Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A very lovely date & afternoon tea in London

The time came for our first date day since having our littles! a proper one anyway!

After dropping the little ones off at Grannies for the day we set off on the Oxford tube to Victoria, we arrived inLondon about 11:45 and it was freezing! It's safe to say that I hadn't chosen the best clothing for the day and only took my black blazer instead of a coat! Knowing that we had some time to spare, we ended up making our way huddled together in the cold (after walking in a complete circle - typical tourists!?) to get a little snack before our afternoon tea at 1pm. Our first spot was a cute little place called Cafe Bella Maria. We both had the usual drinks of a latte & hot chocolate along with Tyrone choosing the goats cheese, caramelised onions, roasted peppers and fresh rocket wrap, I opted for the ever so healthy chicken, bacon & lettuce ciabatta. I loved just sitting and relaxing, watching the world go by and also loved the quirky interior elements. The cakes looked so good but we didn't want to spoil our afternoon tea coming up!
We then braved the cold to take our stroll to find the hotel, wandering the streets of a small part of London really puts it into perspective at how massive it is, Oxfordshire seems so small in comparison, The tall buildings, the busy commuters, the tourists, the busy shops - big city life. There were also a lot of protests going on, so a lot of police about which put us a bit on edge!
While walking on our journey, I unfortunately started to feel a bit funny. Quite scary really, I felt really faint, cold & my vision went a bit fuzzy. It's happened a few times before but not very often, but knowing I had my Mr with me helped, he wrapped his arms around me & made me feel at ease, safe. We then took it easy then we took a rest to stand and breathe. Over looking the London eye, just taking it all in. Time was getting on, so we made our way to the hotel which was just over the road, I started to feel a little less faint thankfully.

So... A couple of weekends a go, I had booked this 'signature afternoon tea' including a glass of 'Laurent Perrier' champagne at The Royal Horseguards Hotel for both of us via Groupon. The main purpose of me booking was for my Mr's belated 30th birthday present & I was searching for days to find the right place, I found some nice deals at Deanstreet Townhouse in Soho, The Ritz, & a couple more, but this one caught my eye as the reviews were good and it seemed pretty relaxed - the perfect spot for us in need of some chilled out time together.
Posing outside
We couldn't wait to get inside!
A rarity, but completely refreshing & lovely.
Stunning selection
It was such a lovely date for us, having time to focus on us, talking, holding hands, laughing at ourselves and just really enjoying being us, remembering that we can be an 'us' along with being a family & 'mummy & Daddy', we're slowly starting to realise that it's a good thing, and it doesn't make us any less better as parents to take time out for ourselves. it's taken a while but its a good change. That being said, we did talk about the kiddies a lot :) reflecting on our life as parents so far, how we wouldn't change it for the world, how they're growing so fast and we want time to slow down a little bit. That being said, it's also a good thing that they see Mummy & Daddy have time to enjoy too, to see we have love & time for one another. I know I would've loved to see this as a kid. Parents respecting one another, enjoying each others company, having time together to relax. 
Huge fans of cream teas we are... :)
A clip that isn't included in our movie was when i'm walking in this area, trying to be 'natural' and my skirt blew up, leaving me running back - both of us hysterical! Thank goodness for opaque tights!
We then took a lovely walk through St James Park, the sunshine was warm but the breeze still cold! Off to another Cafe we went...not before a spot of more posing though!
We also had a little peak at Buckingham Palace, not getting too close as it was mobbed with tourists!
We then headed back to catch the bus, eagerly waiting to see the little ones as it's the longest I've ever been without them! Waiting to give them some huge cuddles! The coach ride on the way back was lovely, I continued to read my book, Mr had a little nap, I just took it all in really. The peace, the views as the sun was setting, it was a good day for us, together.

Here's a little movie of our day.

If you'd like to read my little review of our Afternoon tea, click here.
A post in iphone pictures is up on the blog tomorrow :)

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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 - March

March has been a very hectic month for our family this year, we've been waiting in anticipation to hear of confirmation for our house move which has only been finalised last Thursday with a moving date of the 4th April, not much notice to pack up your life in one week, with the Mr at work in the day & three littles to entertain. My lovely Mr & I went on our very first date day since having children, a full day for just us two, it was so lovely but we couldn't wait to get back towards the end to give them huge cuddles and kisses!
I have typed my posts from this, but still finishing our movie so they will be up soon along with a review of our afternoon tea! (Oh and the other posts that are hanging out in my drafts folder... time is of the essence and in my case - spare time is non-existent at the moment, so as i'm rushing typing this amongst the boxes i'm packing, the littles are scoffing a cake each that we've just made & I'm still in my pyjamas! I will get back on track! *i will!*

Then we've had all three littles get struck down with chicken pox, one after the other, each getting a worse case - Phoenix is on the mend now but still absolutely covered bless him. Yves was recovering when we went on holiday last week to Woolacombe, this was when the little two got it - great timing or what!

These photos were from the end of our holiday at Woolacombe beach car park. We had just had a delicious lunch (Mr having the crab salad, I o the other had opted for the very healthy - pancakes, bacon, egg & maple syrup!..... tut tut it was a must as i've always wanted to try the mix of flavours). Phoenix had a bit of mine & the girls got to choose and chose a gigantic cake each! So all fed & happy, they didn't mind having some photos, and they found it very funny watching Mummy run back and fourth for the self time! The camera was balancing on a curb which i almost tripped over!

I love all our faces in these, Phoenix is watching the birds fly in the top one! I also love how the photos were captured on our first family holiday of 2015. I will be posting more of our holiday very soon! including a movie! 
We love visiting Devon, and hope to buy a house down by the sea, a little in the countryside one day. 
Hopefully the dream will become reality in the future, but for now - here's to the big house move on Saturday - Wish us luck, and plenty of brain power!

Here's our previous pictures this year:



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Monday, 30 March 2015

Living arrows 2015 - 13/52

This week has been non-stop. 

Three little ones getting chicken pox one after the other.
Getting a worse case each time.
Coming back from holiday.
Trunki's still left in the boot.
Beginning to pack for our house move on Saturday.
The house is a mess.
Tiredness is the norm.
But it will be okay, all will be fine!
Here's to positivity!

On that note, check out this beautiful backdrop on Woolacombe beach.
(More on our holiday soon, when I get a spare five minutes to type a proper post!)

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

{Ordinary Moments 2015} - 13/52 - Relentless

One word to sum up the past few days. A few weeks ago Yve's got chicken pox from Pre-school, took a while to heal and get past the sore stage, then we were in holiday prepping mode, then actually went on holiday, then Halle caught the chicken pox half way through, and then little Phoenix who has the worst case out of the three of them. We're now on day three of full chicken pox and he has been so out of character at times bless him, he's wanted Mummy to snuggle with almost 24hrs a day, he is absolutely covered in the spots, massive lumps on his head too. It's awful seeing your little ones suffer and theres not much you can do to stop it. All you can do is comfort them in their time of need and offer the mini treatments as well. We've been doing lots of honey and oat baths, calamine lotion and plenty of fluids. They've coped amazingly considering the intensity of it all.

The tiredness got to everyone over the weekend, the switching off from holiday mode, trying to get the kiddies into some kind of normalcy once again all for it to change again next week. bonkers here right now. i've been moody, stressy and not myself to be honest. Tiredness can be such a major point in how your day is going to pan out don't you think?

To go with all of this, we only got given to go ahead for our house move on Thursday - we move next Saturday and we have a week to pack our house up. Mr is at work until Thursday so I think it's safe to say that it's going to be busy, tiring and relentless this week also. Entertaining recovering children, whilse packing and trying to be supermum - it's going to be tough but i'll do my best!

In the whirlwind of extra breastfeeds to help comfort by boy through the night, the tired little girls wanting Mummy's full attention, the feeling of being so helpless as a parent, the feelings of wondering if i'm doing a good enough job, watching the girls heal well, tiredness setting in on a regular occurrence, planning this house move, and trying not to lose my brain cells - I've embraced those extra snuggles, and am actually needing more myself too. Having the thought that my cuddles help to comfort them is the best feeling and over rides all those things just mentioned.

 The next few weeks are going to be strenuous, heart aching to leave a house we've made a home, adapting to the change while all this is going on too, but we'll do it. Change is whats needed in life sometimes, and in this case, change is going to be good for our family, a fresh new chapter.

A fresh new page, together.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 13/52

This past week we've been on holiday down in Devon. Visited various places but stayed in Woolacombe - beautiful place! Time was short as my two littles got chicken pox off big sister so extra TLC was needed. I did make a goal to finish reading this book... I didn't complete it, not even close, but I made the effort and read about three chapters. Better than none I guess, & it must be a good book as it keeps me wanting to read more. I also got this Glamour magazine (something I use to be addicted to was magazines, still am but not as much as when I was little. I 


Anyone else been watching this new series? I love it! looking forward to episode three this week :)
Lusting over Yve's new Fatface hoodie, entirely appropriate :)

Loving this ladies music, her voice is so effortless.

 Salmon, buttered new potatoes, asparagus, tender stem broccoli, lettuce & parsley sauce. Claire & I each contributed to this, her more so! ;)
I know it's not making something, but this past week we've made so many lovely memories on our holiday, just look at this amazing sunset that we got to witness each night. No filter needed.


Love this quote. Completely true words.


I'm going to try really hard on catching up on my blogging, and leaving some comments on your lovely posts too. Thank you all for your kind comments recently, a week with almost no internet does put you back a bit in regards to this blogging malarky doesn't it ;) it was a very much needed internet break though.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Living arrows 2015 - 12/52

We're going to miss this garden when we move in a week or so. we've had so much fun together here, shared laughter, tears and made so many memories. it's not a huge garden, but its been perfect for us, a little sun trap in which we have grown strawberries last summer, had paddling pools, Grampy built a lovely little sandpit for them, flowers blooming, a play shed, it's been fab.

It was a dirt box when we moved in, thankfully my dad helped a lot and basically re-landscaped it for us, planted grass seed, flowers, little fences, and my brother fitted nice decking. Something we appreciated and it was made a lot more safer for the little ones as opposed to stones and broken slabs.

Having somewhere to play outside until your hearts content is a really lovely thing, not everyone gets the luxury of a garden, and we've been so thankful. Its a huge part of a childhood, exploring in the garden, digging for gold, finding worms, rolling around in the grass, swinging on the swing, sliding down the slide (or hiding under it for when Daddy gets in from work ;) )

I hope the garden we move to will live up to the standard of our little happy garden that we've made here for the past 3 and a half years. 

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

{Ordinary Moments 2015} - 12/52 - Time together, you & me.

Time together, you & me. 

Since having our little ones It's not that often that Mr B & I get to spend together just the two of us. And on the small number of occasions we have, it really is so nice to get to focus on one another uninterrupted. Don't get me wrong - being a parent is by far the best things that's happened to us, we live this parenting journey that we're on, and over the past few years our little family has seen so many changes, we've grown to a family of five, we've faced and overcome some very difficult times together & and apart, we've relished in our family life, and out every fibre of our bodies and souls into our children. So much so that we have forgotten to nurture our  part in it all. The two of us started this whole thing yet we've been so busy, busy with our family life that we've not really had lots of time to give back to ourselves. Life situations got in the way, made things impossible to be together, then work life for Mr B got busy, and I have found it hard switching off "mummy mode". 

So. We made ourselves a pact that from now on, we are going to make sure we get our time, along with having our wholesome family life. To have peaceful meals together, enjoy each other's company, hold hands, cuddle, chatter and joke about complete nonsense. Because, it's okay to accept that we need our time too. 

So last weekend, we had a booked date in advance. A day just the two of us in London for a lovely signature afternoon tea in a lovely hotel in Westminster. I'll talk more about this in my dedicated post coming soon! (So many posts to publish but away on holiday!).

The best thing though was spending time together, with my best friend. Time is precious, and how you spend it is the main thing. We talked, laughed, hugged, held hands, had our first afternoon tea, took the Micky out of each other as we always do, acted like complete tourists near Buckingham palace too! Wallys! It was a much needed day where we could just be. Be together, enjoying one another - without distraction. It was our first ever full day without the kids, I felt lost, nervous but I think it's a good thing that we're starting to make ourselves priority along with being parents. A moment we want to become and ordinary one. 


Friday, 20 March 2015

Loving the little things 2015 - 12/52

I was so pleased to be taking part in the Springtime surprise project by Capture by Lucy. Such a wonderful idea & I loved opening my parcel, reading this note from a complete stranger - a very talented one at that. I can't wait to put this personalised wall decal up in the girls room once we move.
I also enjoyed reading this book called 'Tales of a midwife by Maria Anderson' on the coach to & from London for our Date day! (a first in years!) post soon! I'm really loving making more time for myself to get lost in a good book, it's a topic i'm really interested in as well which is even better! I use to love the smell of a freshly bought book from the book shop, taking it home and reading it, but then half the time not actually finishing it completely! So it's a new goal of mine to finish the books I start! 


Wow, a big aspect of mine & my brothers childhood, felt so odd watching it with my kiddo's!

These pictures were taken from London last Saturday on our date. We went to a lovely 5* hotel called 'The Royal Horseguards located near the London eye. I'm going to be posting a full review & also the day itself very soon (including a movie I made!) Anyways, the shoes & bag are next, dress is my old bargain from Primark, and my lovely blazer is from GANT and its now in the sale, and my lovely statement necklace was a 50p buy from a car boot in Hayling Island!
Rocking the tired mama eyes with my new and first ever MAC lippy purchase, this is 'Ruby Woo'

I absolutely love this song, the lyrics mean a lot to me! 

 Uncle James made some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle masks after watching the original 90's movie!
 We made all butter chocolate chip shortbread. We don't buy biscuits anymore, homemade is best!
 Only relevant to mention that i'm still making milk for my boy right? ;)
And my posts wouldn't be complete without the occasional (frequent) intake of hot chocolates! whilst lusting over everything in the new Boden mag!


As you read this, my little family will be making our way down to Devon for the week! have a fantastic weekend everyone! x

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