Thursday, 8 August 2013

A moment of calm...after the storm

I'm just experiencing a moment of calm in my back garden as my two little girls play in the sandpit. Five minutes ago my 2 1/2 year old just had a complete meltdown and started throwing food everywhere, then got all angry when I took the food away. It all seems a bit hectic someways. Mostly the days (like today) when I decide to have a day indoors, play with the girls, catch up on housework and hope that it'll all be peaceful! Also another factor is that I am currently 15+4 weeks pregnant with our third child. And two days ago, I was struck down with a 24hour bug. Really not pleasant, so I'm still trying to recover from not eating and a sore back from retching! 

99% of the time we have a complete blast, I love being with them, watching them explore and learn and blossom into the wonderful little girls that they are becoming. Its just the small minority of days when I feel like I'm failing in every single way possible. Resulting in a tearful me. When in actual fact, I think I need to remember that we are all human, we can only do our best, and that also - toddlers can be challenging! I need to remember that I am not super mum, just like nobody else can be no matter how much they try! Every single day is a learning curve, which is what I Love, even though there are the days, like today that feel like they're getting the best of me. 

I also trying to remind myself daily that I do matter as well. I also need my time. One day at a time I guess! 

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