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My favourite bloggers of 2014!

This Blog is my absolute favourite. Elsie & Emma are two super talented sisters & have an array of wonderful posts. It's unbelievably inspiring, crafty, stylish and sleek. 

Lucy's blog is one that I glanced at one day and loved the fact that she writes and captures her little ones so consistently, wonderful projects going on which I joined a few months back, and find it so refreshing to read like-minded posts, a Mama who loves to document it all.

Katie writes this adorable blog about her life with her husband and two very stylish little girls. Katie's writing and photography blows me away each time I read a post. I feel I have a lot in common with Katie & love the fact that she is very interactive with her readers, friendly & supportive.

Emily is such a sweetie, her blog is something else! The recipes, the tips & tricks, the positivity - I love it all! Her photography is so crisp & sharp - completely & utterly beautiful.

Lucy's blog is 100% beautiful. The way she can turn anything into a work of art using her styling & photography is wonderful. Not to mention the posts about her new 'forever home', very inspiring.

I love this stylish blog by Fritha. Elements of lifestyle, fashion, interiors & parenting, I love to catch up on the latest adventures she goes on with her husband & their little chap Wilf, not to mention Fritha's vintage and retro style is amazing!

I love this blog by a lovely mama of two girls, Morgana. I love the honesty, the reviews & cool link ups. I'm hoping to join up and be consistent with 'Bad Mum's Club' & 'Little things' & I feel I can relate to them well!

I've recently been linking up with one of Jenny's posts 'share with me'. I love how friendly, bubbly and happy Jenny comes across on her blog. Her Youtube video is brilliant too, you'll find recipes, parenting and get to read the updates about her sweet little children.
Lucy blogs about all things I love. Parenting, living on the road with little ones, travel, breastfeeding, and just brilliantly written not to mention her super cute little girls with the coolest names, like ever.

Jess's blog is a wonderful mixture of parenting, reviews, crafting & not to mention her two adorable little ones. I love how she talks very passionately about topics like breastfeeding, being a Mum & also check out her other two blogs as well!

This blog is very beautiful indeed. Kerry writes about her lovely little girl Amelia, & cute pregnancy updates about her little baby boy due in January 2015! I love to read honest opinions about products, & she's very friendly too!

A group of lovely, & honest Mothers!

I find this blog so beautifully written, honest & powerful. Jenny is a very inspirational lady & I admire her words.

Photography loving Mamas! This was the place where I found the project 'Living Arrows', and fell in love right away! I will be continuing to join them & will be a new 'contributor' as of 2015 over at

Go and check these wonderful blogs out! 


Me & Mine - A Family Portrait - December 2014

This Christmas was a special one for us all. It was our first Christmas as a family of FIVE. I can't quite believe it still, but its amazing to think that we have these three special little people in our lives. 
Phoenix's very first Christmas, and it's been lovely to watch him gaze at all the lights in amazement, and also pulling the baubles and beads off the tree was his new favourite thing to do! 

Here's our little tribe from Christmas morning, the girls were saying... "sizzling sausages"! haha. and it looks like Phoenix is signing "This dude is turning ONE next month"!

This one was Christmas Day at my Dads house. Halle was feeling a little overwhelmed and had just woke up bless her. Every photo i've asked from the girls over Christmas, they've just not been interested, or just rather be doing something else like playing with toys or asking for endless amounts of chocolates - ah!
But honest photos are the best, regardless of the emotion - at least its true.
As much as I love these photos, and all the posed ones - You can't beat the natural shots in my opinion :-)

Click on the images to have a look at our previous months in 2014. 




I've loved looking at everyone's posts, and interacting with you all. Blogging really is a wonderful thing. It's lovely to share with others what we all have a huge passion for. 

I'm so glad that i've captured our little family for the past six months, i'm looking forward to doing a full year in 2015.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Living Arrows - 10

I wanted to share these three images I took of my Yve's from our weekend away in November.
These photos alone make me feel so emotional, just to look at hoe fast she is growing, the closer I look into her eyes, I can see a little glimmer into the person she is becoming. She is a very caring soul, loves to explore & to feel free. On the flip side, she has the ability to dazzle you with her conversation & knowledge, & has a heart of pure gold. 


She's never had her hair cut, and even though the days where it is so snotty I am tempted to just give it a tidy/trim - its looking at these photos here that make me love her hair so much, the gentle flowing with natural blonde ends is something I love to see.

I'm going to be soaking up as much time possible with my family over the holidays, especially this little soul. She is extending her Thursday morning at pre-school to stay until 3pm - It's safe to say that i will feel lost without her for those extra three hours, and I just can't believe that I need to start getting my head around the fact that Primary school is in 2015 - I'll go and blubber in the corner now!

Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year x

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ordinary Moments - Ups and Downs

As I sit writing this post, everyone else is asleep. I am tired beyond measure, but this is good for my soul right now. This past week, we have all been hit with a horrible cold/flu/sick/chesty cough bug. It's the first proper time this year that we've all been effected at once, We're pretty good at keeping healthy, especially the kids! *touches wood*. I can honestly say that in the past 6 days, I have probably had a about 10 hours sleep - in total. Its such an awful feeling when you can't seem to help your little ones when they're sick, feeling helpless is horrible. The worry of your little one coughing so hard through the night despite having medicine & comfort, the feeling of being so tired and wondering how you're going to cope and put on that happy brave face the next day even though you feel poorly too. This is the not so fun part to parenting, the worrying and hard part more so. So I feel exhausted, have Low motivation & low appetite, and just feel meh. But each night that has passed with little sleep, I have made sure that I have squeezed in some extra kisses & cuddles, laying beside my little three each in turn, stroking their sweet faces as they drift off to sleep. And to wake up each morning to my three little treasures is a blessing - even if it has been before the sun rises.

I've also felt a little all over the place in my thoughts too, both personal & blog/photography, and feel like i'm stuck in a rut in regards to my 'creative side'. I get so annoyed at myself for not succeeding in completing my never ending 'to-do' lists, my goals, never feeling like there is enough time to learn what I want to teach myself, to be able to better myself. Organisation is a thing I find hard at the minute too, but with three little ones - it can be tricky, but all the more reason to stay more organised!

Creative side of main issue, and always has been is confidence. The feeling like i'm never going to get there. And it's thinking this a lot thats made me realise, where is there? Of course I have ideas of what it might be, but for now (and for 2015) I am going to focus on taking each step one day at a time, after all the journey is the best part to any destination right?

It's times like these that make you sit back, reflect & count your lucky stars for what you have. It certainly makes you appreciate the great times all the more. Theres a saying i've recently come across & it couldn't be more appropriate.

On a lighter note, I had a lovely 'date morning' with Ty (& Phoenix) last weekend, we had a morning of Christmas shopping planned but I wasn't feeling well so we settled for a scrumptious breakfast in a lovely little cafe, and we did manage to pick up a couple of presents. The main thing was that we got to spend time as us two as opposed to Mummy & Daddy (Even though Phoenix was there too but he luckily slept the best part!). It was nice to sit and eat a hot breakfast, have an adult conversation without having the "why's and please can I have's" from the girls. It was lovely to walk hand in hand, laugh at each others jokes or general silliness. The last time we had a morning like this was our 8 year anniversary in July, the time before that was exactly this time last year. We've made a vow to do it more often, take time out for us. after all without us, there wouldn't be this wonderful little family that we have, we need to remember to nurture ourselves along with our parenting life, it's only healthy right? 

Hot Chocolate & Latte order was a must

Cheeky boy

Indecent exposure, I think not.


He loves the camera, obvs.

Paris a'calling.

All Christmassy in the Covered Market.

These cakes are amazing!

I had a beans on toast cake for one of my birthday from my Dad, brilliant!

Pretty wall

I told you I was taller.

O'Christmas tree

I've really enjoyed linking up with Katie's 'Ordinary moments' this year. I love that blogging has opened my eyes to people who share the same passions as me and the fact that they are so friendly, always willing to help or offer support. I love this link up as it's an important factor in life, capturing the everyday, the simple but sweet moments. In years to come I will be living wondering where my memories have faded to, the everyday ones anyway and I know that they will be in my head but also right here as proof of a wonderful little ordinary life we lead. Happiness is the simple things in life.

Here's to 2015.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ordinary Moments - A Weekly Family Swim

The past week, we've been up to all sorts, including baking, making jolly snowmen biscuits, painting, and generally being silly. Here's some recent cheeky faces from my three little treasures...

 And as it's December I wanted to stick with the festive posts I had to get this in there...

So every Friday we visit one of our local swimming pools that both Daddy & I use to visit when we were little, it's nothing spectacular, just a small pool (thats heated like a bath might I add and is sadly closing next week so we'll be moving to the new pool round the corner, sad times!), the kids love it, we love it and the bonus is that most Fridays it's only our family members in there. Us five along with Grandad, Uncles, their auntie and cousins - it's great.

We have taken the little ones swimming since they were all very small so they're very confident and enjoy being in the water. The one thing we do find amazing though, is looking at the girls progression. They've gone from being small babies splashing, to cautious paddlers, to what they are now - fearless fish who love to jump in, touch the floor and love the fact they have goggles each! A very proud thing for us to watch each week.

Quite simply, this is an ordinary but very much enjoyable moment for our family.

Happy - By Pharrell Williams

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