast, I hope that the day doesn't come soon when she doesnt say 
"Stay a little moment Mumma"

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50 elements of Happiness.

I have been drafting a 'Happiness' post for a while now, taking time now & then to really appreciate the things that make me happy. So when the lovely Esther from Inside and about tagged me in her Happiness post, feeling inspired by lost of peoples bundles of happiness made me post mine. 

Here's 50 things that make my heart happy, in no particular order.

1. My three littles.
2.Morning cup of tea
3.Warm sunshine with a cool breeze
4.My amazing soulmate
5.My dad who also happens to be one of my best friends.
6.My little Albert. (God I miss him)
7.Our day to day ordinary life
9.Giving birth
10.My two best girlfriends Zoe & Charlotte
11.Breastfeeding & knowing all the issues I overcome.
13.Mudeford trips with my little gang.
14.Retail therapy
15.Hot Chocolates in quirky cafes
16.All four seasons
17.Having peaceful time with my thoughts, especially in a relaxing lavender bath
18.The sound of the sea waves with the smell of sea air
19.Fresh flowers around my home 
20.Fish & chips by the seaside
21.My little's faces on their birthdays or Christmas morning
22.Remembering the good parts of my childhood.
23.My siblings.
24.Listening to a song, you know the kind of song when the words just mean, everything.
25.Art & Design
26.Stationary - complete & utter addict.
27.My cameras & lenses
28.Learning new things
29.Overcoming a fear
30.Opening up a brand new diary
31.A good pot of tea
32.Playing hairdressers & having my hair brushed by my girls.
33.Family snuggle & storytime
34.Listening to my littles imaginations, wishes.
35.This wonderful blogging world
36.A completed DIY project.
37.Being organised (something I fail at regularly but trying to work on!)
38.Full back massages, mani, pedis - and relax...
39.Charity shop hunting
40.Feeling inspired my someone or something.
42.Crafting with my littles.
43.Crafting for own creative flair.
44.That my wonderful Nan has met my three littles & that they love her so much.
45.Walks & adventures in the countryside.
46.Laughing so much at the jokes, toasting Marshmallows next to a camp fire.
47.Getting lost in a good book.
48.Remembering my 'going out nights' from my teens.
49.Making our family movies, documenting our little life.
50.Afternoon tea.


If you fancy joining in, send me the link, i'd love to read! 


Monday, 27 April 2015

Living Arrows 2015 – 17/52

My darling boy is almost 15 months old and he is changing so much every single day. 
He's teething some new teeth revealing more sleepless nights.
After crawling since the age of 7 months, cruising since the age of 9 months, taking steps from around 13 months, and this week he has decided is the time to be a proper 'toddler'. 
Walking about like a drunken old man, completely adorable!
A new lease on life, seeing the world through a different view with a faster pace.
My little almost 15 month old is now in his own bedroom, which has benefitted his (& our) sleep - slightly.
He has a funny little obsession with 'Henry' our beloved hoover.
An ever bigger obsession with Daddy's work van, he screeches so loudly every single day that Daddy returns home from work, points out the window, looking for the keys just desperate to get out!
He's almost topped the record for the longest amount of time that i've breastfed a baby/toddler. (Yve's stopped at 13 months, Halle was 15 months) I think he will stop in the next few months, we're in no hurry as he only has about 1-2 feeds from me per day. 
That being said, he's recently started enjoying a little cow's milk along side mine.
He absolutely loves playing with footballs, tool kits, Daddy's tools & the kitchen utensils. Actually, everything in the kitchen is what he loves! 
This little explorer adores being outside in the garden, searching for worms with his big sisters, getting grubby in the mud pies and just taking it all in.
The girls have their 'Bobbie Bear, Lamb Lamb, & Mimi Mouse' as their favourite comforts. This little chap has the most affectionate love for his lovely starry baby blue blanket. Once he wakes after his nap or when he's ready for bed time this is the thing he searches for just to have an extra snuggle with. 
Here's some photos of my beautiful baby boy from in the week, being his cheeky self & enjoying his new steps in the garden. 

Living Arrows

Sunday, 26 April 2015

{Ordinary Moments 2015} - 17/52 - Our Friday mornings

Each Friday morning, the girls both go into preschool 9-12, they get so giddy when they know it's Friday soon, telling me everything they want to play, or what they're going to make for Mummy and Daddy. As much as I miss my sweet girls, i know how much fun they have there and it makes it a bit easier for me knowing that they're happy there for the short time. Mondays, Tuesday's & Thursday mornings are spent with Halle & Phoenix other than Wednesday's, when I spend the day with all three of my little people. What we usually do is go to playgroup or the park or lovely charity shop hunts and these days are a blessing to me too, our everyday life.

Friday's are lovely in a slightly different way as It enables me to have some quality one to one time with my darling boy, Phoenix. Wether we go back home to chilled out, go to run some errands or just potter about until the girls are finished, Fridays are a lovely time for me to reconnect with him undisturbed, the same time I spent with each of my girls before we had more children if that makes sense. And he deserves that time too, as do I. I remember the time with Yves before Halle came along, and the time when Yves went to preschool one morning a week then it was Halle and I having our one to one time. Now, Fridays are Mummy & Phoenix mornings and they feel good for the soul. A chance for me to solely focus on my little toddler who is leaving babyhood behind to explore all that's around him. 

The past few weeks he has been taking some steps, but this week he's kicked it up a gear and walking loads. Friday morning we decided to pop to the shops, farmers market, charity shops and the park. We usually go as a foursome or with Daddy too at the weekends but Friday I wanted to let him run free without me being distracted by the girls showing me their skills at climbing (even though they're super awesome!) it was so lovely to get down to his level, watch him thrive, run after the pigeons, point and recognise the helicopters, show me the swings, and just being a complete character to anyone who spoke to him. My darling boy is growing at such a fast pace that we need this time. Time to spend with one another rolling around in the grass, singing nursery rhymes and to just be silly - all the things I've done with my girls. And still do when we're all together. 

What's also really lovely, is that he gets all excited knowing we're going to pick the girls up, just as I do! Yet all of that excitement gets to him every time as he falls asleep almost every time before we get there! Once he wakes, he gets a lovely hello from his big sisters & a huge family cuddle then it's back to being our foursome. 

Until Daddy comes home that is :-)

Linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 17/52

Phoenix's sleep is still up and down so I got these books for a small price. I remember buying books before but they just didnt suit my style of parenting and are currently waiting to go to the charity shop. Its funny at how just because you have more than one child, you still don't have all the answers, they're all different! I'm going to be talking about this more soon, but in short, he is just started walking now, and also teething, plus overcoming the chicken pox interrupted the whole sleep thing, he's never been one of those babies that has "slept through from so many weeks old" and to be honest i'm glad none of them did that! 

Spotted this cute little cafe right near my house the other day, yet to go in there but it looks so lovely! This sign was an instant winner.

I've also been reading the lovely posts linked up to my new little project called 'Let them be little'. Its so inspiring and refreshing to read about others special memories. Feel free to join in the linky on this weeks post, open until Thursday. Or to refresh you of what its all about, here's my first post

It made my day when we found this on youtube - such a fond memory of mind and feels bonkers that i have now watched it with my own girls! My sister & I were more excited than the girls at one point as they said "Mummy, she has big hair, thats not the real barbie" I was in hysterics!
Watching this little girl ride her bike lots, being so enthusiastic to take the stabilisers off too, soon my girl!
My bargain River Island dress for about £4 I think. 

The circus chic came out to play last Saturday for afternoon tea with my sister! love my little necklace, I got it for £1 from H&M ages ago!
I worse my shirt from RiverIsland, Juju Jellies from Office, French Connection black skinnies, with my lovely GANT blazer.
Completely forgot I had these, & found them when sorting boxes.
The girls have been wearing their lush white tops from last year, lace & crochet are our faves.
On our holiday to Chichester last year we spent a day in Bognor Regis where we got the three littles these personalised tops. One of the reasons was that we chose quite unusual names for our littles so we can never find them in the shops, lovely as they're fab names but sad as they always wonder why they don't have their names! I remember this in a different way as 'Natalie' was always sold out and I looked furiously towards the millions of 'Natasha' key rings sat waiting to be sold, haha. another reason was that we love campervans, and hope to buy one some day. The girls always shout "camper van!" "minnibago"(winnebago) whenever they see one - cute. I still have my personalised t-shirt from when I went to Bognor as a kid, crazy really. 
We were kindly sent this cute outfit for little P from a lovely independent company called Garabatisse last week, it came enclosed with a very adorable thank you note with a childrens doodle on it, nice touch :) A very ironic review coming soon!
Ah I loved Nelly Furtado in my teenage years, still think she's fab so when this came on in the car I did have a cool Mama bop. *air punch*

We've got our 'bake on' this week.
The girls made some smartie cakes
We're trying to get eating more variety now we've moved house. it's a little hectic but we've given it a go. and I love home cooked foods even if im not the best chef. Heres seasoned tuna steaks, cayenne pepper mushrooms, goose fat roast potatoes, and veggies.

And I made lemon drizzle cake.

I've been feeling a little out of sorts this week. emotional, tired and just overwhelmed with the house move I think and struggling to keep up with everything along with making my loves happy. Forgetting that I need time as well, I've been feeling pretty rubbish about myself too, which I do not like, I like to be positive, glass half full. but when things get tough it sometimes takes it out of anyone. But this quote couldn't be more relevant to me right now.

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'Let them be little' - Water fights

Can you remember your childhood memories which included 'water fights'? I can, and those are fond memories for me, the amount of fun we use to have playing out the back with endless amounts of water, and even soapy water down a makeshift water shoot. 

now the weather is getting warmer, the evenings are lighter, the little ones absolutely love to get the water table out, whether to play games in, with the utensils, water the plants to "help them grow and have a drink" or to just chill out. Phoenix loves water play so much too, even though he's at that age where he feels its constant access to a cool beverage, bless. I love to watch them having fun with the water table, I just wish this house wasn't so hectic and I could just drop it all and join in the fun with them instead of being behind the camera! That being said, we do have the 'mud pie' moments that don't please me much when i've just finished cleaning the area ready to do my washing, i'm all for the mud pies and exploration and this is why we have a wonderful plan for our garden to have an area which the littles can make as much mud pies, mud brownies, or mud anything until their hearts content - without digging up all my plants at the 'adult end of the garden where the seating is. Their Grampy is kindly giving us a brand new wendy house from his house that they can have as their den, i've been planning how I want to do a mini vegetable patch so they can learn more about what they eat, Grampy is going to make his wonderful water guttering game along the fence again like last summer and here's the best part.. we're going to make a little fairy garden :) 

Its going to be fab for them, and us. But for now, we will continue to enjoy these little memories that also bring some lovely nostalgia for us too. Children having fun, playing with water in the glorious sunshine with the people they love most, each other. 

I love how this little chap goes into his own little world.
I shot these around 5pm the other evening, the weather was so beautiful, the sunset was golden and it just created the perfect haze. I used my Canon 35mm f/2 lens, with 1/1250 shutter speed as the girls were moving pretty fast with the water jumping up and down like crazy!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you who had linked up last week, who commented and who joined in on the Letthembelittleproject hashtag on Instagram. 

My favourite instagram this week was this from Laura at Hello mister magpie.

My favourite blog post came from the lovely Amelia at Oh little one sweet. Its such a heartfelt post that many can relate to, she talks about remembering the first days of being a Mama to her beautiful little chap, how time flies watching them grow and how it can sometimes seem like a lifetime ago that they were ever so tiny. 

If you fancy linking up your Let them be little moments, please link up & I look forward to reading! For more info, please read my first post from last week.

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