Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer holidays aren't so bad after all!

You always hear how "the dreadful summer holidays are approaching", "oh it's going to cost a fortune" etc. But so far (I know we're only two weeks in but hey, here's to optimism!) we're really having a lovely time. I haven't spent a bomb, I haven't been tearing my hair out, I haven't felt stressed to the max and its actually really pleasant so far.

Here's how i'm been enjoying our time so far:

Making the most of local parks! it's fresh air, freedom for your kiddies (and and nice latte for you), it's an opportunity to let them explore, & for you to enjoy watching them engaging in play, whilst enjoying that *hot* latte.

Little trips to your local library. again, this is something thats free and it allows each of you some time out, no matter how small they are. At our one we go to they have had it refurbished so there is now a reading nook for the children. So let them grab a book & make it fun for them to choose their own to borrow from the magical place that has *all* those stories!

Walking. anywhere. I mean it's exercise for all, fresh air & it gets you out the house, especially if you're all feeling like you just need a change of scenery or having a minor meltdown about who is choosing the next disney dvd, or who got who wet at the water table. walks to the post box usually does the trick here, they girls are so excited when they see 'Postman Pat' collecting the letters out the box, or his van parked up beside it so they are wishing to see his cat Jess! and you get to see the fantastic look on their face when they're doing this! 

Picnics! whether its in your back garden, local park, or poppy field - they are a brilliant. Get the kiddies involved by letting them choose lunch to take, which teddies & blankets they wish to take - all adds to the experience for them. We've been meeting our friends at a local park which has also been lovely!

Stock up on ice-lollies - or make your own! 

'Quiet time' afternoons with a bunch of Disney DVDs, snuggles & some treats to get out the heat - enough said.

When you have those days where you don't leave the house, just have activities or toys on rotation. water table with bubble water, teddy bears picnics in the shadey spot of the garden, letting them water all the plants, letting them loose with paints, giant chalks, puzzles... and so on. 

My little ones are still small, so they do enjoy doing all these things and more. of course we do have the dreadful days where everyone happens to be feeling rubbish or that they need a meltdown - its human. but usually, it's all good. I just want to encourage my children that it doesn't take huge amounts of money, lots of expensive trips, ridiculous amounts of pointless things to feel satisfied. spending time outdoors with family & friends, or simply chilling out with a dvd, book or puzzle is more than good enough. time doesn't cost anything.

Invest your time in connecting with them, and enjoying it whilst doing so. (even if the washing pile is like mount everest some days and you have attempted the washing up three times ;))


A little firecracker on a bike.

Here is my little fire-cracker having a go on big sisters bike.

Fearless, cheeky, adventurous and a blonde bombshell.

living arrows

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Phoenix - half a year old!

The past six months seems to have flown by in a flash, it seems just like yesterday that we were waiting for our third bundle of joy to arrive, absolutely no idea if you were destined to be a boy or a girl, and two big sisters eagerly awaiting the arrival of their next 'new toy'. At 10:30pm on Wednesday 29th January we were blessed with you in our world.

You are a ray of sunshine in our lives, you have a gorgeous character blossoming every single day! You are really enjoying the introductions of food now but you are still a great fan of 'Mama's boobie milk" (as said by the girls). You have a tremendous attempt at army crawling, you love chasing after your big sisters in your walker & watching them play in their magical little world. Soon you'll be getting stuck in there with them! I really love the way you look at your sisters, you gaze at them in amazement when they are chatting away to you, telling you about their day, how they "love you lots and lots like flowers!" & completely adoring you. 

I love how your favourite place to be is in the bath, freedom to splash about, giggle your head off and just have fun! You also really enjoy our weekly swim sessions where you are literally like a fish..well.. A fish wearing a Mickey Mouse swim suit! ;) 

I love the way you get so excited when we see Daddy returning home from work each day. its like our little routine of the girls getting in his van & you watching whilst wriggling your arms and legs just itching to get down and join them! You then let out a huge squeal and a huge beaming smile when you see your Daddy approaching you - pure love. 

As for our special bond, I am totally in love with you my sweet boy. You are such a happy, cheeky & loving little chap. You get all giddy & shy then bury your face into me when someone speaks to you. I love the way you look at me with such love, in your eyes I am your safe place, the one who rocks you to sleep, nurses you when needed. I just love snuggling up to you, smelling your delightful baby smell (most of the time, ha!) and just taking everything in, trying my very best to adore each moment we share, embracing and preserving each minute. 

Happy 6 months baby boy! We love you! x x

Gorgeous blue eyed boy x


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Always there to hold a hand

To my amazing little three

I will always be there for you to catch you when you fall
I will always be there for you when you need a great big hug
I will always be there for you when you need someone to shed your tears to
I will always be there for you when you're feeling sad
I will always be there for you to hold your hand
I will always be there for you when you're feeling a little less brave
I will always be there for you when you want to offer great big sandy, sloppy kisses
I will always be there for you to see you beam with happiness

I'm always here for you, always and forever. 
Love from Mumma x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Celebrating eight years of love

I have spent 8 amazing years with this perfect gentleman. He is kind, loving, sweet, funny, brave & an incredible Daddy to our three beautiful children. Our Dad's have been great friends since we were kids (he is four years older than me - just thought i'd sneak that in there!) and he also grew up with my big brother as a great friend. So when him & his Dad use to pop round I use to be very shy & just adored him from the very first time i met him! I actually got the courage in my teens to tell my Dad "how lush" he was! (cringe).. I had a dream & made a vow to myself that I would spend the rest of my life with him - given the chance. 

So roll on a few years to when I was 17 after a few times bumping into each other at family parties or in a club (whoops) - that happened. It sounds really corny but - I am spending my life with the one person who has been in my mind since I was like 7. Of course you have crushes in school, go through the fancying people in your teens, thinking you like people and all that, but ultimately when you have true feelings for someone for many years, and in many years that person has the same feeling for you - that's special. it's true love. I look at it like our very own fairytale. Not a lot of people can say that they are spending their life with their first love - I can. I am proud to say so.

He lives life in such a positive way, he has the most devilish cackle which leads on to the infectious laugh & the best smile. He makes me feel safe, picks me up when i'm feeling down or doubting myself and he's incredible handsome. We have been through some tough times, but we got through it together. it's made us ten times stronger. There really isn't enough ways to describe all the ways and reasons for how and why I love this man with every beat of my heart. 

I love how he gets so excited like a big kid when we just go on random days to the coast, whirlwind road trips, camping getaways - brings out the big in me too! 

He has changed me as a person, he has taught me to not take life so seriously, or myself. Together, we have made three of the most amazing little children. The day we found out we were going to be parents was something so special as it was a symbol that we were ready. after 4 years of being together we made that step into the next chapter, and here we are now with our family of 5 and are very, very happy. 

I will be eternally grateful for what an incredible Daddy he is to our children, they have the best role model in him. His inner strength is remarkable, sometimes he doesn't see this - but he is an absolute perfect gent. 

Here's to 8 amazing years with my soulmate.
Here's to us.
Happy anniversary to my one & only 
I love you


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Proud Mama moment - First medals test for dancing.

Back in June my eldest little girl had her very first dance medals test. She has been doing dance classes since she was 2 1/2 at her Aunties dance school. She has always been a fan of a boogie but she did get a little nervous for a few sessions. We had a little break and we followed her lead if she wanted to continue or not. and so she did... 

She goes with one of her best friends and they have a great time each Monday evening. When we were told about the medals test, she point blank refused the idea of doing them. Anything related to the word "medals" made her quite annoyed and she just wasn't keen on doing them. This was until we didn't mention the "m" word and just referred to it as "doing dancing at a different hall.... a special hall near Grampy's house!" then she was fine!

"M" day arrived... a glorious sunny afternoon - which sent both girls fast asleep! We then thought that there was no way that she would want to do it now when we've just had to disturb her from a nap and to be woke up to see lots of people all in one hall. But no, she surprised us even more than we thought. She got right up when her name was called, and did all four of her little dances. 

Her Grannie has been taking her to most dance sessions since P was born as I have been mega busy with all three of them, and their Daddy isn't usually home in time for me to take all three of them, and not only that, it's nice for Y-M to have some time which is focused on her, without being rushed and she loves to spend time with her Grannie too! This also enables us to focus a little bit of time each week on the younger two (more so for H), but the feeling when Y-M returns home is such a relief as I miss her lots!! 

Back to the event.... 

I welled up, my heart was thumping with joy, and I felt SO proud of my little girl. dancing away, knowing each move, seeing that little smile, her eyes light up, her wild wavy hair flowing about, her tutu bouncing around - Proud mama right here. 

Here's a few images..


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Siblings - July

July 2014 

This post will be about the special bond my daughters share. There are only 19 months between them, and ever since Hal was born Yves has been smitten. She cares so much for her and loves her undeniably. From day one she has been her protector, the one to whisper to her whilst sleeping, fetching anything she couldn't reach, holding her hand when learning to walk, sharing food with her, picking her up if she falls down, teaching her how to build things, how to invent exciting games, doing all the things and more like 'big sister's do, She oozes the role of mother-hen. 

They do have their moments when they clash, like we all do. Whether its over the same toy, or Yve's offering too much help when Hal is just at that age where she wants to do everything "All by myself"! but the majority of the time they have the biggest amount of love for each other, And it truly is the most beautiful thing to witness. 

I love to watch them play together in their imaginary world filled with teddy bears picnics, trips in their car, mummy's giving their babies "boobie milk", and definitely when they are exploring the outdoors looking for bugs and going on treasure hunts, jumping off anything & everything with no fear what so ever, the best thing is listening to their conversations about "who is Elsa out of the two of them", or "who makes the best pancakes.. Daddy!" and so on. It stuff that I will treasure forever & always. some people take these magical moments for granted but I just love to soak them up inside and store them deep within. amazing simple memories that hold a huge piece of my heart.

Here are my beautiful girls sharing a big fat hug! {as much as I adore my "big camera", sometimes your Iphone can capture little gems like this!} priceless.

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Dear Beautiful


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Blast from the past

Im a huge fan of photography (couldn't you tell?) and even more so I love the way that it captures memories that you wouldn't have thought about at the time. So I thought about starting a little series I want to call "blast from the past". Where I will have little snippets from my past, little descriptions of what the photos mean to me and if you would like to link up, please feel free to do so! Feeling nostalgic is one of the best feelings for me! I love to remember!
Moi, July 1995

 This was when we first moved to our house after living in rooms for a while. We were SO excited to finally have our house that had this wonderful garden that went on to have a beautiful avery, pond & a place for us to play with our dog Albie (L.B - Little Benny).
My big brother James & I, August 94'
Magic City, Clacton

We used to love visiting this place, anytime we spent by the sea was always so much fun. It was always us two, my Dad & my Nan.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Phoenix - 22 weeks

You absolutely LOVE your splashing time, You're such a water baby, & love the freedom I think! This week you started bits of food. Guidelines are obviously in place for "6 month weaning" but when you're chomping your lips, saying mmmmm, holding hands out whenever we eat - its only fair to offer something right? Your big sisters tarted the introduction of food at 5 months and they are more than okay!
You started a little bit of porridge which was a success, and you're also a fan of Ella's Kitchen pouches.
I'm going to start making my own food soon (with more time of course) and also introduce the finger foods more at around 6 months. You love a little chomp on the odd rusk too!

You're still a "boobie-milk" guzzler (as the girls say) and our breastfeeding journey is now at the blissful stage. You're getting more mobile, rolling around, love to bounce in the jumperoo and giggle at your big sisters! 

Peek-a-boo Mama

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