Thursday, 30 October 2014

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014 - October

Here's out family portrait for October, Its only an Iphone snap but it was from a great night out as a family of five! We attended a 40th birthday party, and then a 50th birthday party (at Grannies) so we had a very relaxed evening, the kiddies were so good, the girls had late naps so lasted a bit longer, Yve's was a right party-go'er and stayed up until around 1am! she was enjoying the company & even earned a few pounds from the adults, she was so chuffed and was carrying her little purse around with her for weeks!

I also enjoyed my first alcoholic drink in about 4 years (a very weak wine/lemonade!). Pregnancies and breastfeeding has come first these past few years, and I just lost interest really compared to my teenage years where a bottle of Pinot Grigio would be the go to at the weekends!  It was a lovely night to spend some time having adult conversations, having un-interrupted chats with my soulmate and eat lots of yummy food! 

That first drink

Yummy home made cakes

I actually dressed up for a night out for the first time in over a year.

Any excuse for a pose!

Our beautiful little family

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Phoenix - You are 9 months old

My sweet boy, you are growing so fast that I want time to stand still. You're becoming very aware of the fact that you want to follow your sisters around, getting stuck in to their adventurous games & being cheeky like them too. You have been having a good go at the 'army crawling' for about two weeks now, that was until the other night (Your biggest sisters 4th birthday) that you spotted her colourful balloons and got up on all fours and darted across the room leaving us all in amazement! Literally the space of 30mins you had accomplished the thing that you have been mastering the past few weeks! we were all blown away, it will be a moment that I cherish forever, and it makes it even more special as you did it on big sisters birthday!

This morning I woke up to you trying to pull yourself up in your cot grinning from ear to ear, then you attempted to pull yourself up on the door then you did a little face plant - but giggled it off! I also had to hoover before breakfast, because as soon as you went on the carpet, you decided you wanted to go on the 'lets eat anything not edible' hunt!...There really is no stopping you now my boy.

When it comes to the evenings, you're still very much a 'Mumma's boy', just when you feel you need extra hugs, kisses, or milk you usually reach out for me. (I am milk lady more like!), just kidding. I am more than happy for these moments as I love them all the more. That being said, you kick your legs with excitement when you realise Daddy is home from work, you go all giddy, hold out your chubby little arms & know you're just about to be tickled by your hero.

You're also really enjoying your food still, trying a whole variety each day. Much enjoyment comes from our weekly swimming session on Fridays at the local pool where lots of other family members also join us, you look like a little fish in the water! Mummy tried to use a new 'waterproof case' last week to get some snapshots of you and your sisters... but guess what - it wasn't so 'waterproof' after all - epic fail.

Your sleeping pattern has been a little up and down recently, i think it's due to teething, growth spurts and development milestones, a little bit of separation anxiety too (even though I sleep just next to you!). You don't cry as such, just groan, mumble 'mama', or crawl about in mid-sleep then that wakes me instantly and I end up with about 6 hours broken sleep. Some nights are better than others, but the rough nights when there is hardly any quality sleep, I try to fight the tiredness and just remember that you wont need me forever, your big sisters have the odd night where they still need Mummy & Daddy snuggles to feel safe too, and aside all the tiredness - we cherish these moments. You usually just need a little snuggle, a small rock whilst listening to my heartbeat no doubt, & maybe a little bit of mama milk then you're back to Dozeyland. 

I think you just like to know i'm still nearby, I'll always be here for you no matter how big you grow my boy. I know that when the time does come that you don't need those snuggles at night I will feel a sense of relief (for my tired eyes) but a huge sense of sadness for my beating heart that you loved to listen to each night, that sent you soundly off to sleep. 

I am ever so thankful for you my precious little chap. 

Love you so much xxx


Monday, 27 October 2014

And Then She Was Four...Happy Birthday Our Darling Yve's

Happy 4th birthday to our darling Yve's

We started off the day with some birthday pancakes, and just relaxed at home for the morning really, half term means no rushing about! She had so many lovely presents to open up & was joined by Halle's excitement too, she would share the opening of her presents with little sis - just the kind of thing she loves to do, is to make sure others feel happy too. 

They loved playing and jumping around the house with their beautiful Tinkerbell fairy outfits complete with wings & wigs - a gift from their Grannie all the way from Las Vegas, how cool! We also had various rounds of hot chocolates, marshmallows & lashings of cream, snuggled under the duvet watching DVDs.

The afternoon came, we were just going with the flow & decided to meet their Grampy & Great-Nan at one of our local parks. It was beginning to get chilly, but nothing like a few games of hide & seek couldn't fix, especially when playing with your 80 year old Nan! It was a lovely afternoon, lots of giggles, conversation, leaf throwing (over me) and wonderful company. I think it's safe to say that my beautiful girl had a brilliant fourth birthday. 

When we got home, it was then time to open some presents with Daddy once he returned home from work, more family visits with more gifts for the birthday girl, very lucky indeed. The little two were then ready for bed, but our four year old wanted to stay up a little bit longer because she was "bigger" now. The three of us snuggled all together under a blanket and just talked, which then sent our sweet little four year old off to a sweet slumber in our arms. It sounds really cheesy, but we then just gazed at her, looked at each other and both let out a huge sigh of happiness. This was where our parenting journey began, this little human being changed our world in a million ways, and for the better. She taught us so many things about life, about ourselves and still does every day now. 

I really can't believe my first born baby girl is four.

I find the whole thing very overwhelming. As I lay with her some nights when she wants me to stroke her sweet head or tickle her arm to help soothe her off to sleep, I just look at her in amazement. She was the one who turned me into a Mummy. I will be eternally grateful to her for that, and I want her to know just how amazing she is. I will always be there to remind her that she needs to always be true to herself, know her worth & never feel the need to be like someone else. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, love herself for who she is.

Born 27.10.10 weighing 8lb 9oz.

I am so glad that i'm very slowly getting to grips of creating short movies, I love to watch them and so do the girls! I have hundreds of movies from years ago until now, just not enough time to make them into something or put into a dvd copy! I love this little movie here, especially the clip where Yve's is snuggling into Daddy after the very long day she had for her birthday! I also used Ellie Goulding's 'Your song', as we have played this to her since she was born, it was also number 1 at the time! I wanted to get so many more clips but was trying to photograph at the same time too!

I also wrote about her Rainbow party, please check it out :-)


Sunday, 26 October 2014

The night before you were born - My beautiful Yves

This time four years ago we were expecting our first bundle of joy. That baby was you my girl. I was 4 days past my due date, wondering if I had been feeling a little baby girl or baby boy kicking me all over the past 40 weeks, feeling happy, heavy, anxious, excited and a whole lot of emotions rolled into a big ball. Little did we know that you were to make your debut the next day on the 27th October 2010 at 8:33pm, weighing a beautiful 8lb 9oz. (Birth story will be on my blog soon)

I remember feeling overwhelmed, doubting myself for how I would cope in labour, thinking the worst, wondering if I was prepared enough, would I bond with tou? Would I feel that 'rush of love'?  Would I cope with it all? I think every pregnant woman experiences these feelings towards the end, hormones all over the place, tiredness, all of which caused a lot if self-doubt in my case. 

I remember that daddy & I went for a little drive at this time, we drove around a local village, parked in a small train station car park, I shared all of my worries, sobbed a little with him and Daddy did what he does best and he made me feel like I was capable of all those things, that we were going to be embarking on a new wonderful life as a family of three and that everything would be more than ok. I remember this so clearly, and it made me feel completely ready. Ready to meet you. 

The moment you came into our lives when I gave birth was the most spectacular and magical day of my life. You were the first person to turn me into soneones Mummy, your Mummy. I will be eternally grateful for you in my life Yvie-Mae. 

Today, you had your birthday party with your family and friends, you had a brilliant time! (Will be posting her actual birthday and party soon). At bed time, you got a little emotional and said, you didn't want to go to bed, as when you wake up for your birthday you will be a 'big girl', and you didn't want to be a 'big girl'. Then daddy & I explained to you that even though you are growing, you will always been our darling baby girl, forever the little baby who made us parebts for the very first time. 

love you so much my sweet girl, with the beat heart and the fire in my soul, forever & always X x x


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

{Simple things} - Autumn, we heart you.

So it's well and truly feeling like autumn here now, and we love it! The cold mornings snuggled up in our quilts before the pre-school run, the cosy afternoons watching dvds, doing puzzles or crafting and ...drinking lots of hot chocolates. In the evenings, we love to snuggle up, put some almost edible-ish scented candles on (out of reach of course), reflect about our day and just giggle at the kiddies antics. 

To me, this is blissful. the simplicity of it all makes it even better.

 We have a busy weekend coming up with our eldest daughter turning FOUR (sob), her birthday party, and then its half term - always busy with three under 4! After that, we will be planning our weekend away to Mudeford in November - Somewhere we are very fond of and which holds a lot of memories. So I am relishing these plain & simple ordinary days at home, spending time with my little three each day. 

The cold crisp mornings, the puddle jumping with the girls, conker collecting, leave whoosing, hot chocolates (with marshmallows & cream of course), relaxing lighting with scented candles, putting on the snuggliest clothing, bigs hats & scarves to go on country walks and visiting some lovely parks, watching their Daddy's football with rosy cheeks, and secretly getting excited for the upcoming Christmas! (big kid).
These are the things we love the most in Autumn.

It's also a lovely season because their is still sunshine with the cold at times, like today. 

Our simple life that I treasure dearly. I feel blessed that i get to spend days at home with my three babies, watching them grow, blossoming sibling bonding - really magical. 

Here's some photos I took on my phone this week. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

{Siblings} - October 2014

My siblings are blossoming more and more each day, I adore the complete mixture of characters, which bounce off of each other in great and clashing ways. Little Halle is always trying to keep up with big sister with the climbing, and can't understand why she's not as tall, but then she's a fierce little ball in her own right and is completely bonkers too! They play beautifully one minute, then scrap over the same toy the next, then immediately apologise if they've over stepped the mark. I think this will always be inevitable with two very head strong little girls! ...Phoenix is always chasing after them in his walker, or more recently crawling, or wriggling like a caterpillar hoping that they drop some food!

When we drop Yve's off at pre-school four days a week, I find it so heart warming that she takes Halle's hand, shows her off very proudly to her friends and teachers, and wants her to stay. then when we leave until pick up time, they share a huge embrace, with kisses and 'i love you's' too - I hope this carries on forever!

They completely adore their little brother, and find him ever so funny now he's starting to babble, and crawl (steal their toys!). I love how my three look at each other, I really do hope they stay this close forever.

Heres a few captures from my Iphone (not the best quality, but the memory means more to me!)
Cheeky box antics!

Having a pose after the harvest festival! (safety first!)

Before it got very messy at Splat! playgroup!

very cute little moment here, big sisters reading stories to little brother. 

and then these two images from my 'big cam'...
He loves to watch them play, then squeals!

Sharing a story together all snuggled.

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{Ordinary moments} - Home sweet home

I've struggled to think of a post this week in all honesty. My mind has been going 100mph thinking about my biggest girl turning FOUR next week, planning her 'rainbow' party, keeping on top of the house, attending two birthday parties (where I had my first alcoholic beverage in 1 1/2 years! half lemonade and half wine, went down a treat) and trying to not get all emotional about the whole 'my baby becoming a year year old human being'.

So to simplify things a little.

I want to talk about our life within our four walls, our cosy little life in our home sweet home. We take our children to some lovely places, trips and adventures, but nothing comes close to best like being at home. the place we all feel at ease, it doesn't matter where we live, or where we choose to live in years to come, because its what you make it inside that counts. to look at, it drives me insane somedays, the mess, the clutter, but when you take all that out the equation and its just us in our little bubble of happiness, that nobody is going to burst.

Anyone else feel this way about their family home? Or wherever you go, do you make it 'home'?
We love to.

After the pre-school run, I love nothing more than to spend time at home with my little ones, being silly, playing games, soaking it all in. Waiting for Daddy to come home from work, family dinner time (sometimes with the added meltdown or refusal of dinner but hey ho! these things happen), then its the crazy time that is bath time with bath foam, story time and snuggles then its chill time. We've recently starting having 'movie nights' which has been fab! time to reflect about our day, what we have planned and just how lucky we count ourselves.

When the time does come for a new home, I look forward to making another 'home sweet home', before we had our children, we had lived in four homes already and each one, we made it our home, the place we felt comfortable in, and loved. The now applies with our live with children - they love being at home as much as we do. much as I love elements of summer, days out, being outdoors - the things I am looking forward to most, especially this autumn/winter is snuggling up with my family on the sofa, laughing, sharing stories and surrounding us all the the biggest amount of love possible.

I love these images of my three little treasures, Yves was just staring into the camera, Halle was staring at Toy Story 3 & Phoenix is giggling at me being silly, I LOVE colour photos, especially as they all have the most amazing eyes, but these black & white images just make my heart melt.
(Of course i've kept the colour versions too!)

These are ordinary moments for me, extremely lucky to have these three in my life. 

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Living arrows - 4

A little phone snap here of my almost 4 year old... (sob)
She insists on wearing these pretty shoes despite them being two sizes too big, she can pull anything off though with that beautiful face, & infectious charm.

I love my girl x

living arrowsi heart snapping

Monday, 13 October 2014

Blast from the past - two

'Ready for swimming with my muscles..and that fringe' - April 95'

March 199

Two part fringe wins again - Bernwood forest April 94

July 1991

loved this bike! not that fringe though!, ha - June 1996

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