Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Me & Mine - A Family Portrait - September 2014

September we saw a lot of sunshine, which meant lots of glorious time spent at parks, picnics rather than dinner time at home and just making the absolute most of this special time we get to share with each other (especially at the weekends).

Miss YM moved to her new pre-school which she is thoroughly enjoying, she's recently won "healthy lunch of the day" and her teachers are always telling me what a delightful girl she is! I feel so proud of my girl! 

This month we have also experienced some disappointing news regarding moving to a new home - which is sadly not happening now as we were let down. (more of a reason that we want to move to the coast in the next few years). We're happy with our little home right now but eventually we want to move to a bigger home, & just for a more simple way of life, less distractions, and to raise our children in a place where its not bombarded with crap to be honest. A more simple way of living, making the most of each other, spending time together outdoors at the beach, indoors - hopefully in a wonderful cottage one day!A place not so busy as where we are now, a place where childhood is made the most of, sacred even. if there is such a place, we're in search of it. We've always loved being by the sea, it always makes me feel at ease, maybe its the fresh sea air!...

For now though, we are content in what we have made, we take pleasure in spending simple days like these, at the park, being silly and sharing lots of love & hugs.

[This photo was taken on my Iphone using the Gorillacam self-timer.]

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Elements of life: End of September 14'

Working On...
My blogging presence, how to keep up with social media in regards to my blog & photography, and brainstorming lots for posts, my photography site also, getting my name out there.
Thinking lots about...
Our future in regards to where will be will be living, We're thinking so much about moving to the coast, somewhere to live a full, simple & happy life and a lovely place to raise our children. A beautiful country home near the sea sounds perfect!

Christmas.. I'm getting prepared this year! 

Listening to...

Foxes - deluxe album - LOVE!!


Lovely wooly jumpers


lots about blogging & how to better my site.

I tried a 'skinny decaf pumpkin spiced latte' the other day , delicious. I can't wait to get making my spiced apple warmer, home made rice pudding, toffee nut lattes..... yum! I'm still trying to drink lots of water & eating more fruit & veg, I just seem to stupidly forget? crap i know. 
That I could give my beloved Albert a great big hug once more. He really was a one of a kind little dog & my first best friend. Rip little chap.
I'm also wishing for snow this year! ha.

can't believe this one will be FOUR at the end of next month ;-(


Monday, 29 September 2014

Phoenix - 8 months

My gorgeous boy is now 8 months old! I honestly can't believe how fast the past few months have gone, It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to him in the most relaxed labour, cradled him in my arms & was in amazement that he was a boy! with big eyes, chubby cheeks, dark hair and stocky build, all 8 pound 14 ounces of him. That instant rush of love came whooshing just like it did when my two little girls were born, the feeling of finally saying hello to this beautiful baby who had been with you for 40 weeks or so - completely amazing. what I found even more amazing was that he looked just like his 3D pictures I had at around 35 weeks, but I was still totally gobsmacked that we had a little boy. I had a feeling, or more of a premonition that we were going to have a baby boy, a little brother for the girls, We didnt find out his gender at any scans as we just love the surprise! and it keeps everyone guessing too! ;) Just simply amazing...

Every morning I wake up with his beaming smile staring right at me, mumbling "maa maa" cueing me that it's milk time, he cut his first two teeth at the bottom two weeks ago, teething hasn't been so bad so far but we've also seen a few unsettled nights where he either wanted to be snuggled with me, or having milk, or comfort. very tiring at times, but also incredibly adorable to have those extra snuggles and special bonding time. 

Little P has also been sitting unaided for a while now, he is still mastering the art of 'safe landing' but he's getting stronger each day. He really enjoys playing on the floor with his big sisters, pulling himself up in his toy box to have a rummage. He loves to watch his big sisters all the time, following them in his walker or just simply stare at them in amazement, if they go out to the garden, he follows & I then have to lift him out just so he can be involved, he even manages to follow them in his walker - on the grass! leg strengthening!

I can honestly say that this little chaps favourite time is when either food or water is involved. we take all three of them swimming every Friday afternoon and he absolutely loves it - like a little fish! this also applies for his daily bath time, he is fascinated with bubbles, splashing and just showing off in front of us in the water! as for food... he loves it! he is trying out everything, his favourite things are definitely fruit, cheese & dare I say it... tastes of sisters ice cream! he's also a fan of veg, pizza and baby biscuits. anything really as long as it is edible.. but non-edible things work their way to his hands too! aahh!

He has learned the art of the "high-five", the girls find it brilliant!

Our breastfeeding journey is going so well as well, completely blissful, I sometimes find myself getting all emotional when I feed him, as it not only is such a wonderful bonding time for us, it also reminds me of that closeness and bonding time I had when I fed both my girls. it really does make it feel all the more special when you have overcome some sh***y breastfeeding issues & come out the brighter side of things doesn't it? 

He is now also doing the 'rocking' 'stationary crawling' which is super duper cute! he gets all excited and proud of himself too.

I am ever so happy, and blessed each day to have this little fella in my life. He catches everyone's attention wherever we go, especially the old ladies as he flutters his lovely long lashes and blinks those big piercing blue eyes! 

Love you so much my beautiful baby boy. 

Mumma xxx

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

{Ordinary moments} - Teddy bear's picnic and park fun

Last Sunday we didn't have anything planned, the girls were itching to get out & little Phoenix needed a nap. I knew they would benefit from getting outdoors, fresh air (as would I), little chap would fall asleep in the car on the 15minute journey to a lovely little park we visit regularly.

I thought it would be nice to get their beloved teddies (Bobbie-bear & lamby) & have a mini-teddy bears picnic in the morning sunshine...It was a bit breezy at times hence the spotty coats!

They love to just be free, climb, & explore. I love to watch them from a distance and listen to their imaginary world of innocence. The thrill of walking this rope...chuffed so much as you can see!

 Bobbi-Bear joining in on the slide fun!

Having a go at climbing

She's mastered the climbing - barefoot!

"Come on, lets lay down and look at the sky!"

I love this photo of my girls

Lamby enjoying some snack (being force-fed ;) )

Bobbie-bear's turn


Having flowers picked for you by your children is one of the best things, ever.

This boy snoozed the whole time!

 She insisted on wearing her lovely slippers to the park! Comfort is best you know.


And he's awake!

I treasure these little trips to the park with my three special little people, I feel so happy to build these memories with them. They may mean something to small to others but it's these small happy moments that fill the biggest capacity in my heart.

Heres a little movie. (my first go at Imovie...!)
(Music: Happy - by Foxes)


Yves: A month away from Four years

I find it so hard to comprehend that my first born baby will be four this exact date & time next month. Not a day goes by that I am in absolute mesmerisation of this little soul that came into my life those few years ago. She was the one that made me go from being Natalie to - a mother. 

I remember cradling her at night after a feed and staring into her big blue eyes whilst the moonlight was shining through the window and everyone else was fast asleep. Just gazing at her innocence, her magical beauty and just falling completely in love with her minute by minute. She has taught me so much about life in a way that I never knew a little person could. Especially from the age of 14months to the age of two as we shared a very difficult time in our lives that only a few people would understand - A personal matter too sensitive to share here. Whenever I felt like I needed to surrender to the heartache, my baby girl kept me strong, every moment I felt like I was crumbling into a very dark hole, my girl made me believe in the light that would see us through. She made me feel like I wasn't ever alone, she was the one who I would squeeze at night when I needed a hug, she was the one who made me smile when all I felt like doing was to hide in a room and cry, above everyone, she made me a stronger person and who I am today. It's amazing what our children are capable of doing for others without even knowing it. 

She is such a kind-hearted little girl, who enjoys getting lost in bedtime stories all snuggled up, she loves the excitement of being anywhere outdoors, my girl recently had a move to a new preschool where she has had all the teachers amazed at how happy, intelligent and friendly she is. 

"She's a star" they say.

My darling blue-eyed girl quizzes me daily about all different matters. "Why do people speak different languages and not english?" she also "teaches" me that "the leaves fall off the trees, it's because it's autumn you know" and that When apples fall off the trees, they grown in the orchard" one of my favourites is when she recently said "mummy when we eat and drink, it turns into wee and poo doesn't it", yes where did you learn that? "Oh I just taught myself mummy".

Her little word at the moment is one that I find adorablely cute "it stands for 'enormous'.. " mummy, why does that lady have "shormous" earrings?

One of her favourite things to do is caring for her babies, making up little tea parties with great-nanny pat's handmade blankets, teddy bears picnics and snuggling into bed with bobbie bear. She also takes her baby, or Bobbie bear into pre-school for an adventure each time she goes!

My beautiful Yves, mummy is ever so proud of you and I love you to he moon and back. 


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[July 2012]

[September 2014]


Sunday, 21 September 2014

{Ordinary moments} - 'I love you Mummy'

Before I had my children I had always thought what it would be like to be a Mother. Somebody's Mummy, having that tiny little person to look after, dedicate my life to, learn & bond with. My soulmate & I were together 4.5 years when we fell pregnant with our first baby, throughout the blissful pregnancy I was always thinking about how I would be as a Mummy, what our little bundle will look like, what personality he or she would have, what he or she would sound like. 

Those first few words are so incredibly precious, babbles, giggles, gobbidy-goop sentences that only you understand, funny little conversations you have with them touch your heart big time. And then they start to understand certain words, and then those sentences and they come out with the words you never really thought you'd hear and only dreamt of... "I love you so much Mummy".

The first time you hear those sweet little words is enough to make you burst with pride, joy and a whole lot of happiness all in one big bang. I love to make sure we all say our "I love you's" especially after our bedtime stories - the girls are the first to shout "I LOVE YOUUUUU! to us both... and to little chap.
but its those little spontaneous moments when you watch them playing, or daydreaming then they just come out with it when you least expect it. "I love you".

 We have a little thing we do in our house where they say what they love you like and in little H's words at the moment "I love you so lots Mummy" then from Y-M we have the whole list of "I love you like....rainbows!, I love you like love hearts! all of those are the sweetest and some are completely random, but utterly adorable. 

Some people take things like a little "I  love you" for granted, and some don't even acknowledge this amazing connection at all. I just feel super-duper proud & it makes me so happy to hear my little ones say those words to me, its music to my ears - really is. I feel so blessed to have them in my life, to hear those sweet words and I just cannot possibly find all the words I need to describe how lucky I feel and how much I love them. 

[Iphone snap from my biggest girls dancing presentation disco]

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sometimes it gets overwhelming


The past week I haven't really felt like myself. I've felt somewhat distant sometimes and I don't like it one bit. It all kind of surfaced when we had a chance at moving to a lovely local village, lovely bigger home, perfect setting to be congratulated on this chance by officials, then bam - then for it all to fall apart without you being able to do anything, extremely shitty if you ask me. That being said, I also am very thankful for what we do have, we have a very loving family home, its far from perfect but its our home sweet home, it's what we've made it compared to the bare walls, concrete floors it was when we moved in three years ago. 

Its just put a downer on certain aspects really, schooling in particular as we had preference for our kids, if we got the house, everything was in place, now its all changed and my head is just all over the shop. 

It just really de-motivated me. 

Its effected me in a way that it's knocked my judgement on things, I have low energy, that week we were waiting for reasons for why it wasn't ours I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I got tonsilitis from feeling so run down. and I just feel like complete poo. On top of that I having to keep a smiley face on for my three little ones, of course they brighten up my day but in those moments when I'm with my thoughts - I think that I have somehow failed them. when in actual fact it was that situation that did, not me. no matter how I say it though, I just haven't been able to get on top of things. 

We lead a pretty busy life with bits of routine including nursery runs every morning there & back, playgroups, swimming every Friday evening, my partner does his running twice a week, I try to fit in my post-natal fitness each evening but this sometimes gets put on the back-burner - reluctantly, then theres the overloading washing from time to time (more recently this week) general chores etc. this week its just hit me! and clouding up my happy place. I just feel like I have no time to stop, and sort stuff out that is really needing attention. 

the past week has seen days where I need a food shop, but we've made do with popping to the local shop to grab necessities and all the other crap you didn't really need. The days where I wanted to blitz our house but then remember its near impossible to do so with three children under 4 that need me, need entertaining, feeding, and need me to be there for them. The moments when I've tried my best, but it doesn't seem enough, the washing up staring at me over & over again, clean washing piles that have grown legs across the bedroom floor (girls playing dress up!). The days when I've realised that I'm not nourishing myself enough, seeing to everyone elses needs and never meeting my own - impossible really, how can I see to others effectively when my tank is empty? 

I get annoyed with myself when I don't complete my 'to-do' lists - usually about a mile long and i'm not quite sure why I make duplicates? I'll think of something, then note it down, then i'll think again then again..I have so many personal projects I want to complete, especially getting up to date with my images/movies and getting more organised with it all - just doesn't ever seem consistent.

Organisation - wow, its the make or break of parenting isn't it? somedays I have got it down to a T, but others (this week) I am an epic fail. another element I want to try and be better at.

and just overall feeling very shitty about myself, my abilities and feeling like i'm not being a good enough mama. 

Yeah those days are crud...

but in the midst of it all, I am so thankful for my three little beauties (even though the girls have been testing me the past two afternoons - I think the lack of my nutrients and good sleep are effecting me really, not them - they're just being kids!) we've had brilliant parts of the week too, its just the overwhelming parts have kind of taken over.

I'm sat here this evening, typing away in a form of therapy. I just needed to write about the past week, I've shed tears of frustration, tears of joy with my babies, and just overall a mixture of up & down emotions. I am ever so lucky to have what I have been blessed with - I am actually thankful for these kind of days as it makes me realise that I am more than capable of over coming them just like I have done, I've experienced far worse. It makes the amazingly good days feel even more special. 

Note to self - dust yourself off & try again - one day at a time. 
& start making yourself a priority woman! (post on this coming soon...)

Here's an image of my tribe from our holiday in August 2014

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

{Siblings} - September 2014

My three little ones have been a wonderful little unit, especially lately. They are interacting more as a whole, little chap is wanting to get involved in their little games more & more, following them in his walker (chasing more like!), I love how they refer to him as "beautiful baby boy", or "little piggy" - the boy loves his food & Mumma milk!.. He is growing into a very cheeky little boy, and the girls thrive on that!

The girls still have days where they want the same toys at once, or when they're trying to make a game up but different age developments get in the way - when Yve's is trying to set up a game and Hal just doesn't have the patience to wait sometimes.. but on the other hand they play beautifully 90% of the time. 

Take now for instance, I am sat with a *hot* cup of tea, homemade shortbread which we did this morning drafting some blog posts, editing some photos, Daddy is snoozing on the sofa after a late night, Phoenix is napping, and the girls are playing so lovely next to me, in their wonderful little world of fairies, rainbows, unicorns, moshi monsters, cars, flying - (can i come?) and just listening to them talking to each other, role playing Mummy's and babies is such a blessing to have to listen to. Its adorable to watch them play like this - until they realise they need me for something that is ;) 

I thought they were going to be very moody & tired as we had a late evening at Y-M's dance presentation but they're doing well! We're off for a roast today, enjoy the pleasant weather & just savour the last of this sunshine. Sundays are usually our family day where we focus on spending our time together as a whole, walks, bike rides, eating good food, laughing, hugs, kisses - So i'm off to get ready but here's my siblings post for September!

All Iphone images :) 

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Lavender play dough fun

So the other morning, we dropped Miss Yve to pre-school, decided that we just wanted to come back home & play. We realised that the last batch of home-made play dough had seen better days so we made some fresh stuff! I always head straight to a wonderful website by a lady called Anna, find her here...

The Imagination Tree

I also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and just love to see all the wonderful ideas for kids activities & crafts.

Little chappy was having his morning nap at this point, so I was really pleased to have spent some one-on-one time with my little Hal, 1-2-1time isn't that often but we treasure it when it occurs :) (Something we are both trying to do with all three at the moment, which benefits everyone & is lovely!)

We decided on the lavender play dough recipe, its soothing, calming properties were the no-brainer for me & I also LOVE lavender! I knew I had a few bunches hanging about the house & just used that as inspiration too for great tools & textures for Hal. She really enjoyed herself, as did I. I love to watch her learn, ask questions, tell me what she thinks, it was a lovely way to spend a quiet, chilled hour. Ours was slightly darker than the colour we wanted but it still smelt divine!

Yves had a play once she got home too.. Lavender 'cakes' :)

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