Monday, 31 March 2014

The many faces of little Halle - You are now 22months.

You are...

22 months & four days old.

You love the Gruffalo & are slightly obsessed with Peppa Pig.

You enjoy watching disney dvds with big sister whilst snuggled up on the sofa in your quilts.

You're overcoming a pretty boisterous stage lately as your independence grows, you have scratched big sisters face & pulled hair - all for the same barbie, and because even though you love big sister so much, you just want to try all these new things on your own without help. 

You've learnt how to scoot on a big girls scooter.

You've thankfully stopped the two month stage of firing snot out of your nose when you were experiencing over tiredness or a bad mood from being told you can't do something - (like crossing the road alone!)

Your speech is developing daily & I sometimes wish you have a mute button when i'm being asked 'why' for the 20th time in ten seconds - no joke!

You find it hilarious when you call me by my first name - I often get bizarre looks in the supermarket like i've kidnapped someones kid, cheers. ;)

You're still very much in love with mamas hair & its a beautiful thing that you feel so much comfort from it still. it also sends you to sleep in a matter of 5 minutes. 

You *love* playing outside with big sister, finding worms, looking for treasure & climbing on anything and everything!

You're adapting to having a little baby brother so well, I sometimes forget that you're still only small yourself where you are bowling around 100 miles an hour. but you are Halle, you are doing so well, you love him dearly & very sweetly call him "Phoe-nick" :-)

You Love to wrestle Daddy as soon as his first foot steps into the door from work. 

The most sweetest thing lately is after picking big sister up from pre-school at lunch time, I ask if you'd like a nap, and you say "yes", close your eyes and pretend to sleep, but it actually sends you into a sweet slumber. 

Here's a few photos I got of you recently whilst you were happily sat on the mini bench in the garden chatting away whilst eating your favourites - chopped dried apricots. 

Love you lots

Mummy xx


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day 2014

My first Mothers Day as a mummy to THREE beautiful children. I feel immensely lucky & proud to call myself a mother. Becoming a mummy has changed me in more ways than one, it's made me realise not to take myself too seriously, to try and enjoy the emotional days as much as possible and see any glimmer of light in it no matter how dark it seems. 

I'm still learning how to keep patience when the girls want to have their "terror" days where they are scrapping over the same toy, or I have washing coming out of my ears, the house is a dump and so on. I want to have a calm parenting approach and I do find this tricky on the days I'm sleep deprived and feeling like all motivation has left me, parenting in a cool, calm, happy way suits everyone. Happy mama = happy babies. Fact.

I'm learning to take time to enjoy the little things, as in no time - it passes you by and you wonder where it's gone. And the end of the day, even if it's been a terrible day full of "threenager" & "almost terrible two" attitudes, I feel a huge sadness that this will all just be memories in a few years. I want to remember it all, the good, the bad, the funny, the sad. It's what shapes us, you sweet three have shaped my life into a mixture of a crazy wonderful mould. 

I love it. 

And I love you all so much, no words can describe it.

Thank you for blessing me for being your Mama. 


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Only for you my little loves

  • Would I let my tea go cold numerous times because you wanted me to read some stories. (My tea goes cold every time without fail, or repeatedly re-heated in the microwave! its just not the same!)
  • Sleep with one half of my body hanging off the side of the bed for dear life because you wanted Mummy & Daddy snuggles as there was "a monster in your room".
  • Let you have my last Rolo - no matter how yummy they are!
  • Put your Disney album on in the car almost every morning, instead of me listening to some adult conversation on the Radio, (lets face it - we all love a bit of "Bare necessities" in the morning don't we?!)
  • Would I not freak out that I have sick, snot, or goodness knows what else wiped on my jumper.
  • Persist through agonising breastfeeding pain, as I know how much benefits you & I. (10 weeks on pain, open wound, thrush and mastitis with Y-M, fed her to 13months. 3 weeks of pain with H - fed to 15months, and currently feeding my little P - 8 weeks old)
  • Spend the last bit of change in my pocket for a little treat for you instead of a nice *hot* chocolate for me.
  • Leave the house without me having had breakfast just so you get your breakfast & get to nursery on time.
  • Let you "pompidomp" (fart) near me & find it hilarious as you told me it was a helicopter one. ( bahaha)
  • Tend to your thirst, hunger & toilet needs before my own.
  • Paint my face, nails.
  • Would I find it funny if you raided my make up lippy & all.
  • Read you all your favourite stories whilst mine are gathering dust until my next peaceful bath... (forgotten what those are like these days!)
  • ....And let you bundle into that "peaceful" bath as you find it fun!
  • Let your animal figures, puzzle pieces, yesterdays cheddar biscuits sit quietly on desk near my very expensive computer...
  • Take you to playgroups, play dates, fun things at the park so you get your social interaction.

    I do all these little things & more because the love I feel for you three is unconditional heart warming fuzziness. There are days where you drive me wild & leave me feeling exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way! The day I became a mother I was blessed. It made me see the world with different eyes and a whole new perspective. I want to remember all of this, document, capture & preserve it all.

    I love you all dearly,

          Mummy x


My maternity self-portraits, baby No.3.

When I was in the last weeks of my third pregnancy (38 weeks here), I was feeling very tired, excited, anxious all bundled into one. not to mention hormonal & emotional. So one afternoon I noticed some beautiful light beaming through my bedroom windows. So whilst little H was napping, I decided to attempt self-portraits. I set up my tripod, balanced my canon on a book at the needed angle. I used my handheld remote for my canon & used my 50 1.4mm lens. This is a very small lens so I tried to capture as much as I could in the frame. my bump being the main subject. I used 100% natural light, and improvised on natural lifestyle poses.

Here are some of the end results.

Little Y-M decided she wanted in on the action! I just love how my girls were so loving towards my bump. And even more so now with their baby brother!

Little H woke up, came upstairs and wondered what on earth we were doing, but also decided to join in on the fun!

Sweet conversations with my littles

"baby in there" - H (her little pointy finger melts my heart!)

Kisses for baby!

"can I have one on my own now Mum?"


Chitter chatter.

So there we go, here was my attempt at lifestyle maternity self-portraits, including bonding with my girls. I'm so thankful for these images, as they mark a special memory for them to look back on & for myself.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring has sprung!

One day its chilly, foggy then it breaks out into a beautiful day with sunshine & a cool breeze.

A little update....

It's been a very big whirlwind around here lately. My son is 7 weeks old tomorrow, battling some breastfeeding issues that have occurred and being there for my two little girls at the same time (being the one to do baking, playdough making, and arts & crafts at there request!) along with being a supportive partner, motherhood tasks, and somewhere in between - trying to find time for myself.

So when I think of spring, I remember its the little things that bring me joy in this glorious season. Daffodils blooming, blossom trees looking ever so pretty, watching my daughters explore in the garden digging up the flower bed in search of treasure and worms whilst I drink a *hot* cup of tea in a fancy-schmancy mug I got which I love (and tea always tastes better in it!) underneath clear blue skies with a gentle breeze on my face.

Don't get me wrong, I love all seasons in their own special way. I love the cosy winter nights, winter warming food and drinks - you name it. but I am happy to see brighter days making an appearance. It not only makes you wake up in a chirpier mood, but the kids love it too. Looking forward to planting more gorgeousness in our garden, grow strawberries, re-paint the little play shed. lots to be done over the next few months.

I want to declutter our home to live a more stress-free simplified life, and ultimately a happier life. We're very happy but little things that occupy big chunks and end up becoming overwhelming (silly amount of clutter, clothes, and toys for example.) Less is more - Fact.

Happy Tuesday everyone x

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