Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Handcrafting Christmas stockings & scarves for my adorable daughters and eating a homemade jam scone and drinking tea :)

The festive period really is in full swing now isn't it? I am a complete Christmas lover. I love the decorating of the tree, the excitement, the Christmas fetes, driving past looking at others light displays and this year is extra special. I am in awe of the fact that this year we have our little girls getting more involved and understanding more brings such a feeling of sheer happiness. Especially our big girl. I honestly can't believe that she is THREE already! and our youngest is 18months & baby number three is due in less than 7 weeks! amazing!

The eve of December 1st we got our tree ready all together, inspected every little decoration that was put up in with the lights, beads and tinsel. Then we sat down together & did a little countdown - which led to us hearing that Yve's could count backwards from 5! so all snuggled watching the lights twinkle, it suddenly hit me - this will be our last Christmas as a family of four, and just how fast the girls are growing really is emotional! I look at them both and can't put into words how lucky I feel. I remember their births as if they were both yesterday in great detail, and yet all that time has past? they've done so much and learned an incredible amount in their short little lives. I couldn't be any prouder. Watching their little bond blossom is especially heart melting, listening in on their conversations which include a big mixture of imagination and real life aspects - can be very funny too!

Back to Christmas time... (sorry, I can ramble about those little souls forever)

I am also in the process of making their stockings. Personalising them mainly, as their names are very unique & you will never find them in a shop! More than anything I like the idea of them knowing that their Mama made them in years to come and to be honest handmade things are my favourite!
Check out my page One Happiness Design.

I will post a picture of their stockings once they're completed!
Until then, enjoy your Christmas preparations, don't spend too much, the best gifts are the ones which are handmade, or bargains. give a child a cardboard box & spoon V an over-priced branded toy - you see what I mean. Enjoy the simple things about the gear up to Christmas, the little family get togethers, christmas markets, snuggling on the sofa watching Christmas movies, baking, making! the list is endless!

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