Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy 79th Birthday to my dear Nan

This post today is to celebrate the life of my Nan.

I am so proud to be her grand-daughter, she has been one of the most influential people I have had in my life, she's been like a mother to me. I remember almost every holiday my brother & I went on with my Dad - Nan was there. Anytime Dad needed a well deserved break or night out - Nan was there (with her cheese & brown sauce sandwiches or home-made jam tarts, or butterfly cakes!) 

I think my Nan is an inspirational woman. She had a very tough up bringing in an unhappy home and to see the life she has led, the difficult times she has overcome (Major heart surgery, along with other major operations.) She got a BA Degree in modern history aged 73 at Oxford Brookes University. 

And to top it off, I will always be eternally grateful that my Nan became a Great-Nan to my daughters, they love her so much already! Especially Y-M! She knows what songs Nana Pat sings, the things she says & the way she say them. And what books Nana-Pat bought her!

Thank you for everything you have ever done, and still do for us. I hope one day I will become a strong-willed lady as you have been and still are to me. You never seize to amaze me in all that you do.

Quite simply - I love you Nan. 

Love Natalie. xxx


Monday, 18 February 2013

Breastfeeding peer support group - Day one

So this afternoon was course number 1/6. I had Halle accompanying me (she was a little angel as usual). I thought I was going to be the only one there with baby in tow, but nearly everyone had their bambino's with them, which was lovely.

We did small introductions about ourselves, which as I was waiting I felt a bit nervous about as public speaking is a bit of a weak spot, but I did well! I school I always hated public speaking as I use to go scarlet red 99.9% of the time! But it went well, and I believe this is because I felt comfortable in there. Talking to friendly ladies, all sharing our experiences and interest in breastfeeding, a very non-judgemental environment.

During the course we had a short break with tea and biscuits - always welcome!

We also went through the pros & cons for mum, baby, and society in groups, it was nice hearing all the viewpoints.

To name a few.....

Mum -
PRO's: bond, health benefits - smaller chance of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis. CON's: lack of independence - due to demand feeding.

Baby -
PRO's: bond, health benefits (smaller chance of ear infections, gastroenteritis.)
CON's: maybe stress if come across feeding issues.

Society -
PRO's: raising awareness, normalising.
CON's: the apparent lack of money spent on formula companies (boohoo...)

So there's a few of many pointers we came across today.

Overall I felt really pleased that I went. I've waited over two years for a course like this since going to the baby cafe when pregnant with my first daughter.

It was lovely to meet new people, and see recognisable faces. I can't wait until next Monday where I will learn even more.



Friday, 1 February 2013

Home sweet home, a day at home is what's needed sometimes!

We spent the day at home today, as the rest of the week will be playgroups and play dates for the girls! We baked shortbread, did painting, drawing, and watched a few DVDs too. I finished some knitting that I was attempting to make into a dolls blanket for the girls, I also have started a new knitting adventure with some larger sized needles. Hopefully it will be a newborn prop blanket.. We shall see soon. At least it's practice!

Really looking forward to this breastfeeding course in a few weeks, should be very interesting!

So here is the new project (pink) and the finished cream one...

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