Sunday, 31 August 2014

{Me & mine - a family portrait} - August 2014

Today we had a fun-filled family focus day. We had a very chilled morning at home in our Pj's baking chocolate dipped shortbread (post coming soon!). We had a table booked for a roast at 
a lovely little pub/restaurant called 'The Pointer' with some family members, the food was delicious and the kiddies
                                                            really enjoyed themselves too.

We then went for a stroll around the corner to grab some ice creams & to a place that took me on a trip down memory lane - Brill Windmill. I use to come here with my Dad, older brother & my beloved little Albert. We use to visit the windmill in amazement, go for long walks up & down the steep hills, and just exploring I guess. I use to love it & it has a place in my heart forever. It was such an amazing & overwhelming feeling for me today for the fact that I had returned to one of my childhood memorial places - with my own three children. A trip down memory lane with my three little babies, and my amazing partner - such a wonderful feeling inside my heart right now!

We went on to have a tour around the mill, the girls loved climbing the huge, steep steps, and peering out the tiny window at the top, its such an incredible invention and it was great to share this with them. We went on to have a little explore - only for Hal to shock herself on the electric fence (cows nearby) luckily she was fine but I think the noise scared her more! Put an attractive looking fence there - its just asking to be touched! We got some lovely images of our hour or so there & I'm so pleased that we stopped off before heading home.
{Iphone pic in the Windmill}

{Yummy Ice Creams}

{I spy three cheeky monkeys!}

{"I want to touch the windmill Daddy!}

{Phoenix's turn!.. Halle wanted a go then changed her mind!}

{Daddy with his three special people watching the cows & eating Ice creams}

{Strut your stuff}

{Not her best photo but I just love how her ice cream is dripping as she's too busy being a chatterbox!}

{Baby boy... doing a spot of squinting from the bright light! - its not bags under his eyes i promise.. i'm the proud owner of those!}

{A little kiss to cheer her up after her shock off the fence! - Yve's keeping watch over the cows & Phoenix wondering what day it is.... ;) }

{I don't usually like my photo being taken - due to have inherited my Dads nose (cheers Dad! just kidding..) but on a serious note - this photo makes my heart happy - My boy & I taken by my lovely soulmate}

Here is my beautiful little brood! I am in love with my little family, we share such special times together even if it is just to have food together, learn together, laugh, cry, everything & anything. As long as we are together, we are happy!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Life: End of August 14'

Working On...Educating myself with my camera skills, constantly trying to perfect my style..lots of blog posts for this blog too! i'm also spending a lot of planning time on my photography page - check it out! 
Thinking lots about...
How I can become (and stay) more organised. Life as a family of 5, three of which are the ages of 3 1/2, 2 and 7 months - life can be very busy, and i'm learning that organisation, preparation are key factors! Sometimes I slip up (like if I miss a washing load, or don't prep dinner or lunch for us all - big fat fail!)
I'm also thinking for the best stages for business start-up, how I can find the right balance of family, I want to put so much more into this blog, as I feel I just don't want to forget anything when it comes to our little bubble of happiness.

We are hopefully looking to move to a bigger home in the near future. I am also in anticipation with the start-up of my photography business (One Happiness Photography).

Listening to...
George Ezra - Blame it on me. His voice reminds me of Johnny Cash - just love it!

I am loving my black JuJu Jellies!

Mollie Makes: Blogging, Mollie Makes: Photography, oh & a complete contrast, i'm also reading a book from the library - child by Desmond Norris, and also a book from my Dad - A short history of England by Simon Jenkins (I love English history!)

I'm really, really trying to stay more hydrated to help myself feeling more energetic, Especially because I am breastfeeding my sweet boy. I always forget to just grab some water for myself, being busy seeing to my little three its easy to forget that i need to be in good health too! I am also trying to eat more nutritional foods, we do eat well to be honest, I just need to be making sure that I am restoring all that I am losing in breastfeeding. I am really enjoying my slow cooker meals, I made a delicious sausage casserole the other night, the girls did too!

I do lots of wishing, and daydreaming.. you shouldn't tell your wishes, so instead i'll say I am hoping... for some good news the next few weeks, for my children to continue to grow extremely healthy & happy, and for our beautiful family happiness bubble to never burst! 

A little snap from a lovely Sunday in July after a delicious Sunday roast!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

As I say good night

As I kissed my girls sweet faces good night, nursed & rocked my darling boy to sleep, said I love you to all three, it hit me. I stare at their peaceful faces in sweet slumbers - watching them as they may be dreaming of all the things they've learnt recently, gently taking in their sweet smell, simply adoring their beautiful presence. It makes my heart pound with joy, pride and a love so powerful. 

I gaze at them in astonishment, my three little babies are no longer newborn, even Phoenix. The past few days I have seen him starting to chase his sisters in his walker, trying with much determination to crawl, calling out "baba" & "mama" and developing a huge interest in his food. He's revealing a beautiful personality, happy, smiley and loving. My Girls are blossoming every single day, they have determination, charisma, humour, an unbreakable bond, & are ever so loving. They are growing so fast that my heart aches. When I get caught up in daily tasks I'll then get into conversations with them - then it hit me. I can have conversations with my children? full. blown. conversations. - How can this be? That my Yves is now teaching me ways of life, opening my eyes to a whole new perspective without even realising it. Without knowing the impact of her innocent words, her gentle spirit flowing into my heart. That my little Hal-Belle has the most bonkers little personality, she teaches me not to take myself so seriously, to have a laugh at small things, to know that dancing and giggling your socks off really is the best medicine. It seems just like yesterday that I went from being Natalie to being Mummy - having someone solely dependent on me. then I had two little people, then three.

These three remarkable little souls have captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on each of them, they have made me a better person, make me see life in a way that I never knew I would, and have made me grateful for everything & everyone who surrounds me. Even writing this post I have a huge sense of emotion rushing through me, knowing just how lucky I really am. You now the kind of happy that you can literally feel buzzing inside you? that warm, fuzzy, content feeling. I can't imagine my life any other way.

Sometimes this rush of emotion can begin to feel a little overwhelming, in the best possible way but I have feelings of - if I am doing a good enough job? am I doing enough? Trying to blog our special life together and feeling like i'm not doing enough to remember? What about time for me? Time for their Daddy & I? undisturbed sleep? feeling like a house wife failure when the house gets messy and so on..

But as much as tiredness gets in the way sometimes, these feelings pop up.. I reflect & know that I have a huge feeling of thankfulness for it all. For when it comes to the night feeds and gentle hugs, sneaky snuggles from my girls when they seek comfort.

They're not small for long, they will not be like this forever, and to be honest when the time comes that they feel they don't need me for these small moments like a hug in the night - it will be heartbreaking. I will mourn for their gentle touch in the night, twiddling my hair as they snuggle, just to have my babies small once more.  

Tiredness aside - I will embrace it all for as long as I possibly can.

I treasure these snuggles deeply.

Sweet dreams my beautiful girls.

[IPhone photos]


Sunday, 24 August 2014


I am happy with our life. We are healthy, live life filled with love, and try our very best to make a positive life even in times of hardship. 

Content is the word.

That being said, there's one thing I secretly dream of, we'll not much of a secret to be honest but it's a dream nonetheless. That's to live a simple life. 

Simplicity, far from complex, the simple things in life are usually the things that hold the biggest level of love. Well, in my case it is. Watching our children grow, run free in fields, making mud brownies, jumping in puddles, living in a way where simple foods are a norm, home made, home grown, minus a clutter-filled home, watching as our children are learning on their own. Free. And simple.

Simplicity is the best way to see life in the bigger perspective, an open-mind, free from distraction.
Just living. 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Siblings - August

This month we are in preparation for our holiday (wahoo!), So we've been spending time at home while I try to get things organised, (and also having our trips to the park and to playgroups.) These girls really do enjoy being outdoors, the thrill and adventures at local parks, getting to have a nose around the charity shops which they find absolutely fab! meeting up with friends, and getting a cheeky lolly, but afternoons like these make my heart melt...

Here are my three little loves sharing some time together after a busy day filled with all the things above. Unbeknown to them, I am capturing these little memories (and shedding a little tear of joy!). Yves is reading to Hal, teaching her words and numbers, I just love the way they look at each other, listen, and enjoy being with one another. 

Little chappy is very happy having a chomp and admiring his reflection in our hand-printed mirrors!

The girls are loving the fact that little chap is more interactive, cheeky and full of laughter. They share toys, offer help and just love to make him turn into Mr Giggle-pants. The way he looks at them, knows they are someone special to him, is very sweet even though he's only 6 months old. He has moulded into our family life so easily, he is a little spark of joy, such a happy boy. 

I get little burst of joy every day just knowing that these little three are my life. I grew them, birthed them and am so thankful to be sharing my life with them, being there for them, and loving every second. (even when they do have the bickering moments, the screaming for a toy moments!) enjoy & embrace it all. 

I love the little elements of childhood in its truest form; Messy hair, grubby faces from playing outside in the garden, bruises on legs from having no fear & playing non-stop, the imagination, the innocence, the wonder of it all. Siblings sharing special connections that will entwine them forever.

You three are an absolute treasure chest, you rock my world, make my heart beat with pride.
Love Mumma x x x

** I did have a little video too, but youtube won't load!**

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Growing up so fast

My beautiful, Kind-hearted, inquisitive, funny, loving little Yves.
You never cease to amaze me in all that you do.
Mumma x

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