Thursday, 18 July 2013

Strawberry picking - July 2013

Fresh air, sunshine and fresh produce.

This day was a good day, despite Yve's saying how tired her legs were from walking up & down the vines. Had a little sob, then she was fine, we snacked on the strawberries while going round, try before you buy right? Halle especially. with her new found talent of walking, there was not stopping her!
We went with our friends, the girls have known each other since birth so it was a lovely day to spend time together. Theres something so therapeutic about strawberry picking I think, walking, taking it all in and the bonus is that its all fresh, no rubbish.

Yve's was fascinated with the beans, and how they grew inside, ready for you to 'pop them out'. She had a taste, then showed Halle. It's such a magical sight watching as your children learn something new, watching through their eyes into their worlds. 

Here's our day in photos.

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